The Process of Your Philosophical Awakening (Audio)

So what is beyond the realm of “conspiracy”? Is that the bottom of the rabbit hole? Does it go deeper? What about religion? Is there a connection between awakening to things like the “new world order” and deeper issues like religion? Is philosophy useful, or just the playground of nerds? How do contemporary politics and issues lead one out of the maze and psychological prison of relativism and being programmed by the system, up to the contemplation of existence and reality itself, and ultimately, God? In this discussion, I outline my views on these questions, explaining how questioning reality and how the world works leads to the biggest questions of all, and why this is beneficial. Most people don’t attempt to relate or connect the questions of philosophy and conspiracy, so come together, let’s reason, and let’s walk out of the cave of appearances into the real world of sunlight.

1 Comment on The Process of Your Philosophical Awakening (Audio)

  1. TL;DL so I’ll just say some oppinions regarding intro text…

    Some time ago I replaced word “conspiracy” with word “intent”.
    When talking about “conspiracy theories” people usually use that term with negative connotation (some powerful nasty guys, hidden in the shadow, want to rule the world, cotrol our body and mind etc…). Maybe some of those theories are true but I can’t tell. All I can say is that this is possible. However, there is a conspiracy that is above our “earthly” conspiracies – God’s conspiracy. Since I don’t want to put God in any kind of negative context, I call it – Intent.
    Maybe we have triangles (or pyramides) of power and Big Brother and big Eye that is watching our every move and internet history but above every earthly pyramide peak is God and he’s “watching” at all of us and He’s even above The-Most-Powerful-Man-On-Earth. And so it shall be until Judgement Day.

    “New World Order” is inevitability. Some time ago, I watched some clip about “conspiracy theory” and NWO; “They want to rule the World… They want NWO… They want to control us… They are evil… Masons… Illuminati… WE MUST RISE!” So I thought to myself… If “They” succseed, there will be a new world order. But! if “We” rise and fight back and if “We” win, there will be – new world order. So, NWO is coming whether we like it or not. And this is not something new. “New Wold Orders” were happening through whole history. I guess it is mostly matter of evolution (or revolutuion). Great empires were rising and falling. History is repeating and still moving forward.

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