Russia’s Spy Elite

The Soul of the East

The FBI’s recent arrest of several alleged deep-cover Russian intelligence officers, also known as “illegals”, has provoked astonishment in the media. As if U.S. intelligence agencies would never dream of carrying out covert work in Russia! Since the memory span of reporters and pundits rarely extends beyond a few weeks, perhaps this is understandable. But it should come as no surprise that spying remains an important tool of statecraft. As exemplified by the illegals, the Russians are top players in the game of human intelligence.

Since the Bolshevik Revolution, Russia has been an espionage superpower. The reasons for Russian excellence at spying lie deep in the nation’s culture and history, factors which suited the eventual development of a world-class intelligence service. Centuries of dynastic rule, the Byzantine nature of the Russian state and attendant intrigue sharpened the skills of deception necessary in the struggle for power.

The mobilization political culture that led to the creation…

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3 Comments on Russia’s Spy Elite

  1. The current Russian spy Chief is the half-Jew Mikhail Fradkov.

  2. The article omits the importance of the ties of the Soviet Intelligence with the Rothschilds & the MI-6. While it is true that Joseph Stalin purged the ethnic Jews, constituting the 99% of the governing apparatus of Soviet intelligence until mid-1930ies, these ties were never completely severed up to these days. While definitely it is safe to say that some factions inside the Russian intelligence (meaning SVR, GRU, FSB), which is inhomogeneous by nature, do strive to act in order to protect the national interests of Russia however they perceive them, the key decision-makers of these structures sure are well-connected with their foreign counterparts & masters in their efforts to usher in the NWO.

  3. Overt torture,killing and banishment to Siberia is another factor.That is no sense of fairplay.Not that the Western nations are clean.Quite the contrary,but the deviant acts are not known to the dumbed down masses.A completely different mindset.In Cambodia an accused person would see their own children executing them with a gun,and the child hailed as a hero.Look At Japan in Nangking.The list goes on.Again,the West is guilty of many atrocities and spy games,but unitl the advent of the internet most people were clueless as how dirty their Intelligence and military agencies were and are.

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