Dark Truths, Dark Future: The Great Secret

Are you John Connor?

Are you John Connor?

By: Jay When contemplating the present zeitgeist, I am constantly struck by the never-ending stream of inane retardation that assaults my senses on a daily basis.  From the perspective of the elite, this is the chief vindication of their philosophy of mass depopulation.  For many wanna-be elites, the temptation to immediately accept the conclusion that "there are too many stupid people" so "they should be eliminated to keep from breeding," becomes alluring.  That thought process assumes that by affirming the overall dictum of depopulation, the thinker thereby becomes a member of the elite.  In reality, this is a defense mechanism or psychological trick the mind plays when confronted with extremely difficult information.  So, what do we do with this?  What is the correct approach to taking the so-called "red pill"? I will consider the correct disposition in this article. My own life has been very interesting:  I have lived on both sides of the US, and most of my time has been spent in the South.  In that journey, I have witnessed a fascinating array of belief systems that have allowed me to gain insights into the nature of worldviews and how the human mind functions psychologically to guard held belief systems.  Belief systems function like operating systems, to use the computer analogy, and invariably include firewalls that operate to deflect challenges to any basic presuppositions.  Indeed, research into mind control and psy ops that dealt with mind-controlled assassins and other forms of warfare demonstrate a large amount of support that correlates with my own observations in the various belief systems I've held and encountered. For those more susceptible to mass programming and manipulation (most people), the normative downloaded worldview given by modernity and state education (mass brainwashing centers) is, as has been analyzed many times here, a bizarre hybrid of Enlightenment rationalism with a fascistic leftoid overlay that is ultimately predicated upon moral and epistemic relativism.  Humans almost all seem, from birth, constituted toward a kind of hardwired relativism in which we are trapped in the schema we were born into.  Over time, as we age, our minds construct our worldviews based on our experiences (or lack thereof) with our mothers, fathers, and other social arrangements.  In these interactions, we are directly encountering archetypes that will function to inform or misinform our perception of ourselves and the world.  These beliefs will vary, depending on our genetics and environment in certain areas, as well as manifesting commonalities amongst certain archetypes, such as "mother," "father," etc., across cultures universally.

Taking this into account, there is an evident similarity between the relativism of modern man and the psychological development of children, insofar as the belief systems they have been programmed with and developed operate more often than not like mental prisons.  Caught in the dialectic of our temporal existence, the highest principle they can reference is their own (assumed) autonomous mind.  The “natural man,” shall we say, is, in this mode of being,  a purely determined being that finds his belief system to be built up of a combination of programmed and desired perceptions, as opposed to objective reality.  There are numerous reasons for why this is, and personally I believe this originates in the fall of man, but here we are considering what noetic effects of the fall were.  In this fallen state, the mind is cut off from truth, not because truth or God are absent from our realm, but rather that the perception of this world is skewed due to man seeking a false autonomy that he believes will give him freedom.  The flight from truth is therefore a seeking after mental and social security, and ultimately a form a apotheosis, but it is a false security and deification.  False securities and erroneous belief systems, however, have a bad habit of coming back to bite us even worse in the long run.

Since our governing world structure is presently erected around a full spectrum array of lies, the dangers in modernity are even more potent.  This is not just due to some larger quantity of lies, as if ancient and medieval men lived in an atmosphere of less falsehood, but rather due to the technocratic and scientific sophistication of the modern lies.  The fields of advertising, propaganda, psychological warfare, and bio and chemical warfare, as well as cyber/tech warfare are essentially being aggregated under a veritable unified field theory of lies in our day.  This unified field theory of lies is so prevalent and palpable that it is hard to foresee any real opposition or resistance to the coming technocracy amongst the masses.  Furthermore, when one has a good grasp of belief systems and their manipulation, it becomes all the more lucid over time how, in almost every case, opposition movements and parties, as well as third or fourth movement oppositions, are also engineered and co-opted.  Understanding the science and psychology of movements explains how this is the case.  Once the basic patterns of belief systems are understood, the same modes of social control that were used for the initial false dialectic of two parties is simply applied to the third party, if we look at an example from politics.  Thus, these same patterns form in religious sects, corporations, etc., because the functioning of these organisms is still utilizing the same operating system: the mind.

Whether you are the pope, the Hindu yogi or the politician, the psychology of the adepts and constituents will be uniform.  Granted, amongst these groups there will be varying degrees of rationalism and sophistication at work, but there there will always be the same architecture of defenders, apologists, sectarians, opposition, etc.  The psychological processes of individuals in these groups as they progress or regress, defend or critique, convert or apostatize, will also remain consistent, in their basic patterns.  In this analysis, I don’t mean to come off relativistic, either.  I am not presently doing a critique of any system per se, but rather a critique of belief systems in operation.  That is, we are here analyzing how humans in various social groupings operate, and what the methods of control and power are in those various systems.

Precisely because social control through the various forms of warfare mentioned above is so sophisticated and integrated, it becomes all the more incumbent on individuals who can think and reason critically to be aware.  The binary weapon effect of even a couple of the listed forms of modern warfare is enough to annihilate most opposition amongst the masses.  The combined effect of all and more than those systems is almost the complete emasculation and neutralization of the opposition, with only a few amongst the masses able to remain “in the know” in any significant degree.  Indeed, the process of awakening itself is jolting and often traumatic, hence the understandable failsafe amongst most, whose minds trick themselves into denying the hard reality that is the coming technocracy.  It is therefore important to look at numerous examples of social structures and hierarchical relations across various systems to get an idea of the patterns that operate in the shadow world government’s operating power system.

As some have said, the near impenetrability and difficulty in grasping the architecture of modern world power is itself almost a kind of IQ test, foisted upon all from a Darwinian transhumanist perspective, leaving the only ones who will possibly escape the coming dystopia as those cognizant of the reality.  From a social Darwinian perspective, this makes some sense: If you wanted to kickstart the supposed evolutionary progress, establishing a great panopticon Matrix of death designed to kill off the offspring of 90-99% of the planet, this would be the ultimate social Darwinian test program.  Simply knowing does not mean one is an “elite,” nor does positioning oneself to escape and avoid the modern slave grid mean one is “elite,” but really, membership in the “club” is irrelevant because these dark truths are cold, hard facts.

Choosing to deny reality is simply choosing to capitulate you and your progeny in this world, opting to go ahead and move on to the next life.  It is the dark future of accepting a system that sells death.  While that sounds insane or difficult to fathom, that is the reality of the world we face, from the perspective of the architects of power.  This is the dark truth and the great secret: it is the coming robot/AI war of the future to annihilate the humans.  What is the big dark secret of the new world order?  I truly think it is what we see in Terminator.  We will face a robot war in our lifetime, just as Bowman faces HAL 9000.  In fact, my research indicates that this is the big secret likely behind the UFO and underground base phenomena so often bantered about on “conspiracy” websites.  It’s not aliens, and it’s not reptoids: It is the coming depopulation through integrated soft kill technocracy.  I will write more in the future on the coming Skynet robot war, but for now, I highly recommend the documentary “State of Mind: The Psychology of Control” to my readers, which also features black ops expert Col. Anthony Shaffer that I interviewed.

12 Comments on Dark Truths, Dark Future: The Great Secret

  1. Keep em coming Jay.

  2. What role do you see the Tavistock Institute of Human Behavior playing in this mass conditionig?

  3. Is a robot war going to start the NWO? Someone once told me that a fake alien invasion is going to start it, because that is the one thing that can put the world into 1 religion and 1 government.
    Thanx for a great article 🙂

  4. Do you see the Tavistock Institute of Human Behavior playing a significant role in the implementation of this mass conditioning?
    Bruce K.

    • I think Tavistock, as the documentary details, was unquestionably instrumental in making the big breakthroughs in psy ops, psychological warfare and mind control, in our era.

  5. Apologies for the hurried, bad wording. I have fixed it.

  6. Why do you think the need for power and controlling the mass to these people are so important? Why a NWO? So your basically saying that human beings the mass are under mind control and we need to wake up. Sounds like we’re living in a maxtrics. This is my first time on your blog I actually just stumbled across it and I have so much questions.

  7. Jay shall the would be magical technomages possessed of the unified archon prime directive serve as instruments to Gaia’s preservation as a suitable site for manageable slave populaces? If so why did Hellboy, the second neural installment, include a battle for control of the golden army? Shall separate factions of Luciferian power split into non coherent bandwidths of cognitive dissonance? Was this movie yet another attempt to prevent the inevitable rebellion in hell? Will the as above so below maxim hold relatively accurate when applied to a splintering hive mind eons entrenched in virtually pure inversion of holy precepts? What would the approximate one third of the one third be called? I propose the triple fallen, fallen from heaven, fallen from hell, fallen into love/begrudging aetheric equality with humans. Call that movie Fallen Thrice and cast Joe Rogan as the leader of Hell’s new faction, maybe even a cameo from Alex Jones as Alex Jones giving the topside, so to speak, play by play for the humans. Yea that’s the ticket!

  8. It says the video does not exist

  9. “As some have said, the near impenetrability and difficulty in grasping the architecture of modern world power is itself almost a kind of IQ test, foisted upon all from a Darwinian transhumanist perspective, leaving the only ones who will possibly escape the coming dystopia as those cognizant of the reality. ”

    Pffft. I see this little vanity kiss up explanation to people who question culture…the whole “you are enlightened to join the elite” deal. I hate that, I hate the fact that some people are taken in by that obvious patronizing.

    Anyone can start to question. It doesn’t take great intellectual ability. I don’t consider myself any more than someone of average intelligence. Why did I wake up? I sat a murder trial that blew my mind open and one day I woke up afterward to discover that culture is a sham. And I’ve been picking up the pieces ever since. Of course the trauma works both ways. And the elites use it in controlled ways to push people to their court. Why I escaped that, I have no idea. None. Maybe chance. Maybe divine intervention. I don’t know.

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