Interview 2 w/Mark Hackard: Geopolitics and The Faustian Bargain

Check out Mark's work at
Check out Mark's work at

Check out Mark’s work at

In this latest installment of JaysAnalysis interviews, Russia Specialist Mark Hackard returns for part deux where we discuss Ukraine, the downed Malaysian Plane fiasco, false flags, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Eurasia, ideologies and traditionalism, theology, metaphysics and redemptive history, satanic inversion and its relation to alchemical processing and materialism, controlled chaos and destabilization, and a host of other issues related to deep politics and covert agendas.


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1 Comment on Interview 2 w/Mark Hackard: Geopolitics and The Faustian Bargain

  1. Loved this interview: solid, deep thoughts on many interwoven topics.

    On the note of satanic inversion and alchemical process, I am becoming more and more convinced that the final deceit will *follow* the collapse of the materialistic/occultic technocratic NWO.

    For the select few (the elite?) with the moral and intellectual gifts to see it, it is obvious we live in an evil, horrific, disgusting era. To such as these, it is clear that the idiocies of transhumanism, nihilism, and occultism are scraped out of the rankest nailbed on Satan’s foot. Persons with such gifts intact would be Satan’s greatest prizes, so how can Satan possibly expect to win them without soiling them (that is, without transmutating them into zombie-cattle)? I theorize it will be via the metaphysical “Tradition.”

    Let’s take the Hegelian Dialectic as far as it will go: namely, to the point where an Antithesis arises to the whole historical-dialectical process of Geist, breaking the black magic vs. white magic Masonic pattern. A schizophrenic, Janus-style Lucifer in his “white magic” persona could see himself as seriously opposing the “black magic” persona of Satan. He could have imparted his doctrine to Atlantis, to Egypt, to Plato, to Gautama, and so forth, hoping to one day “free” the cosmos from slavery to Satan. At the “end” (he wishes), Lucifer succeeds in “returning” the cosmos to worship of “God.” Lucifer (at least in his “white magic” persona) knows he can’t kill God. That’s why he worships a false god, an idol of his own mind: the Absolute Divine Simplicity, Nirvana, the One.

    Speaking geopolitically and religiously, the Mahdi, Maitreya, Messiah, Avatar, etc. memes need to be cashed, and cashed in a way that is not just a materialistic or occultic fraud. They must be cashed in a way that does justice to the spiritual traditions that birthed them. The only way they can is in the rebirth of “Tradition,” of metaphysics and patriarchal monarchy. Maybe this is how even the elect will be deceived: after all, such a monarch could easily pose as the Russian Tsar, the French King, or even Christ Himself.

    TL;DR – I think we’ll hit the truly trying period when the Pharaoh comes back.

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