How the West Became Atheist

Mark Hackard touches up a Jay’s Analysis classic for SOTE.

The Soul of the East

How did the West’s centuries-long journey from the Christian faith rooted in the tradition of the Church slide into atheism and outright theomachy, the war against God? In my twenties, I was completely invested in the fortified religio-philosophical system known as Thomism. Catholicism was an unassailable castle of argumentation that was impervious to any skeptical challenger that might bombard the system with (what I assumed were) futile attacks. I recall reading that  in his dissertation on Aquinas’ aesthetics, Umberto Eco commented that he, too, was once an ardent Thomist until he came to the conclusion that the system just didn’t work. At that time, I couldn’t understand why anyone would come to that conclusion. How could something so vast and, as my friend James Kelley said, “elegant,” be fundamentally flawed? That was some ten years or so ago, and in that span of time, Thomism was completely dismantled.

Furthermore, the Thomistic schema is precisely what led to…

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  1. Jay wrote:
    “…If God is banished from being directly present in the world through His immanent energies, all that is left is a material world of causation presided over by an unknown deity locked within itself. That position is deism, and deism quickly leads to atheism. ….”

    Correct,.And a look at Western history in the past three centuries will show how entrenced the leaders were in deism,Jacobinism,freemasonry,and the occult.

    Many of the USA’s Founding Fathers certainly were,and Washington as a mason upon learning how Jacobonism was gaining a foothold in the USA repented and was bloddlet several times unitl he died.

    The assassination was immortalized in the Washington monument. 555 ft high–triple fives meaning assassination and the beast mark with the foundation going down 111Ft—666ft.

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