JaysAnalysis w Collins Brothers – The Androgynous World Order



In this latest interview, I discuss the Collins brothers’ new article detailing the deeper motives behind the new world order’s designs with feminism and the alchemical androgynous programming we are being subjected to. Following that, we delve deeper into the cryptocracy and the shadow state, as well as looking at its use of cults and religious groups and the alien hoax. A must-hear lecture on geo-politics and worldview warfare!


The Collins Brothers’ Androgynous World Order article can be found here.


27 Comments on JaysAnalysis w Collins Brothers – The Androgynous World Order

  1. I would need a transcript to follow/understand the interview prorperly; baring that, I will try to get time to listen again. Otherwise, Great!

  2. The only Christians I know with big families (8-12 kiddles) are small c calvinist fundamentalists. (I had three, but planned for five, but my wife’s health wouldn’t allow it).

  3. it would have been nice to be a participant of the interview. I had many interjections both complimentary and trajectorial. Nice Interview – Thanks!

  4. nice phallic symbol with a girl at the bottom of a “v”. Also, did I recommend Daniel Suarez’ books? I just read Drew Chapman’s book The Ascendant (the protagonist reminds me of me, though in an over-drawn and in an Humanist Manifesto-type impression re Ayn Rand): I recommend it!

  5. “modicum” is the operative word! (Just stream of consciousness commentary).

  6. The “order of the bees” (re: illuminati text) is totally congruent withg the Collins, Your’s and mine conceptions.

  7. i”d love to critique their next book!

  8. What’s exaspetating is that I have to restart the whole interview after each comment/critique! How do I avoid this? I am, unfortunately, not taking notes, so I cannot provide a summary critique.

  9. Michael Sean // October 14, 2014 at 9:02 pm // Reply

    I like the Collins brothers’ work. I learned the phrase ‘immanentize the eschaton’ listening to their interviews. Not that I have ever had the confidence to use it. I would just come of sounding like a dick.

  10. Great podcast Jay.

    I’ve been following your work for roughly 6 months now, since I found some of your stuff on Youtube.

    Please don’t stop with the 2+ hour podcasts. I’m loving every minute.

    Thank you.

  11. Great show.I’ve known of that website for years,but never heard the guys in interviews.I’d like to compliment you on your work.You remind me of a few researchers that stand out in the past 30 years.There are scores of excellent works from past ages and especially the past century,but not many in the 20th and now 21st century that aren’t blinded by scientism or some type of religious dogmatism.Yet you are not afraid to broach theological isses.Too many folks in the alternative media soil their shorts when callers challenge their worldview,and give horsehit disclaimers of being neutral.I listened to your recent show and then went back to hear the evolution debate.Wonderful job there.You didn’t bash the guy,but merely pointed out his lack of consistency in being able to defend his stance on objectibvity and the scientific method.And there is a monumental difference between science and scientism.Saying he wasn’t interested or up-to-speed on the topic doesn’t negate the fact that his views were contradictory throughout the debate.

  12. Think brave new world … the NWO wants control of who can have children ( they feel we are not the right breed ) , if we are being pushed sexless ( i see it ) then guess who gets the licence to have children ( not the poor ) then think cloud atlas with the pure bloods . Scary future , but we still have the great culling to go through ( well because we are to many to control and wrong DNA ) this is how they think . Agenda 21 says it all . The only good thing going for us is WE SEE THEM . I have hope for the future in every child i see and one day we will realize we do not need them anymore .

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