Approaching 500k Views: Help Support Jay’s Analysis

Walk away from so-called "mainstream media."  Support Jay's Analysis.

Walk away from so-called “mainstream media.” Support Jay’s Analysis.

As Jay’s Analysis continues to expand, it’s time to ask for your support.  Independent media and research is an almost full-time job, with little to no support from those that operate inside the “system,” which is still a majority of the population.  The so-called mainstream media takes your money through forced bailouts and gives a hefty portion to propaganda outlets like MSNBC that then feed you lies and deception.  Instead of supporting the system that seeks your own enslavement, consider supporting unique, independent media sites like Jay’s Analysis that include satire, geo-politics, news, pop culture and literary analysis.

In supporting Jay’s Analysis, your money is not wasted: real journalism and analysis results in a big price for those that choose to do it – it can damage our careers and reputations, but the truth is worth more than a million mainstream media lies and deceptions.  Combined with my previous site, Jay’s Analysis has been able to garner almost 1 million hits – that means hundreds of thousands of people have been influenced by the information researched and gathered here.   We’ve been able to break national news, as well as interview high profile individuals – and we want to do more!  Writing and doing this research is an invaluable service with little to no monetary gain to those that contribute.  You don’t need a PayPal Account to donate below, but any amount is appreciated – from $5 to 5 billion!  Help Jay’s Analysis maintain its growing status by remaining up and running, as we expand from almost a ten thousand views a week to twenty, as the growth curve promises.

Just click on the secure PayPal link!


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