The Apotheosis of the Stupid

Your local manager.

Your local manager.

By: Jay An educated person in America operates under the duress of a constant and perpetual disconnect.  I don't mean a person who was pilched for $70k for a slip of paper from some socialist state school, or even a framed slip from some "elite" private school, since the educational format is essentially standardized in this country.  I mean people who have an education.  Foreign bloggers and writers that peruse my site often show wonderment, commenting that "if this guy was in another country, he would be hailed as a great thinker."  But alas, I am in the midst of a land (o lakes) that is hell-bent on a plaid-speed (to quote Spaceballs) path to disintegration and self-destruction.  For me, the most shocking revelation of my experience in higher education was the realization that stupidity is the path to sainthood in modernity.  People who learn how to learn, or later in life attempt to learn a classical formulation of education, replete with critical thinking, are the new devils. IQ is supposed to be an indicator of future potential and success, but what happens when IQ becomes a threat?  It has long been said that only intelligence can recognize intelligence, so when the mass populace is dumbed down, the cumulative effect upon the literati is even worse.  My controversial thesis as you may guess, is that this is by design.  It was not designed by the hordes of hobgoblin heifers that haunt the gaunt halls of public education, but by social engineers decades ago, who egalitarian theories are already long debunked.  Somehow, total lies became the norm, and when one discusses these issues with a baby-boomer, the only reaction is disdain and the canned "grow up and get a job" line.  Well, growing  up presumably means understanding the system and acting accordingly, which none of the boomers seem able to do.  But reality has a funny way of coming back to attack you, like a thief in the night, and the baby boomers' denials of reality are now beginning to come to full fruition. 

The boomers are dying off like flies at an alarming rate, along with an explosion of every health issue imaginable.  They’re even offing themselves more frequently, since the realization that their entire worldview was a gigantic fraud they foisted on their youth is quite a load to bear.  Again, this is the heavy price of denying reality.  You can only satiate your conscience and dull your reason with antidepressants and booze for so long before the great failure begins to set in.  The boomer response to all this: man up, and get a job like it’s 1979.  As the cancer rate skyrockets thousands of percent, especially among them, they are all the more oblivious, as the children of the so-called Great Generation are now the progenitors of the great degenerates.

“Wait,” you say, “that’s not fair. They were lied to and deceived.  It’s not their fault.”  Ah, but you forget–you are responsible for your life, are you not?  Are not the children of the boomers held to the standard of becoming a “self-made man”?  Are the children of the boomers not told to accept the hard world that is reality and act accordingly?   Austerity is here, and that’s just part of a “natural economic cycle.”  Actually, no, none of that is true.  The boomers were hardly self-made, austerity is a manufactured banking crisis, and is not a natural economic cycle.  In essence the boomers are like modern women: they want all the perks of chivalry and carte blanche, while requiring all the hard standards they were exempt from, from their seed.

"I pledge allegiance..."

“I pledge allegiance…”

The sad fact is that the boomer generation is really a low IQ generation: it doesn’t register to them that Al Qaeda is the tool of the West, although it is now mainstream news.   For years, those who had some modicum of intelligence amongst the youth were even coming to this realization listening to Alex Jones, telling their parents this, only to discover that the boomer generation had forgotten that the Mujahideen were created under Carter and Reagan.   The auspices of these tactics were the Cold War, fighting the Soviets.  However, we are still supposedly using al Qaeda in Syria, while simultaneously being told that 9/11 and a host of other “terror” events of recent fame were al Qaeda, while simultaneously being told the Cold War is over.  In other words, the great challenges and battles of the 70s, 80s and 90s the boomers were nobly standing against were all frauds.  A still greater example is the present and coming economic collapse that boomers are only now realizing is vaguely connected to the federal reserve system, in some vague way.

Thus since boomers control the workforce, the workforce gets gradually worse, as jobs disappear to China and India, while the boomers donate their money to the Federal Reserve and Demoncratorepublicons that work to get rid of those jobs.  Yes, the republiconmunists do the very thing the Demoncrats do.  Yet the boomers are so stupid, they literally can’t realize that the very system they pay into is their own destruction.  And you don’t just pay with fiat currency – the payment exacted is your life and energy.   All the while, they expect their offspring to opt in and accept the system that gives them corporate vaccine cancer at a skyrocketing rate, and stand bewildered when one of the “losers” chooses not to opt for his own death, when in front of their own eyes the system they think is Chrissiancapitalism is nothing but.  It is this double-mind that is causing the boomers to die and commit suicide.

This is why IQ is a threat to the workforce.  IQ is evil because IQ is real.  The workforce is largely converted into a service economy with every intent of halting progress through enforced affirmative action and corrupt nepotism, instead of a workforce based around actual talent and ability.  Every job I’ve had (several) featured idiot managers that were eventually caught stealing, and they were mostly boomer managers.  This is why conspiracy matters–we’re often told, “It’s always been this way.  You’ve always had to deal with corrupt leaders, scam artists and social disorder.”  Actually, that’s not true.  Analysts and intelligence agencies, as well as financial institutions, rate entities based on their functionality or lack thereof.  Complex computer programs used at the World Bank predict success or failure of nation states and economies, for example.  This would be impossible if there were no such thing as failed states.    Feel free to chuckle as you now see that is another example of boomer ignorance.  Did Aztec society that sacrificed 10,000 a day on high holy days function with the normal corruption that 18th century America did? Of course not.

"Honey, could you hand me my LuxorProzacViagra pillz from that sexy fanny pack? Hopefully no drug addict teens stole anything!"

“Honey, could you hand me my LuxorProzacViagra pillz from that sexy fanny pack? Hopefully no drug addict teens stole anything! This will be the best boomerboozecruise ever!”

It is precisely the conspiracy that the boomers can’t get, and that is their failure.  They failed to see that the future was one of a controlled economy designed to shut down the West through the green agenda for the purpose of depopulation.   That depopulation includes the boomers and their seed.  For the middle class boomer, that makes no sense.  Such is middle class logic–devoid of the ability to think in the big picture, and precisely why they remain in the middle class, and are dying off.  They actually bought the lie that abortion was a “freedom,” when it was a designed attack on ending their lineage.  And this is why you cannot choose lies and get away with it–reality comes home to roost eventually, and if not with you, then with your children.   A strong delusion has set upon the boomers, and with good reason.  The retirement euphoria of being wasted away again in Margaritaville they expect will disappear like their 401k, as they realize their kids won’t be able to support them in their geriatric condition because Amerika will become a third world cesspool.  Did you take your Prozac today?

8 Comments on The Apotheosis of the Stupid

  1. Mary Pishney // May 29, 2013 at 5:59 pm // Reply

    I agree with 90% of this essay. Much is left unsaid, but the dumbing down or America is all too evident across the board. Catalysts for such apathy, ignorance and ultimate demise of the US’s middle class, destruction of the fourth estate, and the all-pervasive assaults of the international bankers and corporations has rendered carnage across the globe. “Dirty War” chronicled by Jeremy Scahill in his superb book, and the sophistry of patriotism that is merely a covering for stomping other select countries into the mire. I disagree with the author’s slap at equal rights for women. Why this? Also bringing in abortion seems a stretch. Until Roe Vs. Wade, abortions happened, as they always have throughout history, they were just back alley procedures, with the death rate of the females who, through often dire financial reasons, could not support another child.
    No one rallied out about those abortions. Not until the far right “discovered” an issue they could rant and rave about. By adding these two, non-connected issues to a very pertinent problem of the mindless public dilutes the otherwise cogently put points!

    • I think those issues are connected. Abortion, as per Planned Parenthood’s own documents, backfired and has resulted in the death of the future generations in general. The Rockefellers pioneered getting this established as a “right” for women, as well as the feminist movement, as outlined in Collier & Horowitz’s official biography, The Rockefellers. The open, stated goal was the destruction of the family, getting women in the workforce in order to tax that half of the population, and socially engineer the West into a completely controlled society. This is where I generally disagree with leftists or progressives. I do not see women’s rights as a great gain, but as a plan to destroy the West, as Marxists always imagined. The far right “discovered” those issues because forty years ago, it was not as apparent that they were being engineered by the elites.

      • Mary Pishney // May 29, 2013 at 7:01 pm //

        So you would keep “the little lady” at home and have a meager existence, sans college, etc. because of one of the many, crazy tenets of Marx? That premise negates reality as we find it
        today. The families who can have moms stay at home, the best for children, are the affluent, NOT the suffering middle class. The verbiage used in attacking working women, often reflects a hostility to women in general. Why should ANYONE of ANY race, gender or age suffer under a financial set up where the same work does not gain the same pay? I feel it is simple fairness.
        How would you like to work at the same job where someone of the other sex makes more, merely due to her gender. Sad to bring into the discussion a “leftists” epithet; as you know that terminology is laden ed with bias. Let’s try to just discuss issues and not turn the process into labeling people. As for abortion, as I said initially, it was NOT an issue AT ALL, until Roe vs.
        Wade and the radical religious right discovered a crusade that they could ride into political
        power, as they have. Were their morale principle not based on that ulterior motive, why so mute for centuries before R vs W? I attended Bob Jones University and heard sermons condemning every sin from rock and roll to mixed swimming (that’s men and women swimming together..NOT skinny dipping, either) and never ONCE heard even the faintest reference to the sin of abortion…that was PRE- Roe vs. Wade. Raped women (they DO get pregnant, as sperm make no distinction on how they “arrived”) should carry the rapist’s offspring to term? Try that psychologically on for just a mere minute, and you might find the feeling only adding tremendously to the initial rape. Can’t we just try to use our intellect, as this essay bemoans the loss of in this country, and try to analyze issues, fairly, objectively and devoid of labeling, name calling and impugning those of a different opinion’s motives. Otherwise, discussions can become mere food fights devoid of bringing wisdom into any issue. Would you rather not have those of a “left of center” or progressive enter your blog? As I said, I agreed with 90% of the essayists points. Must one agree, lock step with one ideology?

  2. Excellent summary of our pathetic boomer generation of which I am a sad and embarrassed member. Can you say TAVISTOCK?

  3. Thanks! for writing this Jay. My friend and I have been discussing this off-and-on for a few months, and though he – like Mary – would probably disagree with some points, essentially he would concur with your analysis. Look up Morton’s bio of Rockefeller – there is a juicy quote there. 🙂

  4. Alexander // May 30, 2013 at 7:02 am // Reply

    Thank you so much for this article, Jay. I totally share you bitterness towards baby boomers. They are hopeless, delusional, ignorant and what is amazing aggressive in protecting the lies they are living, because supposedly these lies provide them “security”. I have discussed many times the subject you touch upon in you article with my peers. What I can say is that baby boomer parents do not have respect of their children. Usually its the feelings of pity, mistrust or sometimes even disdain they invoke in their kids, because the kids, some intuitively and some logically, realize that they’d been fed lies all their lives. Interestingly the more successful baby boomer parents are, the more resentment they get from their children. Simply because the successful boomers got success the wrong way, which resulted in their children not choosing the path of their own, but being pushed in the frameworks of the nauseous mendacious boomer universe of lies, ignorance, corruption and marasmus. As a generation boomers are totally lost – they’ve accepted all the lies they could accept and showed no respect to values which they should’ve cherished. But, as you so rightfully put it, for everything there’s a payback. Sometimes their children are waking up and feel disappointment and anger at them. But much more of their children are just trapped in their vicious universe, suffering from induced deceases, infertility, marriage breakdown, loss of communication and meaningless jobs.

  5. I have been cruising around your website for a couple of days, Jay, and becoming more and more “depressed.” What you write of, I am not totally ignorant of — just having it right here in front of me… well, let’s just say, I feel mildly blue. In regard to this excellent article, certainly to destroy a society one must corrupt the women by pushing them out into the world, teaching them that modesty is wrong, having them accept abortion as a way of life and making them into tax payers. Yes, greed and the evil plan drives it all….women have no clue that they have been and are being enslaved. As a woman, the whole “career woman” thing is a joke to me now. I wish I had not spent so much time thinking and planning a “career.” I regret not marrying and having children. I have tended to many of the baby boomers, male and female, as a nurse. They are usually crushingly alone. A generation that would have cared was aborted. There children that survived any decision to be aborted are usually lost to them as well, as their careers come first. There are no devoted daughters at there bedsides. They are working….

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