Santa Barbara Shooter Psy Op the First “Men’s Rights” False Flag

Image: Drudge Report.

Image: Drudge Report.

  Sandy Hook, Part II. Rated PG-13 By: Jay In a tizzy of media fury, the latest supposed mass gunman/internet weirdo serial killer has emerged with a new angle: "Men's rights" and "misogyny."  However, the latest installment also follows the classic pattern of the recent psy ops of Cho at Virginia Tech, Anders Breivik, Jared Loughner, James Holmes and Adam Lanza.  It is in this pattern that we see the evident fraud manifest and this pattern, I will argue, is the key to identifying when these events, from Manson to Columbine, from Cho to Rodgers, are real or staged. The recent boogeyman, Elliot Rodger, is the son of Hunger Games assistant producer Peter Rodger.  Immediately following the shooting that has supposedly left seven dead, liberal media is fingering males, gun owners and masculinity as the problem.  Any website that is visited by anyone or linked by anyone is thereby implicated in mass murder.  Never mind how rational or coherent this dubious association is, the logic-free media was primed and ready to immediately lump all "conservatives," "men," "right wingers," misogynists" and "men's rights" site visitors all into the same bucket - you're all American Psycho serial killers! The pattern that indicates the events are staged or planned are as follows, based on the past big media psy ops: 1. The killer/suspect is associated with the establishment in some relatively high level way.  Loughner was a fan of, and had attended Giffords' events.  Breivik was associated with bizarre "Knights Templar" and masonic groups, Holmes was involved in advanced mind control programs, and Lanza's father did have a connection to the Libor rigging scandal.  Now, with Elliot Rodger, there is a connection to high level Hollywood.  In any major media psy op of this nature the actor in the scenario is someone chosen from among the establishment's own ranks or outer circles, often with some familial connection to military intelligence.

The Brady Bunch...The Brady Bunch....

2. The event is ready-made to run on the mainstream media, on the spot, with the narrative already loaded into the teleprompters.  Indeed, within hours, we have heard that the shooter visited men’s rights sites and was trying to work on his “game.”  Since he had apparently failed at this, and at Hollywood, it logically follows that men and sexuality are the root of the evil.   It’s never Hollywood and the culture of death itself or Prozac that are responsible, or course.  Those are non-factors for the establishment media, though almost all the mass killers are on SSRI drugs.

The Brady Bunch...The Brady Bunch....

The Brady Bunch…The Brady Bunch….

3.  The shooter’s “details” emerge, with a cartoonish, voluminous “Manifesto” that appears out of nowhere “online.”  Laughably, the mainstream propaganda machine parrots endlessly how the innernetz is untrustworthy and cannot be used for gathering alternative news analysis, but when it comes to shooter/terrorist “Manifestos” shady internet sources are never wrong!  They just appear – poof!  Right after the event, prepackaged and politicized to demonize the target group the psy op was intended to attack.  In this case, it was gun owners and masculinity.  In all the previous cases, even though it was not true, the media immediately accused “gun owners,” “video games,” “men/masculinity” (identified and caricatured as misogyny), “conservatives,” “veterans,” “racism,” etc.  Essentially, anyone who is not a gay Marxist or feminist is pure evil.

4. Ready-made gun control legislation was in the works to be immediately trotted out the following day.  In this case, Senator Keen revives gun control legislation following the Elliot Rodger shooting.  Surprise! – one of the victim’s fathers is ready father immediately pins the blame on guns!  The Hollywood cult of conformity foams at the mouth to implement the utopian myth of total technocracy, oblivious to reality and nature, as if the inland empire of illusion will be able to mind control the entire populace into accepting the new world order.  Never mind that a socialist technocracy will be an utter nightmare, the Leftist Cult of Mindlessness, run by corporate fascists above them, and international banks above them, never cease to give up their dreams of rewriting all of reality as if it were one of their screenplays.

5.  The shooters are always conspicuously killed, suicided or nowhere to be found (aside from Breivik).  There’s no talking to Holmes, Dorner, Cho, Rodgers, Lanza, etc., because they always shoot themselves or are shot.  Holmes is still around, but you’ll not hear from him, as he was drugged out of his mind.  Following a host of nonsensical, conflicting accounts of what transpired, we can always rest assured the killer will not be able to comment.  Conflicting accounts of what guns were used, how many people were killed, and how it was pulled off, will be ignored and forgotten.  The only thing that will remain in the mainstream media repeat cycle will be the killer’s fetishes and the need for gun control and removing all penises from the earth. It’s all the more ironic and synchronicitous, since I just wrote about Hollwood brainwashing a few days ago.

6. The mainstream media will revel in the bizarre use of twilight language, filled with double meanings, innuendos and clues that fly over the heads of the zombie public.  In this case, there is a play on the title “Hunger Games killer,” given that he was hungry for sex and couldn’t attain it in the market, and lacked “Game,” as lifted from the men’s rights and pickup artist sites.  His hunger was such that since he lacked game, he had to kill guys, even though his ridiculous, cartoonish “Manifesto” said he would kill blondes.  In the twilight language, the killer will be likened to some film or pop culture figure they either did or did not (in reality) have a fascination with.  Columbine boys were like Neo in the Matrix, Holmes was Batman/Joker, Lanza was in some video game, and Elliot Rodgers is now associated with Christian Bale from American Psycho.  Why, it’s almost as if they are…actors following a script.

For a complete dismantling of Sandy Hook, check out Sofia’s documentary.


32 Comments on Santa Barbara Shooter Psy Op the First “Men’s Rights” False Flag

  1. Sian Mann // May 26, 2014 at 2:25 am // Reply

    It is certainly an interesting take on the matter. I too found the videos to come across as painfully scripted, and badly acted, but I attributed that to his ASD, and narcissistic personality disorder… But as you have said, we aren’t ever going to know.

  2. frederikahere // May 26, 2014 at 5:21 am // Reply

    ASD? I’ve read a couple articles, but did not see he had that diagnosis. He did not present as having that diagnosis. He had a steady gaze at the camera, which is unusual with autistics.


  4. Oh, ya, we are being set up big time ! Our government knows these people are not “wrapped too tight”….either have them end up dead, or keep them drugged up all the time they have them in their sights. They put the drugs right in their food.
    Until “some good men in D.C.” wake the hell up and help us….we can kiss this great country GOOD-BYE ! I believe we have been taken over ever since our own government killed J.F.Kennedy.

  5. mountaine // May 26, 2014 at 1:03 pm // Reply
    The Nazi Connection to the John F. Kennedy Assassination
    One of the first subjects for commission members to share in January, one month before witnesses were selected, was the matter of Lee Harvey Oswald being a government agent.
    Gerald Ford was the only member of the group to write a book on the assassination. His book opened with the hushed and secret meeting where allegations had been received that Oswald worked for the FBI.
    What Ford left out of his book, and the commissioners ignored in their Report, was that Oswald was also identified as working for the CIA. Commission Chairman Earl Warren and Commission Attorney Leon Jaworski knew about this. They stated that “Mr. Belli, attorney for Jack L. Ruby, was familiar with these allegations.”
    Oswald’s informant number was Number 110669.
    How was that for a starter?

  6. Nice attempt to explain away murder. Why don’t you send this to the families, I am sure they will feel better knowing this was a hoax? I was a psyops officer. You are the one attempting a piss-poor psyop.

    • I never said he didn’t murder.

    • I find it odd/amusing that a supposed ex-psyops officer would use the “think of the families” tactic so forthrightly.

      • Indeed. The worn-out and enfeebled ‘Think of The Families’ motif is usually dribbled through the lame-brain media such as the Daily Gullible in order to attempt to crush Anarcho-Dissident insight before it ever sees the light of day or can take root in the minds of those with the requisite intellectual and moral potential.

        The ‘manifesto’ is usually reverse-proof-read in order to ensure that the golden nuggets of truth are conveyed in an incoherent, infantile and marginally intelligible manner, thereby negating their value in the minds of the sheeple.

        Another point worth noting, as indicated in the above article, is that a young 22-coming on 23-year-old with everything to live for, would have given up so soon on those aspects of life that appeared to have appealed to him through being drummed in via incessant Hollyweird propaganda.

        To express those sentiments, the bearer would have to have been something other than a young, bourgeois-connected aspirant to fabulous wealth; he would have to have arrived at his insights through lived experience and be closer to 50 than 25 years of age.

  7. michael savell // May 26, 2014 at 6:07 pm // Reply

    He had suffered a number of therapists and God alone knows what they were pumping into him.I don’t believe,in any sense that he hated women,what he hated was the fact that he was not savvy around them with the conclusion that his fairer
    male companions always had one over on him.His problem therefore was that he loved girls too well.

  8. this reminds me of the Amish schoolgirl shootings about seven years ago. at that time there was psychic spam going out, via vivid dreams, urging susceptible minds to reach for godhood and leave mere humanity behind. the method for attaining this transformation was the coldblooded murder of girls.

  9. Goldfinger // May 27, 2014 at 3:24 am // Reply

    4. Ready-made gun control legislation was in the works to be immediately trotted out the following day. In this case, Senator Keen revives gun control legislation following the Elliot Rodger shooting. Surprise! – Rodger’s father immediately pins the blame on guns!

    I’m not saying this wasn’t another psyop, or that legislation wasn’t waiting in the wings, I agree this was another manufactured scam to fool the populace into anti-gun b.s…..But, it wasn’t Rogers father that blamed the NRA, etc. It was one of the victims fathers….why is everybody getting this particular fact wrong?

    • Thank you. My mistake

    • I think I read it wrong elsewhere.

    • ThatDarnCrab // November 9, 2014 at 9:28 pm // Reply

      Anyone else find it weird that USA is practically the most gun-obsessed and paranoid nation on earth, and yet this mass “gun-grab” never actually happens? Kinda like the apocalypse or rapture never seems to happen?
      Hmmm….y’know, when you live in a country where people are frequently shooting eachother with guns, or going on killing sprees, being paranoid of foreigners and neighbors, etc…Don’t you think it’s kinda odd/ironic that gun-owners don’t want to admit that maybe, juuuuust maybe, the nation’s historical and well-documented obsession with guns, power-thru-intimidation, nationalism, and warfare might have something to do with some of the things going on with young people?
      Nope, must be the Illuminati lizard jews and their pharmaceuticals trying to take our gunnnz. Makes perfect sense if you’re, y’know, paranoid.

  10. Reblogged this on Julie Patchouli and commented:
    It’s getting old

  11. You are right on! No one wants to talk about the pharmacological “cocktail” that all of these “shooters” were on. I work in healthcare and I can tell you right now that the most desperate people that I see in my work are those who are on 2 different anti-depressants and at least one anti-anxiety medicine that are prescribed by their physicians. These drugs are not made to come off of. It’s interesting that big pharma gets away with making drugs that give the patient exactly what they are supposed to be “taking away” or making more bearable. It’s a sick, sick way to treat human beings.
    The good news is that those corporate, inhumane scum of this earth are getting ready to meet their fate and the Truth is going to come down like a hammer.
    My deep condolences to the families of all involved and the parents of this kid. Elliot Rodger’s parents should have made healthier choices regarding their comrades, cohorts and commissions to protect their own child. Especially those commissions that sickly celebrate children being forced to kill one another to stay alive. It REALLY IS just so-called “art” imitating a greater reality. That illuminati reality is getting ready for a NEW KIND OF ILLUMINATION and then the human beings on this planet will be free while those that would enslave humanity are forced to sit in the “hologram of their own making”. IT IS DONE

  12. I hope you go back on your anti-psychotic meds…SOON.

  13. I think it might be a conspiracy. Consider the following:

    The Hunger Games is about the ritualistic mass murder of children.

    Elliot Rodgers killed six people on and around the University of California.
    -His father was an assistant producer on The Hunger Games.
    -He spent his entire life in therapy (and had some weird ones it seems)
    -Parts of his manifesto seem cliché or fake. “I’m only attracted to white blondes.” Sure, pal. I seriously doubt that a sex-obsessed, 22-year old virgin would be so choosey.
    -Parts of his autobiography don’t make sense:
    -Why didn’t he get a hooker–at least to lose his virginity before he died?
    -Why didn’t he try online dating? He’s willing to sit at a picnic table outside Subway hoping some chick talks to him, but he never takes a 5-minute break from WoW to send an anonymous messages to cute girls on free dating sites?
    -Why does he never mention Game or PUA in his autobiography? Certainly a sex-obsessed computer nerd would come across this community at some point. He went to a PUAHATE forum but he never tried PUA?
    -From a childhood friend: “The person described in that manifesto and the person on the YouTube recording is not the person I knew. In the video, he even sounds different, he puts on a different voice. It’s almost demonic. And I was amazed to hear him talk so much and so articulately, usually all you would get were one word, monosyllabic answers from him.”

    Adam Lanza killed 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary.
    -His father was a big shot banker connected to the Libor scandal
    -Suzanne Collins, author of the Hunger Games, lives in Sandy Hook.

    James Holmes killed 12 people at the 2012 midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises.
    -The movie contains a scene where Sandy Hook appears on a map.
    -Holmes was pursuing a doctorate in neuroscience and had a number of links to U.S. government-funded research centers, including the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency, or DARPA.
    -he allegedly claimed to the victim of mind control
    -the government has been pumping him full of drugs since his incarceration

    This country contains tens of millions of psychologically disturbed, sexually frustrated young men. It’s strange that three recent mass shooters came from well-to-do families with connections to the government/Wall Street/Hollywood elite. There seems to be symbolic connection running through the popular Hunger Games franchise. I mostly dismissed mass shooter conspiracies until now. Like my grandpa use to say, “Fuck a chicken once, ok. Fuck a chicken twice, whatever. Fuck a chicken three times, and people will call you a chicken-fucker.”

    • mountaine // May 30, 2014 at 9:57 pm // Reply

      Mike I really like your grandpa !!! I also like your name, I have a son Mike too.
      Just like Benghazi, to many unanswered questions. Has anyone else noticed how these things happen right when there is an investagation going on ??! Boston, Sandy Hook, Snowden, etc., etc., He’s illegal and he’s letting in all the others !!!
      GET HIM OUT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Sheira M. // June 5, 2014 at 1:33 pm // Reply

    I’m not sure the internet is a good thing anymore. man you should not have posted this or anything without critical thinking skills.. man

  15. I told you the next shooting would have these elements.

    According to a report posted at the Daily Mail, the married couple suspected in the shootings and who executed a suicide pact following the rampage were “militant” and “obsessed with conspiracy theories.” They allegedly shouted at diners to “tell the police the revolution has begun.”

  16. Peter Puter // August 4, 2014 at 6:45 pm // Reply

    Beware. In this case, I have found shills on multiple online platforms that were supposedly friends of the roommates of Elliot Rodger and this was somehow supposed to disprove any doubts of the story.

    Apparently his roommates’ friends are everywhere.

  17. ThatDarnCrab // November 9, 2014 at 9:32 pm // Reply

    Gun grab will never happen. It will NEVER happen in this country, the very idea is preposterous.
    If you honestly believe all these events are to trigger an orchestrated “gun confiscation”, you are a foolish child, clinging to a security (gun) blanket.

    Kids with guns, indeed.

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