Exclusive Report: Geo-politics and Recent Vatican Intrigues

The principal geo-political text under analysis, The Keys of This Blood

The principal geo-political text under analysis, The Keys of This Blood

By: Jay Update: Rome's Chief Exorcist Confirms This Analysis With the recent shakeups in the arena of Catholicism and with several people messaging me asking for my perspective on what was happening, I thought I would give an analytical report based on my research and several years spent in Catholic circles of all flavors: traditionalist, liberal, etc.  Given that history, and given my own proclivities for comparative religion and the underground "scoop" (if you will) as it pertains to these groups, I feel competent to give a report.  I will not be taking a particular theological stance here: my focus will be primarily geo-political, especially since I recently finished Malachi Martin's lengthy geo-political tome, The Keys of This Blood.  Another reason this is very relevant revolves around my own personal interest in the Cold War the last year.  With an ever-expanding library of such materials, I've decided to try to take a decade or so of Catholic research and combine it with recent forays into Sovietism, and condense it into this article. Malachi Martin is a dubious figure.  Facts on his history can be researched on one's own, but suffice to say I do view him as a consummate insider into Vatican affairs, particularly as relates to Vatican II, since he was a peritus of Cardinal Bea, a leading "liberal" at the Council, as well as being a personal friend of John XXIII and Paul VI (Martin, that is).  Martin was, at the time of the council, very clearly a theological liberal, positing several things in his early book The Encounter that are manifestly, from a classical Catholic perspective, modernist, as well as what might be considered "process theology."  So my approach is not going to be flawed by what is often the uneducated stance taken by so many "traditionalists," who cite Martin as some sort of "prophet" who was working to fight the changes in the institution. On the contrary, a thorough reading of his works (and I've read several of them), leads to the opposite conclusion. Why, then, does Martin's book matter?  Because it is a geo-political treatise that shows a clear insight into modern intrigues that most analysts overlook, miss, or are completely ignorant of.  In intelligence, media, and research analysis, this area is often garbled because of mass ignorance of Catholic theology and history.  I am not ignorant of Catholic theology and history.  I am also not a complete newbie when it comes to political intrigue and news analysis, so I intend in this article to highlight areas that are utterly missing in mainstream and alternative news perspectives.  Martin's book matters because it offers predictions in 1990 (when it was written) that have since come true.  This alone shows the book has relevance, regardless of Martin's dubious motives or questionable actions. Aside from that, the book is full of spot-on geo-political analyses that match up with other well-known researchers and analysts that have been highlighted here and elsewhere.  For example, readers will notice that I have cited Joel Skousen's analyses of strategic threats and the continuance of the threat of communism and Sovietism.  The chief thesis in that regard being that international communism did not suddenly disappear with the "fall of the Wall," but instead took on an underground, covert stance.  It has continued to operate out of Moscow and other centers of Europe with the intention still of destroying the West.  One of those chief enemies in the West, from this perspective, is the Roman Catholic institution.  For worldwide atheistic communism or socialism or secular humanism to have the final victory, the West must be dismantled.

The above has been the view of the revolutionaries from Lenin to Gramsci to Gorbachev, assuming the analysis that the fall of the Wall was Gorbachev’s master chess move to finally conquer the West.  While Skousen has argued this, I was quite interested to see Malachi Martin detail this at length in Keys, written shortly after the Wall fell.  And one year after that Wall fell, Martin predicted two very important things in the last chapter: 1) The successor to John Paul II would remove the excommunication on the SSPX and 2) issue a “Motu Proprio” attempting to reinstate the Tridentine Mass worldwide.  I want to stress again that was in 1990.  Whatever that means, one thing we can glean from this is that Martin was not a prophet – the actions of Benedict XVI towards the SSPX were planned long ago.  Martin also predicted the rise of sedevacantism in Keys.

It is also evident from Martin’s book that John Paul II was primarily a geo-politically focused pope who was well aware of all the corruption and disintegration going on in his institution.  From Martin’s spin, readers are supposed to accept that he was a good guy whose hands were tied by other geopolitical forces.   However, Martin also contradicts himself numerous times in the book, claiming that all the bishops and priests who allowed the corruption were “Judases.”  It can’t be both in Catholic theology.   This leads to the somewhat controversial idea that Martin seems to hint around at: someone or something has the Vatican and the papacy’s hands tied.  In other words, there is blackmail at work from other powerful interests that most certainly includes the dossier on the prevalent pedophile Satanist networks, as well as the possibility of even larger staged terror events.  Martin’s claim is essentially this: Grand Orient masonic communism is at work to control the new world order ahead of the West, as well as controlling the Vatican.  China and Russia are still communistic powers, in this analysis, that have infiltrated and allied now with the Western Transnationalist capitalists.  I have written recent analysis that have proven this to be the case, going all the way back to the 1940s when several members of the Council on Foreign Relations were already working for convergence with the Sino-Soviet power.

In Martin’s analysis, Gorbachev still maintains a lot of influence and power in the underground Soviet Party, and by extension, also in international geo-politics.  The moves of convergence with western international corporatism into a third way convergence which were mutually beneficial to big capital and the Soviet Party were successfully brought about by George Bush, Sr., as well as others like Henry Kissinger whom Martin calls “The Wise Men of the West.”  We might as well identify this as the “Illuminati,” since the capitalist revolutionaries of the Enlightenment are merely one branch of 1789, with the socialist Jacobins (Illuminists as well) making up the other branch.  This is very understandable, given what readers of my blog know from works like Tragedy & Hope, the veritable bible of the history of the CFR.  Indeed, the Soviet and Chinese communist powers could never have grown like they did without the monetary aid and buildup from big-time western players like the Rockefellers.  The name of the game is not ideology: it is simply power and control.  In order to understand geo-politics, understanding that is imperative.

The Supreme Soviet

The Supreme Soviet

Ideologies are something trafficked in, not believed in, and an ideology is only so useful as it is for control.  In this great game, the western powers of atheistic capitalism have conceded their ideology to atheistic Sovietism, and in the near future, we may expect a great convergence.  This is all based around the process philosophy of the Hegelian dialectic where the West (the thesis) helps erect a real enemy, Sovietism, as its antithesis, in order to eventually achieve a synthesis and integration.  However, this integration will not be the happy utopia the fools believe.  This means basically a technocratic control grid, where the worst aspects of capitalism and socialism will survive and be merged into the great hive world government.  Make no mistake about it: Martin is very candid that the rush by the big geo-political power centers has been solely about control of the new world order.  The new world order, from the papal, Russian and western perspective, is inevitable.   We are going to have a world government, but who is going to be at the top of that pyramid is still a chess game, according to Martin.

During the Cold War, the position of George Kennan was one of containment and balance in relation to the USSR, while Pope Pius XI had been more staunchly opposed to the USSR and its inclusion into the “community of nations.” (Keys, pgs. 174-180).  But the doctrine of “balance” of power publicly announced at the 1975 Helsinki Agreement eventually gave way to the Brezhnev doctrine, the “untouchable right of the Soviet Party” to exist.  Throughout the book, Martin consistently references what he calls ‘The Big Lie” which amounts to the master deception of the Soviet Party against the West: to make it think it was a friendly entity that sincerely desired to work with its ideological opponent, the West.  In actual fact, this “Big Lie” was a classic Leninist and Gramscian strategy to conquer the West.  This strategy involves playing coy and friendly, and with Gramsci even becoming capitalist, “so long as godlessness is maintained.”  In time, the destruction of western culture would be sufficient to destroy western power.

As an interesting side note, Martin supports the CO2 scam on page 187, and those in the know will be aware of the connection of Soviet and communist machinations behind the “green movement.”  In fact, Gorbachev himself helped found the Green Movement.  As Martin explains, and as is well known in Catholic circles, John XXIII opened the door to the USSR and Soviets, as well as working globally with several communist groups and leaders.  For an uncritical, pro-John perspective on those claims aside from Martin, I recommend Alden Hatch’s book, A Man Named John: The Life of Pope John XXIII.  This is worth considering, since John XXIII called the Second Vatican Council, which saw unprecedented changes in Roman Catholicism.  Could this lend credence to the theory of many that John XXIII was a member of atheistic Grand Orient Masonry?  Martin explains John XXIII’s aggiornamento at length on pages 255-65, without any criticism of his good friend: but recall the contradiction I cited above – Martin says Vatican II has largely failed and its bishops are “Judases,” yet John XXIII and his papal successors are never blamed.

I should add as well that Martin’s book is similar in many ways to Tragedy & Hope of Dr. Quigley.  It’s not a book likely to be read by many but insiders.  Readers of Jay’s Analysis tend to be very well-educated and will be aware of the cryptic trend of all things being admitted in fat geo-political tomes.  In light of that fact, I must highly recommend Martin’s book to those readers who have the leisure for 700 plus page works of this nature: it should and does rank up there with Tragedy & Hope as a book that “tells it all,” if you will.  Martin’s book The Jesuits is also important, since Rome recently elected a prominent Jesuit to become “Francis I.”  While the Jesuits are not running the world, it should be pointed out that Martin himself was a former Jesuit, and the Jesuits have led the revolutionary charge in the modern Vatican for change.  Indeed, the Gramscian tactic of targetting children and universities has been a crucial for the Jesuit role.

Another important revelatory text by Martin, The Jesuits

Another important revelatory text by Martin, The Jesuits

In the garbled nonsense that comprises much of internet conspiriana, the Jesuit theories are some of the worst, but there is some truth in the confusion.  The Jesuits are a part of the new world order insofar as they are largely infiltrated with Marxists and were/are at the forefront of liberation theology, an offspring of Marxism.  Their job has been the steady dismantling of Catholic catechesis and importation of homosexuality.  Association should also be made here of the Rockefeller-founded World Council of Churches which was founded by Soviets and KGB members and has been instrumental in promoting liberation theology among Protestants, as well as ecumenism.  As Martin notes, the ecumenical movement was a creation of the Rockefellers, far eastern gurus, new agers, and Marxists, with the intent of breaking down western religious beliefs into more manageable new agey, earth-based pagan religions centered around ecology.  This is an angle on the Green Movement that is often overlooked or missed.  It is rightly analyzed as a propaganda for international interests, but rarely seen as the important puzzle piece it is for the implementing of a new world religion based around Gaia and other nonsense.

In fact, Martin’s whole analysis of ecumenism is that it is a revolutionary failure and a Soviet/Marxist plan to destroy Catholicism.  Catholic readers may do what they list with that information, but Martin spends about a hundred pages tracing modern ecumenism’s origins and history, as well as all its interlinking connections, organization and associations, as well as bringing forth the older papal condemnations of the Marxist-dialogical “praxis” that dismantles by dilution and integration.  Anyone familiar with the Assisi meetings of John Paul II and Benedict XVI will find it difficult to disagree with Martin’s honest historical analysis of the trends, especially if one is familiar with the whole string of older papal condemnations of ecumenism, particularly stated in unambiguous terms in Pius XI’s “Mortalium Animos.”

To bring this all to a clear point: the goal is very clearly world government.  Martin is very clear about this, and those who have read on the subject of globalism will know that Martin knows what he is talking about.  Martin outlines the IMF attack plans, debt-slavery, fiat currency, NAFTA and large trading blocs, etc., which all have the function of integrating the continental blocs into a single currency.  Eventually the goal will be a world currency with a world government and a world religion.  Martin explains this at length on pages 316-329, and no one with knowledge of international politics and religion can gainsay anything said there.  Martin was outlining the power plays of the global elite to such a depth and degree back in 1990 that modern-day “conspiracy theorists” look like grade school students by comparison.  Where are the conspiracy theorists on all this?  Where are the geo-political analysts and university loser professors who even have 1/3 of the knowledge of someone like Martin, in this regard?  Martin has given a panoramic perspective of the new world order that the mass of researchers will never even come close to – and he did this back in 1990.

Of particular importance in regard to the convergence is the 1985 General Agreement where Soviet representatives succeeded in convincing the United States to adopt Soviet-style education.  Charlotte Iserbyte describes the dumbing down process here in this article.  Soviet leader Yuri Andropov had championed this approach in Gramscian fashion, but it was Gorbachev in particular who triumphed in the 80s to convince the West and the United States to adopt the Soviet subterfuge, which resulted in the total collapse of the educational system we see today into Marxist multi-cultural oblivion.  Gorbachev, Martin argues, is a master of Leninist deception: his plans are not détente and peace, but to destroy.

The “Wise Men” of the West have fallen for Soviet strategy out of lust for gain and power to be gained from the great convergence.  From the perspective of the communists, history is an inevitable dialectical materialist process, leading to the eventual proletariat victory over class and superstition.  This entire worldview is based on certain presuppositions that are false: namely, that materialism is true, that history is a deterministic manifestation of that process, and that man is a blank slate and can be programmed through re-education to transcend class distinctions.  These three great presuppositions of communism are all flatly false, but as worldviews work, when faulty assumptions are adopted, entire systems can be erected into a seeming master plan.  Granted, the materialist accuses the Theist of the same thing, yet the proof is in the philosophical pudding, not in who is the best at deception.  Martin highlights the plan of convergence at the Malta Summit of 1989 where Gorbachev had first met with John Paul II in Rome, to fly the next day to Malta to meet with George Bush, Sr.  The Malta Summit was, in Martin’s analysis, the sealing of Gorbachev’s victory leading to the certain convergence of East and West.

The more sensationalist elements in the book center around the coming disasters that Martin seems to hint at.  Much like Skousen, Martin mentions Central Europe being a key factor in future geo-political warfare.  Skousen too has mentioned Central Europe and North Korea as important trigger zones for World War III.  Martin argues the Soviets want Europe as their own, and will continue to seek an integrated economic agreement with the intent of establishing the EUSSR, if you will.  Skousen has also said as much, as well as that Lech Walesa and Soldiarity were and are communist fronts.  Poland did not truly ditch communism, and the former Soviet satellite nations that purportedly became “sovereign states” most certainly did not.  Skousen and Martin agree here, too. All the former Soviet states and the “secular Muslim” nations are still Soviet proxies.  This explains NATO’s operations in Central Europe, as well as recent operations in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Africa and South America.  These are Soviet areas that the West is, in true dialectical and theater fashion, attempting to control.

I find Skousen and Martin’s similar analyses the most striking.  Both speak of a coming disaster event, and we can speculate that Martin means something nuclear, as does Skousen.  Both make the claim that the coming war will result in the wiping out of the Eastern threat (Martin and Skousen), as the western elites have secret technology that will ensure victory over the communist menace (so Skousen).  One reason I have said I agree with the thesis that the Marxist scheme will eventually fail is DNA.  Marxism is built on materialism and the denial of things having “natures” in the classical sense.  It is also built on the theory there is no God, but in terms of geo-political stratagems, any position that is divorced from reality is doomed to fail in the long run, and the Marxist project is all founded on the rejection of metaphysics and human nature.  In Marxism, the “new man” can be created through external stimuli and/or some transhumanist utopianism.  But this is all cancelled out by DNA, which shows life is encoded with a real structure and essence.  Any worldview built on trying to erect a polis not based on this basic fact of human nature and human culture is doomed to fail, no matter how many of its proponents profess to adhere to dialectical materialism.

Martin discusses rightly the Alta Vendita and the Grand Orient lodges of Europe and Moscow that constitute the secret power behind world communism.  Recent examples of this strand can be seen in the P2 Lodge of Italy, of which Silvio Berlusconi is a well-known, famous member.  The P2 Lodge, extending back to Mazzini and the Italian revolutionaries, as well as the Carbonari emerge in the famous case of the death of the Vatican Banker, Roberto Calvi.  Calvi was found murdered in London and was associated with John Paul I’s attempts at supposed Vatican Banking “reform.”  John Paul I himself died after 33 days as pope, and some researchers attribute this to assassination, as the KBG prelate Nikodem also suffered a similar fate after meeting with John Paul I.  Astute readers will notice the similarity of those scandals with the recent scandals relating to the Vatican Bank and money laundering, as well as Benedict XVI’s recent resignation.  And it was the Carbonari that produced the Alta Vendita.

My thesis, which involves speculation admittedly, is as follows. The Grand Orient Illuminists have the Vatican’s hands tied, and quite easily, since the longterm process of infiltration outlined a hundred years ago in the Alta Vendita documents have been fulfilled.  The standard Soviet fare of using homosexual operatives that are blackmailed are a large part of the chess game (think of Kim Philby and the Cambridge Five), with the networks of pedophiles and Satanist priests that Martin mentions all being tracked and traced by intelligence agencies.  The intelligence agencies, and most likely private ones in particular, thus have the “dirt” on these scumbags and are thereby able to maneuver the so-called “prelates” in the direction they so desire – this so-called “Red Dossier” (Red indeed!).  Whatever one thinks of Catholicism, whether a believer or an opponent, I think this analysis is the most consonant with the immense amount of data analyzed and research I have done.  Benedict and his predecessors are blackmailed and involved in the coverup of the pedophiles, and this has been engineered purposefully as a master strategy to dismantle the Church.   Some of the “whistleblowers” may have sincere motives, but they are leaking the dirt that is meant to be leaked.  Why?  Because the goal is not to oust this or that priest or bishop or even that pope, but the Grand Orient dismantling of the Vatican.  In fact, I was surprised to see this MSNBC analyst drop all kinds of hints and buzzwords, almost as if she’d been reading the same material I have the last few months.  What she’s telling you is code:

The mainstream media goofballs have no idea what is happening in the Vatican and what has happened theologically.  The blackmail is precisely centered around the networks that are being mentioned in the stories, but the “network” was written about decades ago by Martin, who rightly connects it to ritual Satanism that centers around child abuse.  The mainstream media is too stupid to figure this out, but its long been known by those who have studied Catholicism and the occult indepth.  This sewer stream of infiltrators and subversive homosexuals extends back a hundred years as well, as the long stream of papal documents relating to modernism and secret societies make abundantly clear.

Now, since almost no one in mainstream media or in the alternative media or the religio-sphere or even those in “intelligence” analysis seem to be able to figure out hardly any of this, does anyone want to offer me a job as an analyst or writer?


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  1. Haha, if I had the cash to pay for it I’d offer you that job! Sadly I don’t.

    “The best choice for a Pope? … a Nun!” “The Best choice for this Bitch?… A Slap.”

    Seems 2013 is the year shit’s running wild. Abdication of an old Pope, instalment of a new one, meteorites falling from the sky, China getting a new leader, Chavez dropping dead. Who knows what the coming months will bring.

    To what extent do you think the conspiracy theory movement is being taken over by Russia? RT, of course has been providing a platform for anti-establishment critics and plenty of the best analysts, Tarpley, Sible Edmonds, Larouche, Engdahl and others are always warning us of NATOs slow creep towards Russia and China. This isn’t to say that these people are all commies or commie sympathizers but this is the narrative that’s being propounded. Compare this to just 10, maybe even 7 years ago and most of what you heard from conspiracy theorist in the West was the overall idea that the danger we faced wasn’t from the West’s desire to destroy the commie world, but rather that we’d be merged with it. If I recall you’ve already noted this change in one of your recent articles.

    On a related note, how sincere do you think Russia’s spiritual change is? Putin claims his mother was an Orthodox Christian and that she secretly raised him as one too. We could say he’s just saying that to please religious Russians but the very fact that he needs to please them at all would suggest Russia has moved away from its Soviet Atheism at least somewhat. Putin has even stood up to the sacrilege of Pussy Riot, who are clearly a Western tool. Then there’s the recent example of the head of Russia’s commie party condemning the government of the U.S for it’s persecution of Christians both inside and outside America. Granted he could just be attempting to drum up dissatisfied Christians against their Western governments, just how our side drummed up Muslim’s in Afghanistan against the Soviets. I’ve also heard Putin has put restrictions on abortion and homosexuality and empowered the Orthodox church. Chavez made similar moves in Venezuela, and he at least outwardly pretended, in recent years anyway, to be a believing Catholic. Hard to tell how much of this is just these guys playing the game and how much is real. I guess what I’m saying is, do you think it’s just geopolitics now, with ideology long having been cast aside, or do you think the “wise-men” of Russia are still committed to communism?

  2. Wonderful post. Thank you. I read The Keys of This Blood shortly after it was published and don’t believe I have ever before read anyone referencing this important work. On top of that you’re prone to mentioning Gramsci, which few have ever heard of. I have maintained for many years that we tragically lost the “cold war”, yet most foolishly believe we won handily. Our failure to study Gramsci and others such as Herbert Marcuse of the so-called Frankfurt School is a slow death by ignorance.

    I used to blog from my http://www.1600watch.com website, but have decided to cease. I now strategize for the protection of my family and friends for survival in the face of our inevitable collapse, which has already begun.

    We’ll see what can be done post-collapse.
    Thanks so much,
    Bruce K.

  3. The shift from communism’s materialist monism to a green liberation theology pantheism, perhaps facilitated by Catholic/Orthodox syncretists drawing from far Eastern strains (Jay has suggested something like this before), doesn’t strike me as a move that substantially alters communism’s core tenets. There isn’t, in other words, that drastic a shift from “there is no transcendent God” to “we (and we merely) are God.”

    If Russia has become “Orthodox” again, yet has retained its Soviet communist roots, I can only imagine that they ultimately intend to repackage communism as (neo-pagan?) pantheism. That way they don’t alienate the “spiritual” types, though they get them to believe essentially the same things as atheistic communism.

  4. Great points, red. If you look at the Horowitz biography of the Rockefellers, you get clear, explicit statements about the intention of the World Council of Churches and the managed Soviet dialectic, and the goal most certainly is to create a religion of whatever means that “works.” The green pagan Gaia religion is an easy morph from communism, since Engels himself even wrote about the green movement and socialism:


  5. Skousen was just on Jones discussing some of these topics. Good interview:

  6. Crosshairball // March 18, 2013 at 12:22 am // Reply

    Wow, all I did was google “Pope Francis” “Malachi Martin” and I ended up here. This was after I picked back up with reading of The Jesuits earlier this afternoon (after too long hiatus). Great post and what looks to be an excellent blog. I will spend more time here.

  7. I just happened across Daniel Estulin’s analysis with subtitles that agrees with my analysis.

  8. I seem to recall hearing that Stalin, to win over traditionalists, created his own bogus version of the Russian Orthodox Church, bring about a situation in which there were two R.O Churches, one in exile and one state controlled clone functioning in Russia and enjoying full use of the old churches and cathedrals seized by the Soviets. I’m not sure what happened to the clone after the “fall” of the USSR. Did it completely vanish or did it reintegrate with the returned from exile R.O Church? Who are the current leaders of the R.O Church, independents who hate the county’s commie past, or puppets who serve a crypto-commie interest? I suppose even if they are sincere believers they might still be in Putin’s pocket since they might owe him a favour for empowering them more in recent years.

    Estulin is no-doubt correct about the church being infiltrated by Masons, though I don’t agree with him that the Church was created to be an evil bank from its very beginning 2000 years ago. I’m more inclined to agree with Michael Hoffman who thinks the Church’s subversion to the ‘Money Power’ began about 500 years ago when Church leaders began to tolerate usury.

    I’ll have to read more about Alexander Dugin who you mentioned before. Not sure what to make of his movement. Seems he’s trying to unite the forces of traditionalism all throughout the world. Guess Marxism is finally fully revealing its occult routes. Funny that he’s getting palsy with the ayatollahs in Iran since, according to what I hear, they’re essentially British agents.

  9. Let me see if i forgot something…

    * URSS is dead and buried, no more soviets…

    * at the beginning there never was “communists”, it was the “bolshevik” movement, later changed to “communist ideals” as a form of protection by internationalization (which is clever)… matter of fact the initial soviet states had one of the most violent “civil war” ever (red army against white army), that went deep into Stalin reign, all well tempered with a good pinch of assassinations and power grabs “spice” (modus operandi as old as empires and kings)

    * Lenin was murdered after being helped by the “west” ( helped specially by the good ole brutish empire, that never forgave the czarian involvement helping the “slaves” in the so then called USA)

    * Trostky was exiled and then murdered after having brought the money from the banksters of Wall Street… i think it can be proved that his wife was relative with the “Rockefeller” family

    * Hitler was also funded and helped by the Brutish Empire and Wall Street, clearly proved by the troubles of the grand dad Prescott Bush, having his bank clashed under “trading with the enemy act”

    * Skull $ bones is a Jesuit enterprise, easily proved or suspected by its symbols plus 322…which is the symbol of Ignobil de Loyola(just search for it), whose pass time was burning ppl alive…

    * Hiltler & Stalin, i can’t find a better mirror copy of one another, though being played in history events as the most deadly enemies(both financed by the same forces)

    * All the big true banksters are members of the religious military order of the Knights of Malta (sovereign military order of malta)… Rockefeller, Rothschild, Lazar, Warburg etc… which is a “religious” order of the Catholic church with UN(united nations-> imagine that !!) representation as if an independent sovereign state. And as a military order of the Catholic church, of course under the tutelage of the Company of Jesus (which leader is an “ecclesiastic (abomination on earth, mother of harlets) general”, not a monk)

    ummm… I can see some pieces of the puzzle coming together. This Pope is a Jesuit ? … about time to came out of the closet (lol)!..

    * Jesuit Order that wasn’t supposed to exist, but since they were the real entrepreneurs of the Catholic Church, having made a colossal fortune in South America where they were the merchants, the villages mayors and the judges on those lands on Portugal and Spain (yes even marrying against the doctrine for the sake of the order) … conflict on interests was never regarded back then, because it was all in name of god (lol), until the kings of those countries were just fade up with the machinations, and petition hard to the Vatican Curia to end the order… saying, can’t really think as “conspiracy theory” after the Jesuit Order having being terminated by Papal bul (fact NOT theory), and expelled from Portugal to Russia, that they funded Napoleon, provided him with all the “intelligentsia work” for his miraculous military victories, until he(Napoleon) got the Pope at his feat, forcing the Pope to crown him emperor… of course the Jesuits were re-instated again, but the stupid Napoleon never though that after having played his role we would be betraid and removed, because his “sponsors” just met a more brutish empire with much more global reach to haunt and prey upon…

    ummm… the history of the 20th century is just a small part of it, the dichotomy West vs East, or Capitalism vs Communist is all dry up, but for the minds of “mystifiers” or gullible ignorants, which is all that serves all this tactics of divide and conquer. I also can see a lot of “REVENGE” and “HATRED”…

    About the “masonic” movement like the skull & bones of yale… (not my phrase) “a mad house on the lose!” (just read) http://crashrecovery.org/hallett/red-symphony.pdf

    And if you have “stomach”, a much more accurate “history” of the most RICH BARE NONE, institution on the face of earth, the Catholic Church… bigger in land possessions than many countries, bigger in GOLD collected for almost a millennium(1000 years), and so bigger in the big banks interest and participations(which no doubt Rottenchils and Rockefilty are their creatures)… bigger in Schools and Universities perhaps than even the USA… yes bigger in charity works to, which they play as a political tool… and all administered as CEO by which order ?? http://one-evil.org/content/acts_global_depression.html

  10. Review by Rama Coomaraswamy of of False Dawn: The United Religions Initiative, Globalism and the Quest for a One-World Religion

    For many years Malachi Martin tried to convince us that the three major forces abroad in the world today were the creation of a global economy (to a great extent achieved), the creation of a One World government (though there seems to be some dispute about who should be at the top of the heap), and the creation of a One World religion (which is behind much of the ideation of Vatican II and its aftermath). If these goals are fully achieved, it is believed by many that we will have a period of peace and prosperity–this despite the obvious fact that such is condemned by all the Scriptures of the world as but a prelude to the reign of Antichrist.

    Part of the impetus for creating a One-World religion is that the major religions seem to preach similar truths. It is forgotten that St. Thomas Aquinas, quoting St. Ambrose, taught that all truth, no matter where it is found, has the Holy Ghost for its author. For some reason this leads many people to become indifferent to these truths rather than to accept them as the common inheritance of mankind. There is nothing in such recognition that should induce people to abandon their own religion and their God-given sources of truth. But there is a vast difference between recognizing common truths and creating a new religion, a kind of smorgasbord based on picking and choosing the lowest common denominator of commonality and including in such selections the various false cults of the New Age pseudo-spirituality. Yet such is the goal of the United Religions Initiative. Many will dismiss the efforts of individuals like Bishop Swing (the former Episcopal Bishop of California, founder of the URI) as of no significance. However, Lee Penn has done a remarkable piece of well-documented research showing how powerful and effective this aspect of the New World Order really is, how closely it is tied to such deviations as Theosophy, Masonry and Spiritism, and how intrinsically it is not only anti-Christian, but also, for lack of a better term, anti-traditional. It is, to use René Guénon’s telling phrase, part of the “counter-tradition”.

    Lee Penn, while writing from a Christian prospective, clearly sees the broader implications of this movement as is demonstrated by his familiarity with the writings of Guénon, and his editorial assistant who is Muslim–Charles Upton, author of a somewhat parallel book entitled The System of Antichrist. He not only exposes the strong anti-Christian bias of the movement, but also reveals its Satanic connections, and how it aims at creating, not some kind of syncretism, but much more at creating an entirely new religion with a new code of ethics that includes euthanasia, abortion, population control etc. The author provides an excellent section on the role of Mikhail Gorbachev; he also shows the tie-in with ecological movements aimed at fostering “nature worship”, the Shamanistic religions and Wicca–an integral part of the overall plan. Now all this is not being fostered by a group of “crazies” but rather is extremely well funded by some of the most powerful economic forces in the world, with inter-governmental ties and deep connections to the United Nations. The list of interlocking organizations is truly extraordinary and the documentary proof of such is clearly provided. It is important that we be aware of these connections insofar as we can be misled into supporting groups which present us with seemingly traditional values.

    Such ideas are, of course, not new. One interesting quote which the author provides, which among many other things goes to show the depth of his research, is taken from Stevenson’s The Four Reformers, published in 1888

    Four reformers met under a bramble bush. They were all agreed the world must be changed. “We must abolish property,” said one. “We must abolish marriage,” said the second. “We must abolish God said the third.” “I wish we could abolish work,” said the forth. “Do not let us get beyond practical politics”, said the first. “The first thing is reduce men to a common level.” “The first thing” said the second, “is to give freedom to the sexes.” “The first thing” said the third, “is to find out how to do it.” “The first step,” said the first, ” is to abolish the Bible.” “The first thing,” said the second, “is to abolish the laws.” “The first thing,” said the third, “is to abolish mankind.”

    This book can be easily categorized as but further evidence of the times we live, as part of the literature of indictment. It has, however, two advantages over similar texts: 1) It sees things on a global level and not from a purely Christian point of view, and 2) It provides the reader with an encyclopedic source of information, and as such functions as a protection against this powerful deviation which has succeeded in infiltrating into the core of even traditional religion. It is highly recommended.

  11. What’s your take on how Fatima fits in here

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