The Apocalyptic Death of Reason

Rick brings the logic to a xombie

Rick brings the logic to a xombie

By: Jay What is "reason"?  Dr. Bahnsen made a great point several years ago about the mass equivocation on the subject of "reason."  It's a common word, used by everyone, yet at the same time it's one of the most ambiguous words to define.  What Hume thought reason was, was vastly different from what Plato thought "logos" meant.  So what is reason?  If "faith" contrary to, or in league with reason, or is faith the only rational position to hold?  Who is right?  There are different dialectics and possibilities in regard to this question, and thus different pitfalls to be avoided.  As a student of philosophy, science and theology, I intend to offer insights on this question. Two easy pitfalls to avoid are fideism and rationalism.  These are two sides of the same coin, with both schools proffering an all-encompassing answer that falls on one or the other side.  For fideists, the divine is wholly irrational and beyond comprehension.  Since the divine is essentially something experienced by the individual and his own piety (supposedly), fideism has tended towards pietism, superstition and irrationalism.  Fideism is thus very anti-world, and anti-intellectual, viewing creation, reason and intellect as dangerous potential enemies to the idea of God.   Fideism is an immature, childish position, which is a common feature among cults and sects of all stripes, allowing for the void of objective truth or reasoning to be filled with the imposition of the de facto, unquestioned claims of the "prophet" or sectarian hierophant. Likewise, the rationalist sees reason and logic as the sole and final authority.  For the rationalist, "reason" is a self-evident, objective standard anyone and everyone may potentially tap into to judge all matters.  In short, whatever cannot be measured, counted, analyzed and dissected, cannot be rationally accepted.  It is, as Guenon says, the reign of quantity.  Yet early rationalism had a peculiar feature that later western rationalism did not.  Early rationalism in thinkers like Plato up to Descartes and Leibniz preferred the Ideal as the real.  Since reason was truth, and truth is unchanging, the Ideal must be the truth, and the realm of flux deceptive.  Yet reason itself is not something that can, so to speak, "get outside itself."  When empiricism and Darwinism gained the ascendancy, any notion of an Ideal was tossed out, since it could not be accessed through sense experience, and since Darwinism "proved" that all is flux and change.

Western religious thought has been dominated by some form of fideism ever since, with only a few thinkers, mathematicians and Platonists even daring to challenge these dogmas in academia.  Furthermore, the modern academic tyranny and domination of Darwinism and relativism are the direct result of an open conspiracy on the part of the British Anglo-American Establishment to control education at all level to the point of indoctrinating the masses with a completely false worldview.  This false worldview had to erase the trivium and quadrivium of classical education, while the elites of the West retained the classical education amongst themselves, feeding the herd the inverted, “Common Core,” socialist pseudo-education of statist control.  By neutralizing and destroying the populace with socialist education, the keys of logic were lost, leaving a mass of zombies, easily programmed and downloaded with the latest “PC” update.

As a result of all this, it is very rare that one can even have a coherent discussion about the nature of reason and revelation.  As one of my good friends and I agreed in a recent conversation, the average person you meet is not capable of having a reasoned discussion.  Within a single conversation, the average ‘Merkan will contradict themselves, not even knowing what they previously said.  Destroying the use of logic and reason was therefore a crucial goal in the subversion of the western education system.  Since these persons do not have any conception of basic logic, discussion of even higher level philosophical concepts like metaphysics is utterly impossible.  Complex questions like the nature of revelation, logic and reason are metaphysical questions.  So now that reason and logic have been annihilated in the West, more interesting questions arise.

Is it possible for knowledge to be lost?  If we destroy all language, culture and meaning, as the western elites are now intent on doing, is there the risk of losing all?  In Anthem, Ayn Rand foresees just such a scenario, where collectivism has erased any notion of individuality, causing society to be reduced to a tribal, primitive state, with no electricity and no technological advancements.  That is a frightening image,  but one destined to occur on the path we currently see.  As readers know, I take a very pessimistic, doomed view of our “civilization,” and many theses are offered by analysts for why we are at this point.   However, an interesting question could be raised – do we really want to preserve what built all this mess?   I think the most rational course is to accept and make the best of the collapse: you won’t stop it, and you won’t win over the barbarian hordes.  The barbarian hordes do not have, and will never have the use of reason.  That is why the herd is essentially feminine: it is molded and crafted according the social engineers design.  If fat and gay is in, the social engineer gives you fatties and gays on sitcoms, enforced homosexuality and “fat acceptance.”

The common denominator in all these absurdities is the lack of reason.  And it is not just a loss of reason, it is a war against reason.  It is a war on objective reality we see, where the reality of how dire the situation is causes many to crack.   I have witnessed numerous people over the years who crack under the irrational madness that is post-post modernity, and unfortunately, we can expect more.  The salvation of western civilization is not coming, and it is time to give up on that dream.  When the discourse itself even involves Billy Graham, your world is doomed.  World government is already here and the bio-weapons are being prepped.  You will never get the people to accept logic and reason.

The great lesson is that the people do not want logic and reason.  In fact, the more logic and reason you imbibe, the more you will be hated.  There is a great mystery in this, and I have observed this in relation to the similarity between sadomasochism and Stockholm Syndrome.  The same drive that the herd has to rush towards its own destruction is the same drive that manifests in individuals that seek out domination in sex.   Traditionally a feminine trait (in regard to connecting sex and pain), the rise of torture and self-mutilation sexual deviation appears to coincide with the herd’s rush toward self-immolation.  Once this impetus has been set in motion on a mass scale, it is hard to think that any resistance movement will be able to halt the collapse.   Resistance movements and counter-revolutionaries are often as foolish and idealistic as their revolutionary counterparts, being too myopic to understand that “civilizations” have lifespans, as Spengler wrote.

The few sane thinkers of our era left should realize that logic and reason have never been the possession of the herd, and never will be.  Man cannot be engineered to become transhumanist anymore than he can be engineered to be universally rational.  It may not be kosher or “nice” to say this, but it is a fact.  Can societies be more or less rational?  Absolutely.  It is evil to sacrifice ten thousand of your own people on Aztec high holy days.  Is it any more rational in our atheistic, nihilistic era?  Not at all, just a different “spirit.”  Our era is one of highly hypocritical shadow government that engages in the very same mass cannibalistic and ritualistic killings, under the guise of “freedom” and “democracy.”  Fideism is the dialectical opposite of rationalism that has totally neutralized western religion against the force of nihilistic, technocratic self-destruction.  So rather than waste time trying to debate and instill “reason” in a populace that hates it, prepare for the coming collapse and culling accordingly.  After the mass culling, then you’ll have an audience for your logos, possibly.  It’s always darkest before the dawn.

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  1. Red Tickerling // May 4, 2015 at 5:35 am // Reply

    LOGOS: an oft misleading term as it means so much. I am of the mind now that this “culling” will be a slow moving non-event; the indigenous European groups are most definitely the first target–via chemicals, diet, social engineering (to be soft, compliant), etc. Once coerced immigration in Europe and North America finally makes the Europeans minorities, it will snowball pretty quickly after. What will be interesting to observe at that point, will be how the essentially religious and uncivilized groups who will then be in charge will treat one another. Tribalism? Another Dark Age? Or maybe a Darwinian dystopia? Either way, I am sure the breakaway civilization will be long gone–“Childhood’s End” anyone???


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