The Amerikan Temple of Technocratic Doom

Amerika! Comin' again to save the muthaflippin day, yeah!

Amerika! Comin' again to save the muthaflippin day, yeah!

"To be is to be deceived." -George Berkeley By: Jay This week I have revisited a lot of research I did years ago on mind control, MKULTRA and other programs, with a fresh perspective.  I find that from a research vantage point, delving into something, then moving on to something else for a few years, and then returning to the original issue provides new insights and revelations.  In literary theory, the practice is similar, as you "chew" the material you've digested, returning to it again after some reflection.  This has led to some really fascinating revelations about the nature of propaganda and psychology. Semiotics is the philosophy of signs and linguistics, and can be extended in a broad sense to all reality.  When you are driving down the road and read a sign, you are using semiotics.  When you walk down an alley and see a fat broad with a slutty outfit that propositions you, and you surmise she is a hooker, you are using semiotics.  In short, because all reality is a process of receiving patterns and symbols, the manipulation of signs and symbols is thus what rules reality.  In order to break free from the "matrix" of propaganda and faux reality foisted upon you, it requires simply a commitment to truth. For most people, there is an assumption that to have a vested interest in the system is the means to get ahead.  Why worry about propaganda or GMO food, when such questions could lead to immediate discomfort.  After all, the trendy snots at the coffee shop that drive BMWs might think you're off if you were to question the status quo.  But it's important to keep in mind that neither the Baptist pastor nor the trendy coffee house shit really escape or get ahead by choosing to follow the herd off the cliff.  Where I live happens to be one of the worst areas of gentrified hipsterdom, where there is a complete and total disconnect from reality.  In their orgy of pseudo-individualism and green environmental droolery, the majority of these pill-head zombies have children with cancer and autism, failed multiple marriages, miserable jobs and empty lives of the silliest side of nihilistic abandon.  And this is the middle and upper middle class!  The lower classes are even worse, lacking the basic necessities of existence apart from Gubmint, Inc's teat.

What these fools fail to realize is that they are subjects of high tech psychological warfare and social engineering, and have boldly accepted their own doom.  This is the great, sad secret of mankind: they love their captors.  Just as women have fantasies of being raped and falling for a serial killer, so the middle class mass has a Stockholm Syndrome obsession with its overlords, never failing to offer incessant hyperdulia and latria at the altars of ESPN and XBOX.  All of this is the result of the mass drugging of the food and water, as well as the vaccines and the television programming.  Most of the populace is in a trance of drug-induced walking comas, where it seems the only thing they run to is whatever will only further hasten their own doom.  Amerika has become one giant Thuggee Temple of Doom, with no Indy or Short Round to save the day.  In fact, any Indiana Jones that did arise to try to save the day would quickly be tossed into the lava pit as an offering to Kali-Ma, the Destroyer.

Om num Shiva, Om num Shiva, Om num Shiva!!!

So this message is dedicated to the numerous haters, deniers and soulless scum who have been so envious over the years, trying to screw me over: have fun!  All the secret DARPA programs you don’t know about, all the drugs in the water and food, all your progeny that you are fucking over – that is your inheritance (since you will lose your 401k).  You are so stupid that all the major news outlets themselves will admit to you the facade that is the modern establishment, from 9.11 to vaccines, and you will still race to the bottom of the pit.  And this is the great IQ test that is the modern world that will be replaced in the coming decades: your own planned obsolescence.

Capitalism, communism, nationalism, 401ks, blah blah blah, all of these things are basically obsolete. Why?  Because of the nature of the real secret high-tech and plans for mega SmartCities that are to come.  You see, you think you are getting ahead and climbing the scum social ladder, and you aren’t even aware that the CEO of IBM Ginni Rommety gives lectures about SmartCities where everything you do will be rationed, tracked and traced by the central supercomputers, with pre-crime determining whether you are guilty of crimethink.  So everything you are trusting in is already obsolete.  You think I’m exaggerating?  On the contrary, you and your children’s futures are determined (you don’t have a future), and if you are allowed to live past the great culling, you will essentially be boxed into a giant WalmartTargetGameStopUniversity City that will literally be run by a supercomputer. Watch for yourself:

As the technocracy rises, and you are slowly but surely killed off by gradual Fabian socialist eugenics, you will see that I am right, but you will not apologize, you will become more hardened in your apathy and denial.  The innernetz was not given to you because the Pentagon are nice dudes.  The innerwebz was designed to track and trace everything.  It is the initial stage on the march towards total technocracy and control.  And the Pentagon/Microsoft papers from the 70s and on speak precisely of these goals, with the eventual creation of a fully virtual real-time 4d tracking of all things.   This is what Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke wrote about: and you bought it because you believed that it would be a sci fi utopia.  It will not.  It is a genetic/eugenics depopulation agenda at root that is geared towards transhumanism.  The SmartCities of utopian promise are not going to be shiny havens of health and happiness, but rather a mix of Disneyland and Wal-Mart from which you cannot escape.  It will be THX1138, literally.

So it’s not really about MKULTRA or 9/11: those were merely roadbumps on the way to the real great work.  The real great work is the total subjugation of the mind and body of man to technocratic control.  It is post-humanism, with the means and methods of MKULTRA and psychological warfare being turned on the populace at large – not by “governments,” but by international corporate powers that own all the governments.  Governments of nation-states are already obsolete: they were bought out years ago.  Amerika was bought out years ago, and you were busy playing Madden ’03.  You built your own enslavement, and now race to ensure it because of your cognitive dissonance.  But none of that will matter because you forgot what was really crucial to ensure your survival – future progeny.

3 Comments on The Amerikan Temple of Technocratic Doom

  1. Ah. Well. Shit.

    I agree with you. We are facing an era of post-humanism, and our own obsolescence. The plan is clear for those ‘with eyes to see.’

    My fear is that their is no turning point. Some (Alex Jones) will argue that more people are waking up and the tide can still turn against the technocrats. But I don’t see this happening in time. The few of us who are ‘awake’ most certainly have the attention of the shadow gov’t. How long can we survive? Especially against a systematic extermination by a technologically superior force? Will we be allowed to self-extricate ourselves like the savage of ‘Brave New World?’

    Not that that would be a bad thing. But will there be an end to this imposed new dark age? Can we wait for generations on the sidelines hoping for a decline and fall or a self destruction of the new society? Human history has suffered through similar periods, but never at such seemingly purposeful hands.

    I know some believe their are several factions competing for control of a global governance, and I think it true to an extent, but unfortunately I think there is more cooperation than competition. Russian and Western forces are cooperating on small scales in Cyprus, Syria, and Iran. China and North Korea play games to keep up appearances.

    So, as students of history and philosophy and world events, do we see any hope? Is the fate of humanity in the hands of anti-Noahs and out of ours? Do we dare look to divine intervention? What is the next logical step in a response to the forced ‘evolution’ we are facing as a species, as a society and culture?

  2. Alexander // May 17, 2013 at 2:43 pm // Reply

    Yes, and it’s not only about mind and body… This whole game is a battle for the souls of each and every person on Earth. So I don’t know how “smart” those cities would be but what is sure that every form of perversion would be legalized and praised and everything godly and good will be under persecution. Are we past the point of no return? Sure we are. But we still have a chance to try to sabotage the elite’s plans and at least to slow down the process of decay. I travel a lot and like to talk to people. And I see hope, indeed people are waking up, both from upper and lower classes. I do think some of these people will be deceived to join fake controlled movements, some would be killed, but some will help sabotage and forestall the elite’s actions at least for a time-being. All we can do is to cherish every day of our lives, follow God’s Law and try to open eyes of as much people as possible.

  3. The coordinating force behind the machinations is Satan, and he won’t be stopped by anyone but God. Divine intervention is happening, and will continue to:

    “The Standard of Truth has been erected; no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing; persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame, but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done”

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