Cornell Lecture by General: The New World Order

Here is a general speaking at Cornell on the New World Order, which many of you still have no clue about. The general speaks to the idiot audience that also has no clue.

4 Comments on Cornell Lecture by General: The New World Order

  1. I’m surprised you denigrate the audience. The general is just trotting out the same old globalist interventionism crap.

  2. Dmitry Kalmykov // February 27, 2013 at 2:17 am // Reply

    On the fence on whether the General is just an asset or a full fledged shill, hard to tell but it doesn’t really matter. The most effective lies are half-truths, put someone out to say three or four sensible things and intertwind them with a barrage of ‘realities.’ Wonder if he actually went to the gathering that the tenth mountain infantry vet. invited him to or was that just another example of ‘diplomatic cooperation.’ The value of men with ‘boots on the ground’ is that they provide a sensible ear to puppet leaders with no understanding or interest in the consequence of their actions, like MacArthur tried with Truman or like Dempsey recently tried with the Obama administration. This man is a man of spineless compromise, although not enough so as to answer a question about that ‘other’ New World Order.

  3. Good question. I wasn’t familiar with him, so perhaps he is a lesser minion.

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