The “Bin Laden Raid” is the Plot of Navy Seals (1990)

Original Cinema Quad Poster - Movie Film PostersBy: Jay I have highlighted fake news recently, and in a fit of 80s mania, I decided to watch the Charlie Sheen/Michael Biehn Navy Seals because I had never seen it.  Although made in 1990, it was still in that gray area of 80s-90s transition, where there is little differentiation.  Hilariously, it quickly became apparent that Seals was more than it appeared.  Like the rest of the 80s military recruitment films such as Top Gun and Stripes, it is pure propaganda designed to dupe morons into thinking that signing up for the Navy would equal a life like the absurd portrayal of the Seals in the film.  And if you can imagine it, Navy Seals is far worse than Top Gun.  One can easily picture the Pentagon saying to Hollywood, "Look, we like that Top Gun thing - it did wonders for recruitment numbers following the drop of the draft.  Here's a few less million, though, and see if you can slap together something really quick with that Sheen guy." There's a lot of comedy to be had in Navy Seals, but the big reveal is this: it looks to be the plot of the equally cheesy B-movie known as the real-life Bin Laden compound raid.  One of the greatest frauds in the history of mainstream media is the bin Laden raid, which managed to dupe the majority of the childlike populace in Amerika.  A year or so after, throngs of people swarmed to bookstores to buy the absurd Seal Team Six book that supposedly described in detail how the daring mission was accomplished, along with a preposterous propaganda film, Zero Dark Thirty.   The fact that the film and book and raid came so close together and constituted such a perfect ratings boost for Obama seemed lost on most of the kindergarten public. Readers of JaysAnalysis are not so easily duped.  Having tracked these frauds and hoaxes by the media magii for a while now, we have watched scam after scam, from North Korea to bin Laden, to you name it.  Like Katniss' realization in Mockingjay, it is quickly becoming apparent that the Capitol regularly fakes news.  Now, the only real debate is to what quantitative degree is our news fake.  With Navy Seals we have a clear scenario that parallels the bin Laden fairy tale so closely that it is hard to accept mere coincidence.  Since we know the bin Laden story is pure bull, and since we know Hollywood is intimately involved in propaganda and staging events for the military industrial complex (and has been for a long time), it is not hard to believe that the news story behind the famed killing of bin laden was simply a recycled awful script from a 1990 Sheen film.

What Mac & Me is to E.T., Navy Seals is to Top Gun, though Top Gun is no good.

Navy Seal base in the film with the compound model.

We don't really need a lengthy analysis of the plot, simply because there isn't much of one.  What plot does exist is very simple: America is at war with Islamic radicals, and the Seals must extract the bin Laden-style boogeymen before they attain more stinger missiles.  Two Al Qaeda-ish leaders are tracked down in Beirut.  While the first is extracted from his compound, the main villain cannot be, and the film ends with a fight between Sheen and the bin Laden-esque villain.  In a hilarious twist of irony, the villain is given an impromptu burial at sea, as Sheen drowns him.  Just like in "reality," we were told by the media that the compound was raided by the Seals with bin Laden captured and given a burial at sea.   As you can see, the model and the picture in the picture above from the film are very similar to the supposed model the Pentagon designed before the "raid."
The Bin Laden "Compound" Model

The Bin Laden "Compound" Model

After the raid fails to ultimately obtain the bin Laden figure, the Seals are trapped in Lebanon and must fight to the death against bin Laden (“Shaheed”), and Charlie gives him what for.  A watery burial, that’s what for!  Hoora! The Seals have saved us from the nefarious villain, that cardboard cutout that is bin Laden, er Shaheed, er Emmanuel Goldstein…  Granted, not all the details explicitly match up, but really that is irrelevant, since the terrorist villains are generally cut-outs anyway.  It cannot be denied that the paper-thin plot of Navy Seals does appear to be the laughable basis in part, at least, for the completely staged “Bin Laden” raid.  Remember – you saw it first here!  Hollywood has scripted out reality for a long time.  The real question is, which is more realistic: the bin Laden raid or Navy Seals? Hard to say.

The Seals give "bin Laden," uh, Shaheed, the watery grave he deserves!

The Seals give “bin Laden,” uh, Shaheed, the watery grave he deserves!

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