Introduction to Hidden Metaphysics, Part 1 – Jays Analysis

In Part 1 of this discussion, I introduce metaphysics (the branch of philosophy, not witch books), and explain why it has been suppressed in the West. I argue that a special metaphysics is the basis for highly advanced technologies, while the masses are spoon-fed garbage relativism.

See these articles for referece:

“Aether Returns to Oust Dark Matter”

“Unified Field Theory”

“Energetic Aether Metaphysics”

“Numbers Prove God”

7 Comments on Introduction to Hidden Metaphysics, Part 1 – Jays Analysis

  1. A much-needed discussion, Jay. I look forward to the future installments.

    At the ultra-meta level, things do come down to a kind of arbitrariness/pragmatism that precedes even logic–for simplicity’s sake, we might as well identify this level with aesthetics. (Yes, this does somewhat reverse the standard set-up of aesthetics on the outside, metaphysics on the inside. But that’s what choosing Christian “philokalia” over pagan “philosophia” entails.) The thing to ask is: if metaphysics isn’t real (or ultimately real), then why is it so powerful? You could take this question two ways. First, as a rhetorical question meant to establish the reality of metaphysics. Second, as a genuine inquiry as to what’s actually taking place when we do metaphysics. I’m inclined to take the second form of the question, and to think that when we do metaphysics–when with fallen reason we extract ourselves from our particularity and reach towards pure abstraction–we are encroaching on demonic territory. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but someone unable to discern demonic influence will leave themselves completely vulnerable.

    Evil is corruption and destroys power: this is correct. But this entails that if evil wants to be at its most dangerous, it needs to only *slightly* corrupt the truth. So it can take an idea like unity in the Logos and come up with a derivation like quantum entanglement, a theory that can (at least hypothetically) be technologically exploited to allow control over some aspect of reality. Such a theory is quite close to the truth, but the sacred core is left out, enabling exploitation by blasphemous parties.

    It’s all slavery to devil-gods, yo. The elites are entranced by this metaphysical realm–the “realm of the forms” or possibly even the aether itself–and want to keep the power that this realm can grant all for themselves. The “alien technology” narrative is a con, but perhaps it’s not too far from what’s really happening when the elite scientists and philosophers make their incredible “discoveries.”

    Metaphysics alone won’t save us. We need deification.

    • Correct. I did not mean to suggest that if we merely spark interest in metaphysics again, that there would be some salvation by gnosis. Plus, I don’t think forms or logoi are bare abstractions. The logoi are one in the Logos.

      This discussion was just prompted by my thoughts on how utterly divorced from what’s really happening most are and what real philosophy is.

      Metaphysics is Gods structuring of the world, not some bare study of abstract “being.”

      • And I did not mean to imply that you were suggesting any of that. (Sorry if it looked like that.) I’m 100% behind your work, and again, I see this as a much-needed discussion. Keep it up!

  2. “…. how utterly divorced from what’s really happening most are”..

    How totally true, but to “Know Thy Self” is the very reason why we are here. This world is only a curriculum. (There is only One of us here anyway.)

  3. If someone wanted to pursue the “classical education” you were referring to, where do you recommend they start?

  4. Just came over from the Red Ice Radio interview to listen more on this topic. Friendly comment: while I’m very interested in hearing your point of view unfortunately I just can’t get past the distracting music and noise in the background. Would you happen to have a transcript of this podcast?

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