Raw Story Attacks JaysAnalysis – My Response



  By: Jay The limp wrists at stRaw Story have somehow managed to find the strength in their upper appendages to type up a hit piece on JaysAnalysis for daring to question the immediate, prepackaged narrative of the mainstream media machine concerning the Elliot Rodger event. Raw Story, as most are aware, is a Democratic Party line outfit that parrots whatever the Democratic talking points are – so just as the author wants to castigate me as the lunatic fringe, we can likewise place him in his appropriate cubicle at Obama Apologetics, Inc.

The article has little substance, other than flowery rhetoric designed to lull the most avid Party followers into assuming that everything at my site is written directly from a mental asylum communal computer space, yet readers know that in the last month alone, I've had numerous viral news stories, including accurately predicting both the IMF bailout in Ukraine and the CIA revelations about Snowden as one of their own. It also doesn't matter that I've interviewed top politicians, analysts and intelligence experts – no, none of that matters. The only thing relevant is the typical faux leftist race card accusation.

Classic Fake War Broadcast from CNN

The writer insinuates that I am racist by accusing me of writing about “Jews,” though I nowhere mention Jews or international bankers in the article. In fact, the first person to say the Elliot Rodger incident was a false flag was in fact the former State Department head of black operations, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a Jew. It's also worth asking the Raw Story Obama apologists if, since they tend to follow the Party line, they agree with Obama's actions in supporting Al Qaeda, an anti-Jewish organization, as well as the funding of Neo-nazis in Ukraine and other color revolutions? What about Obama's expansionist warfare through AFRICOM killing blacks?  I oppose those actions, while so-called leftists have tended to support them.  What about the fact that the Pentagon now openly does Psy Ops on American citizens, whereas formerly it was covert (and here)?


Furthermore, I am allowed to speculate why an event happened and how it will be used. I based my speculation on documented, numerous examples of past media trickery and deception. Given the present administration’s continual lies and the mainstream media sludge that follows suit, only a fool would unquestioningly accept MOCKINGBIRD media. And yes, Operation MOCKINGBIRD was, and is, real.

As an aside, I also never said there was a definite connection between Sandy Hook and Suzanne Collins, nor did I say definitively that no one was killed. I merely asked questions—something Raw Story cannot handle. If speculating is wrong, then why doesn’t Raw Story do a piece on how Democrats speculate all day long about perennial conspiracies involving patriarchal tyranny and gas companies causing global warming? The mainstream left is desperate – otherwise they would ignore me or respond with facts, but they can’t and won’t.

Army Embeds Psy Ops Officers at Local News

6 Comments on Raw Story Attacks JaysAnalysis – My Response

  1. Not to mention Alex Jones’ Jewish wife.

  2. Michelle n // June 2, 2014 at 5:16 pm // Reply

    can you post this link to the article that bashed you?

  3. Everyone loves what you guys are up too. This type of clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the great works guys I’ve included you guys to my own blogroll.

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    And certainly, thanks in your effort!

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