Darwinism Annihilated – Jays Analysis

Part two of “Deconstructing Darwinism”

In part 2, I pick up where I left off, devling deeper into the Darwinian and evolutionary paradigms. I focus more on the philosophical problems, particularly its chief flaw – the lack of a unifying principle. This constitutes the most significant philosophical contradiction in this outdated theory/narrative.

Part 1 is Here.

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7 Comments on Darwinism Annihilated – Jays Analysis

  1. Very helpful throughout. I would like to hear another talk from you that discusses the top 5 books that aided you in arriving at your very nuanced transcendental philosophical position. As you know, I am interested in how far we can go with “philosophy” once we define philosophy “properly.” I am thinking here of the ancients and their lack of a Darwinian paradigm, etc. Good work, and I will be listening to this again over the next week or so.

    • Not a bad idea. I will do that soon. Do you find fault with that argumentation?

      • I do not find fault with your reasoning. You have done something very important, I think. I want to know more about what reading(s) led to these insights. That may be presumptuous of me, since there is such a thing as philosophizing without “footnotes.” Plato did just fine without them, as did everyone before modern scholarly conventions! Anyway, the point is I want to know more about your perspective on these matters. You have spoken against scientism, but not from a blockheaded creationist standpoint. Though I believe that God created the cosmos, I am not a “creationist,” or perhaps we should dub it “cre(a)ti(o)nism,” haha…

      • What does that mean?

      • Nothing, just that I liked your talk and I want to hear more. Sorry, didn’t mean to be obscure. If you mean the last line, I am jokingly suggesting that what usually passes for creationism is really “cretinism” because it is not getting at the root of the issue, but wasting paper and time.

      • It’s all good, I just didn’t understand. Duh I get it now. Most creationist arguments in the realm of philosophy are terrible. I’ll do a follow up today maybe and flesh this out more.

  2. I am a new member, so not sure if comments still collected here. You might enjoy the humor and the debunking precision of Marilynn Robinson’s essay ” The Strange History of Altruism”

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