Lucy (2014) – Esoteric Analysis

Lucy_(2014_film)_posterBy: Jay Luc Besson has that rare, magical quality where his films teeter on the edge of being extremely mediocre and/or somewhat entertaining.  Similar themes run through his work, from La Femme Nikita to The Professional to The Fifth Element to The Messenger, focusing on the feminized goddess archetype rising above all adversity, in ferocious neo-Darwinian fashion.  Lucy is the climax of this goddess myth, wherein Scarlett Johansson plays an inadvertent drug mule, "Lucy," roped into an international conspiracy that quickly departs into something resembling The Matrix meets Limitless meets 2001: A Space Odyssey. I suppose it's difficult to get away from being influenced by the top science fiction films, but at a certain point, audiences can only see so many Matrix-y bullet stopping scenes, and replacing Keanu with a hot chick doesn't make it any better.  Regardless, the transhumanist plot is really the focus here, as the premise is basically this: Since humans only use a small portion of their latent brainpower, what would happen if a human could use all 100%?  And what if Morgan Freeman, Hollywood's imagined, soulful voice of God/science, could help facilitate that ascent of (wo)man to godhood?  As I observed this silly plot, I was reminded of Gravity, where references to Darwinian apotheosis also abound, as woman takes humanity to the next level by a punctuated equilibrium jump in the evolutionary spectrum.  Here, sweet Scarlett will catapult us ahead to the vaginal tech utopia. Like The Fifth Element, where Milla Jovovich plays a feminine incarnation of the aether, or quintessence, Lucy becomes the feminine incarnation of reason and robotic rationality as she gradually ascends into the adoption of taking on what classical theology has called the incommunicable attributes of God: omniscience and omnipresence.  We never know if Lucy attains to omnibenevolence. The film continually references Darwinian process, highlighting the survival of the fittest, aeons of slow mutation, and Lucy, the laughable supposed first chimp, who was a female.  Sorry, my fellow men, as Besson would have us understand, men are not preeminent in reason, nor are men the real power that propels order and civilization, as that exalted role is reserved for the first Lucy, the imagined female chimp, and the last Lucy, Scarlett Johansson.

Lucy is thus a conglomeration of all the myths of secular thought and for this reason it is highly instructive.  While secularists, atheists, and materialists lambaste those of us with religious presuppositions, they are amazingly oblivious to their own religious assumptions.  Lucy is a great example, where all the myths of modern man are combined into a story line that demonstrates just how preposterous and divorced from reality secular mythology is.   Neo-Darwinian theory, a chaotic, purposeless universe, and an imminent, emergent deity of feminist exemplification through transhumanism all coalesce to give us the future goddess: Lucy.  It is worthwhile to note that Lucy also brings to mind Lucifer, lucid, and LSD, all of which relate to various mind control programs by the intelligence agencies.  Lucifer is the archetypal figure of transhumanist thought, representing the ascent of reason to displace the ancient and medieval superstitions embodied in the patriarchal God of the Bible.  However, I must point out the total contradiction that the hoped-for emergent god/goddess of the technocracy, the great supercomputer, also takes on the very attributes they think are irrational?  The transhumanists firmly believe their merging with hard drives will lead to omniscience.

It is worth mentioning that in La Femme Nikita, The Fifth Element and in Lucy, MKULTRA mind control is also an important theme.  In Lucy, Lucy undergoes a kidnapping, drugging and accidental overdose, leading to her higher mental capacities “activating” through an advanced nootropic, wherein she becomes a perfectly cold assassin.  While the focus of the film is chance evolution and technocracy, this element cannot be overlooked.  Besson is clearly conveying to us the real purpose of the supersoldier programming that is now so prevalent in television and film – the perfection of (wo)man through mind control.   The occult message of Lucy is that evolution shows us that whatever testing and experimenting are done on humans is for the greater good.  Human testing is only propelling our evolutionary ascent, as we are merely animals, and only highly rational geniuses are able to understand this.  Since most of humanity cannot grasp these esoteric truths, the continued covert manipulation and bio-engineering must continue unabated.   Lucifer is guiding us to godhood – have faith, dear brothers, er sisters.

H.R. Giger's "Lilith"

H.R. Giger’s “Lilith”

In the end, Lucy downloads herself into a supercomputer and puts all her full-booty goodness into a thumb drive.  Unfortunately, only Morgan Freeman ends up with the Lilith Lucy thumb drive, so sorry fellas, no USB Johansson hotness for you.  Like Bruce Willis in The Fifth Element, the quintessence only unites with a worthy male supplicant, and in Lucy, the only worthy supplicant is the gnostic black neuroscientist.  Lucy is a perfect representation of the combination of the humanist teleology and eschatology.  The film is premised on the crucial occult, alchemical and Marxist belief that “progress” only comes through the inversion of all order and hierarchy.  Women are the ultimate rational beings, chaos produces order, and finitude somehow inherently creates infinity.  While many movie goers scoff at the silly plot based on its reviews, isn’t it interesting that so many people actually believe this secular gnostic mythology in their daily life, yet attack religion? How about a multee-pass to another film?

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  1. Very good breakdown. 🙂

  2. Lucifer is the “lightbringer”, the planet Venus in the dawn, the Hillel Ben Shahar, the Shukra guru of the Asuras (Indian demons).

    Gnosticism is all the rage today, the God of the Old Testament is evil, Jesus knew the Higher God but still got murdered by the money grabbing Pharisees.

    We’re reaching the NWO endgame.

    • Jesus is the God of Mt. Sinai.

      • Peltast // July 31, 2014 at 2:26 am //

        But where the Mount Sinai is located? Moses was ordered to kill all Midianites, the people of Jethro.

        Midia = Medina and Jethro = Yathrib (Medina ancient name)

      • According to Paul in Galatians 4:25, Mt Sinai is in Arabia (Saudi Arabia). There is compelling evidence to suggest this, I’d check out a documentary called “Mountain of Fire”.

        And Jay is absolutely spot on, Jesus is the God of Mt. Sinai. Very clearly in John chapter 8, when the Pharisees were criticizing Christ, Jesus claims to be the “I AM”. Jesus claimed to be the Voice of the burning bush, the God of the Old Testament, the God of the Hebrew Bible.

  3. Jay, I respectfully disagree with your analysis. You are wise to seek out an esoteric message and to see some of the archetypes and themes, but in my humble estimation, you have it almost backwards, a vindication of materialism, “NeoDarwinism”, and you have applied a rather upside down versuon of everything the film was purporting to represent. Even the Champagne was symbolic. I was powerfully moved, and I think if you look deeper or with different ideas you may come away with that perennial philosophy which was one time sung by the Troubadours. Ask yourself who this Lucy was at the beginning of the film and what she becomes in the alchemical narrative. She gives that most noble sacrifice, and the world she combats is the world of decadence, ignorance, materialism that you have equated with her. Her symbolic touch near the end of the film (I won’t spoil it) is incredibly profound and, amazingly, will serve double duty, would leave both Richatd Dawkins and Erich Von Daniken happy. What you see may (just may, because I do not know) be projections onto the film. Often times, we hear of how a notorious Holllywood seeds and “pre-programs” us with its malicious agenda. What is not often discussed is how often the alchemical mastership behind many works are serving the opposite purpose: to awaken and engage the viewer, illuminating their own complicity in a consensual reality machine, and the way that they can begin to conduct their life in attune with cosmic law, natural philosophy, or the transcendental expression of that most holy and true love, oft arrived but through suffering and earnest goodwill, compassion and a holistic conception of the greater unity that binds us all. Your piece is interesting, and if you wish to hear more of my interpretation, I would be more than happy to share it. If only Hollywood made movies of this elegance, ambition. Your comparison to the Matrix is fitting. but do you regard that singular film to have proffered a negative effect on our culture, or did that movie help provide many eager wisdom seekers with a metaphor for their confounding reality? I would look again at Lucy, but this time, try to view her maturation process and ultimate apotheosis as a metaphor for what we could do with our brief “time” on this globe. Thank you, James L.

    • According to Paul in Galatians 4:25, Mt Sinai is in Arabia (Saudi Arabia). There is compelling evidence to suggest this, I’d check out a documentary called “Mountain of Fire”.

      And Jay is absolutely spot on, Jesus is the God of Mt. Sinai. Very clearly in John chapter 8, when the Pharisees were criticizing Christ, Jesus claims to be the “I AM”. Jesus claimed to be the Voice of the burning bush, the God of the Old Testament, the God of the Hebrew Bible.

    • Ce film est un “”programme” au sens strict sensu du terme, il suffit d’analyser les scènes du début jusqu’à la fin et ainsi déceler les multiples codes et messages subliminaux. Tous les poncifs sont ici représentés comme un condensé des thèses et pratiques du contrôle mental visant à faire des individus des êtres dénués de sentiments froids sets incapables d’empathie envers les autres et cela dès l’enfance . À l’instar de Vidéodrome ce film est est le “Vdeodrome” par excellence comme Cronenberg et Kubrick ont décrit.
      En effet après des centaines d’heures de visualisation de documents sur internet de tri et de recherche documentaires sur le Mk Ultra, Paperclip et documents déclassifiés traitant du projet Monarch il apparaît dans ce film que les codes déclencheurs émis par ce programme sont en lien avec le médium cinéma, la télévision cet outil de propagande et de contrôle des masses (j’invite les personnes à vérifier ces termes et ces définitions qui sont toutes reconnues officiellement) :
      le CADRE 1-Ici est représenté la Corée comme ennemi du”bien” de manière vulgairement manichéenne.
      2-La science (scientisme) comme valeur absolue et entité salvatrice.
      3-La femme comme déesse mère et seule échappatoire d’un monde dominé par la violence masculine.
      LE CODE 1-La symbolique (messages subliminaux : les couleurs, les dialogues, répétition de certaines phrases, mots clés).
      2-La violence (éléments déclencheurs : la peur, l’insécurité, l’instabilité).
      LE MEDIUM 1-Les ondes émises par le film (projection de lumières, flashs, clignotements, couleurs).
      2-Les mouvements de caméra (hypnose et réalités modifiées).
      Ce film s’adresse essentièlement à certaines personnes qui ont subi un contrôle de l’esprit depuis l’enfance bien que la diffusion soit faiteau niveau des masses, certainement une élite présente dans les grandes universités, le monde des affaires, de l’Entertainment et du cinéma et plus particulièrement aux États-Unis, l’actrice principale semble elle aussi avoir été choisie pour cela, à noté que cette actice à commencé à jouer dès l’enfance comme Milla Jovovic (un passage du film fait référence à sa mère, il s’agit d’un dialogue au téléphone, elle semble réver et et laisse ses souvenirs resurgir, il est aussi fait référence dans cette scène au chat symbole ultime du contrôle mental et un code déclencheur pour les esclaves sexuelles) la fin de la scène se termine par l’apparition d’un arbre vert en référence au programme Greenbaum “Green” . Le but de ce film est d’entretenir la programmation sur certaine personnes, le nombre tend à se multiplier car les réformes actuelles au niveau interantional et européen concerant les enfants et la scolarité ont déja été mises en place.

      Ne laissez pas vos enfants regarder ce film.

    • James L.

      Thanks for your comments.
      just watched the movie and felt alot of the same things intensely.

    • Amazing comment! I totally agree with you 1000%
      And I was deeply moved! Im actually changed.

  4. Ehhh, Daaaaaa… Its a Movie and Very Imaginative and Entertaining To Boot, I Might Add… Cold Blooded Killer?? I Don’t remember Her Killing Anyone….

  5. Bruce Willis // August 1, 2014 at 2:14 pm // Reply

    interesting piece of sophomoric sophistry that lost me when writer brought up the mythology of religion – brought out the weak minded sheeple for sure – better luck with style and content as you mature.

    • So any mention of religion is sophomoric? My article brought out the weak minded sheeple in me? Or in the reader? Your comment is incoherent.

      • JamesWatchman // August 2, 2014 at 10:53 am //

        I thought Bruce Willis would have better grammar than that. Correct use of punctuation works for not making you look like an uneducated buffoon. Which website did you copy and paste “sophomoric sophistry” from?

  6. Sounds like you’re jealous that women have breasts and a womb.

  7. It’s a minor point, but that whole “We only use 10% of our brain power” bullshit is just that: bullshit. We use only 10% of our neurons at any given moment. Most humans use them all, just not all at once. When you are using 100% of your neurons at once, you’re having an epileptic seizure.

  8. Lucy is the weirdest film I ever saw. It gave me a headache. Clearly, the film is about being a God/Goddess; how one can achieve Immortality. The film points out that there are people who crave for power and of course, other things.

  9. In my opinion, the purpose of the film is to show how humankind is capable of reaching the level of god, thus that is why there are so many references to The Creation of Adam. Even if the scientific argument (the 10% myth) is a little lame, this myth itself helps to make a better representation of the human potential, being the main example of this, the ”Lucy and Lucy” scene (another reference to the creation of adam) or the omnipresence in the time travel.

  10. Re your closing paragraph: I see their motifs more along the Crowley principles of inversion and reversal (mirroring) of anything good.

    Also, you didn’t mention her “victory” is becoming the black slime and creeping into the web via electronic apotheosis.

    How anyone could see this film as a positive message, shows how far the common mind has fallen.

    Another prevalent inversion theme in films (including this one): Morgan Freeman (or some old black person- a la THE MATRIX) is “God” or “Wisdom”. White males are always/only idiots, evil, violent, etc.

    Besson is kind of the dime-store James Cameron… purveyor of the themes, with less depth and talent.

  11. Silly movie. Just watched it. One must wonder why she didn’t kill the asian gangsters in the first place, she appears to have no qualms about killing and she could have prevented more deaths if she had taken them out. One must also wonder why the gangsters don’t just whip up another batch of drugs after the first batch gets stolen. At some point you’d think they’d cut their losses. Aside from that though, quite a pleasurable watch. Very stylish. I particularly liked the animal scenes spliced in.

    In response to your comments, I take offense to your implication that women CAN’T be the rational being par excellence. Seems very patriarchal. It almost reminds me of reading a less eloquent Julius Evola. Furthermore, I don’t think Morgan Freeman being black is supposed to somehow be a condemnation of the entire white race. Lucy is white and that doesn’t seem to prevent her from being the quintessence as you put it.

    Anyway, I thought the esoteric gnosis of this film was quite spot on and nothing as materialistic and crude as you seem intent to interpret it as. Then again, I suspect if we met in real life you would consider me everything wrong with the modern world (not only do I not have a problem with secular gnostic mythology/eschatology, I am, in fact, a practicing occultist).


  12. Lucy is about human’s evolution. It’s about heidegger’s philosophy of Time, and relationship between presence (in the last scene Lucy says: I am everywhere), existence and time. Lucy has a great philosophy.
    See this link (of course it is Persian:

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