JaysAnalysis Interviews Mark Hackard

In this interview, I quiz writer Mark Hackard about a plethora of topics, including medieval and modern philosophy and its degeneration, conspiracy and government, the new world order and Russia, eastern and western theology, esoterism and film, psy ops and mass media, transhumanism, literature, and a host of other issues.  Mark is a Russia specialist and an exceptional social/political writer.  Mark writes for Alternative Right and his articles can be found here and at TakisMag here.  Check out Mark’s appearance on RT here, discussing Brzezinski.

2 Comments on JaysAnalysis Interviews Mark Hackard

  1. Although Rousseau valued the freedom of the individual will above everything, he wrote the social contract with the hope that the general will of the government would steer the individual toward virtue in their own lives. If this contract is broken, the government would be replaced. The fatal flaw in the social contract is that without total transparency of the government and attention from the population, the individual would never know when the general will was no longer serving his interests.

    Even in Rousseau’s time, Rousseau probably realized that an unseen “Geist” would hijack many individual will(s) to move in the wrong direction, thus the need for a social contract. Many have posited that Rousseau’s perfect government was that discussed in the Levite of Ephraim, i.e. a band of people governed by elders. The social contract was obviously an easier form of government to implement in the political structure of his time.

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