Jay’s Analysis Vindicated by Veteran CIA Analyst

Algierian and Mali intrigues.

Algierian and Mali intrigues.

By: Jay A few weeks ago I wrote about how the events in Libya, Mail and Algiers were engineered false flags, citing recent works I had read like Mark Curtis’ Secret Affairs and Stephen Dorril’s MI6 that provide ample scholarly evidence for staged crises and the manipulation of various Middle Eastern intrigues by various intelligence agencies.  Since I still get a good bit of criticism and opposition, I am citing this as an instance of vindication. In that article, I wrote: “We are now seeing the manifestation of the black budget above as the biometric ID tracking and the special/black operations.  Libya, Mali and now Algiers are the present targets of the proxy wars, false flag terror and now the intelligence-run hostage crisis that is currently plastering the news media.  This is the Anglo establishment moving their forces into Russian controlled areas through proxy wars.  The key to these operations is intelligence and media propaganda that attempts to give rise to justified invasion.  Researchers and analysts have known for several years these operations were in the works for Africa by Africom.  This also gives justification for the implementation of biometric ID tracking, since the auspice is tracking “bad guys.” In a recent talk given at the Brookings Institute, 30 year CIA veteran Bruce Riedel spoke about the DSR and the use of “false flags” and other tactics in controlling Al Qaeda and its shoot offs:

“(The) DRS is (…) known for its tactic of infiltrating terrorist groups, creating “false flag” terrorists and trying to control them.”, Riedel writes. “Rumors have associated the DRS in the past with the Malian warlord Iyad Ag Ghali, head of Ansar al Dine AQIM’s ally in Mali, and even with Mukhtar Belmukhtar, the al-Qaeda terrorist who engineered the attack on the natural gas plant.”

Ironically, this talk is given to CEOs and other important figures that you would think would be aware of such real world workings.  Do CEOs really work 20-30 years in different companies before learning this basic fact of statecraft intrigue?  I’ve talked about this for years, as well as have many others.  Where are the apologies and job offers?

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