How the World Really Works, Pt. 1: The MI6 Model

The present book under anaklysis.

The present book under analysis.

By: Jay For those who enjoy the subject matter in my analysis, Stephen Dorril's MI6 is often referenced, recommended and cited as a prime example of real-world intrigue.  It's functions as a window into how the West has operated geo-politically the last one hundred years, during the two great wars, the Cold War, and into the modern era of the "war on terrorism" so-called.  The book was published in 2002, so it's also not that out of date, and since its publication, Mark Curtis' 2010 Secret Affairs has also been published vindicating much of Dorril's analysis.  Dorril's book can be seen as a lengthier, massive version of the material in Curtis' book, with Secret Affairs focusing on the West's utilization of radical Islam.  Curtis is also a former LSE graduate and Royal Institute research fellow.  Dorril is also a professor and intelligence researcher, as well as a BBC consultant.  The point being, neither of these authors are "conspiratorial" in their approach.  While both might be said to be probably somewhat "left" in their analysis, the presentation in both are attempts at factual analysis. The purpose of this article?  To shut the mouths of the countless idiots and lazy intellectuals that sit back offering endless criticism and don't read or know about any of this.  Do I really care? No, but it's fun to make mincemeat of the pseudo-intellectuals that sit back as armchair philosophers and critics that don't read jack shit about jack shit, but feel the need to correct me in every possible way.  You see, it's "bad" to read books on a multitude of subjects - it's bad to be interested in geo-politics.  What you're supposed to do is get married, get screwed over by your fat wife, then get screwed by some vulturous corporation after 40 years of servile servitude, and then proceed to your early grave through orderly euthanasia by the stategod, should you be allowed to live that long, after all your cancer-causing vaccines, Soviet-fluoridated water and GMO foods.  I'll gladly take the gadfly mantle of "failure" by this ridiculous "society."  When this all converts to the automatic technocratic technocracy, what some boomer thinks in 2012 will be on no one's mind, other than for a good laugh.  To other detractors and critics who complain that this blog is not written for a mass audience, no it isn't.  This is supposed to be the "real world" isn't it?  Grow up and read a book.

But back to the point: what’s the really cool shit in Dorril’s book that outlines how the world really works?  Well, I’m going to tell you, and in the process you’ll see why I chose to write my (now derailed) master’s thesis on Ian Fleming and MI6.  Keep in mind too that this book is almost a thousand pages, so unpacking all the golden nuggets of admissions and insights in this book is no small task.  I haven’t finished it yet, but after a few hundred pages, I’m already inundated with more information than I know what to do with.  I suppose that’s why this book is 900 pages.  I sat here planning and plotting an article, but I think the best way to approach it is just to write an article listing the fascinating stuff I’ve found so far.  I would like to note as well that my purpose here is not to accuse MI6 of being some super evil thing: this is an objective analysis of how the world works.  This is not a moralistic leftist treatise.

To begin with, in regard to Bond and the thesis I was writing, we read as follows:

“The modern conception of the world of secret intelligence services and assassinations derives partly from the fictionalised activities of James Bond.  The licensed-to-kill operative is the model for the secret service agent of the public’s imagination.  While this is fantasy, the former Naval Intelligence and one-time MI6 asset Ian Fleming based the plots and details of for his 007 books on his own life and information he picked up during his career in the secret world.  However fantastic the story, there is always an element of truth in Bond.

The World is not Enough.

The World is not Enough.

In Casino Royale, Bond earns his double-O designation – his license to kill – by shooting a Japanese cipher expert at Rockefeller Center in New York.  In June 1941, Fleming had visited the United States to see how an offshoot of MI6, The British Security Co-ordination (BSC), operated in the Americas.  Fleming was shown around the intelligence complex by the ‘Quiet Canadian,’ Sir William Stephenson, head of the BSC.  Below Stephenson’s spacious office was the Japanese Consular Office, occupied by a cipher expert who was transmitting coded messages back to Tokyo.  He was not assassinated, but Fleming did witness the burglary of the office and out of this grew the adventure that would find its way into Casino Royale….It may be that Fleming was let into the secret that Stephenson was running an assassination squad.” MI6, pg. 610.

Those two paragraphs alone are fascinating and explain why I would have been interested in a thesis on Bond and Fleming.  The secret world is very real, and most definitely operates in a “hidden in plain sight” fashion.  However, in understanding Bond, it is of crucial import to understand the Cold War, which is the setting for much of Dorril’s book and the raison d’etre for the “great game.”  Dorril explains, “Little changes in the intelligence world, and today MI6 officers use the Baltic states as a staging post for missions into Russia.  The former southern states of the old Soviet Union are once again an arena for the ‘Great Game’ and oilmen operating under cover of the intelligence services…The dream of rolling back the Soviet Empire was never more than a dream and, in reality, a nightmare.” (Ibid., 164).

So according to Dorril, we are still operating in a world where the ‘Great Game’ is afoot in the East versus West dialectic.  In regard to the Cold War and the setting for the famous Kim Philby incident of the Soviet penetration of MI5, we read of Dick White, who took over MI5 in the 1950s after fear that “Syria was headed irreversibly toward becoming a Soviet satellite” (Ibid., pg. 621):

“The British ambassador in Damascus, John Gardener, was alarmed that the head of the new government [in Iraq], Nationalist Party politician Sabri el-Aasali, under pressure from Ba’ath and left-wing army officers led by Col. Mustafa Hamdun and head of security, Capt. Hamid Sarraj, waned to create an Egyptian-Syrian union.  Gardener intended to stifle it and stiffen the pro-Iraqi elements by providing funds to officers of the anti-left Arab Liberation Party, so they could cooperate with the politicians Michael Ilyan and Jallal ul Sayid, an MI6 agent working in the Ba’ath Party.  Support was also sought from the tribes on the Syrian Iraq border from the Muslim Brotherhood, which had been founded before the war by the writer, traveller and member of MI6’s pre-war Section D, Freya Stark.” (Ibid., pg 622).

What an amazing admission, which is lost on so many in modernity’s mind controlled morass.  The Muslim Brotherhood, as anyone who reads a few books in intelligence knows, was founded by British Intelligence.  Of course it was.  But the modern West still operates under the delusion and psy op that radical Islam is against the West.  It is, because it is run by the West, as we now know openly in the western mainstream media with Benghazi, Syria and now Algeria.  Dorril goes on to mention MI6 operatives art work in Malta and Cyprus, as I’ve mentioned before (pg. 623).  So here we have the implied usage of false flag terrorism and intelligence front parties.

The cartoonish Muslim pawns.

The cartoonish Muslim pawns.

Dorril goes on to mention the Anglo-American establishment and the Bilderberg Group:

“When the influential Bilderberg Group met in February of 1957 at St Simon, to discuss the agenda simply called the ‘Middle East,’ ‘sparks flew.’  Intended to heal the transatlantic rift in the wake of the recent debacle, which was threatening the West’s position in the Middle East, the British and French ‘almost came to blows over the Suez’ with American participants….Their talks with Allen Dulles, the new liaison officer in London, Cleveland Cram, and the chief of operations, Richard Helms, largely centered on the Middle East, where Americans wanted the British to keep their bases as an assistance ot future Anglo-American partnership.” (Ibid., pg. 651)

I thought there was no Bilderberg Group and that there is no Anglo-American establishment?  We will pick up in Part 2 with more insights and admissions.

4 Comments on How the World Really Works, Pt. 1: The MI6 Model

  1. Having had a year full of ostriches who won’t listen, who mock you despite not actually knowing jack shit about the topic or the advice you are helpfully trying to share with them.. I’d like to say thank you Jay, for the comments above. A problem shared .. etc!

  2. Jay,

    Have you read any of William Engdahl’s works? His latest (Myths, Lies, and Oil Wars) touches on a lot of the Anglo-American banking/corporate control of the middle east.

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