Insert $.50 and Choose Player 1 in “The Great Game”



By: Jay We in modernity swim in a sea of lies, facades, fronts, and scams that hourly bombard us with continual psychological manipulation and warfare intent on selling something.  In every area of our existence, an engineered “scientific” trap has been laid to ensnare the unwary.  Most humans are unaware of history and civilizations, and thus will go on to their early graves not understanding the two worlds that have been erected around them.  This has historically been the case, as most of the human race lived a nasty, brutish and short agrarian existence.  Lifespans have increased in modernity and this is often hailed as some great advancement, yet the unfortunate dark truth is that these ten or twenty years added to existence are a couple decades divvied out to serve the slave system and have your wealth, energy and savings extracted.    So while you think you have been afforded all manner of modern luxuries, amenities and dainties, the reality is that you are being enslaved and killed.  The reason for this is that some intelligent, powerful people have determined that you are scum.  It is precisely because the masses do not care about objective reality that they are given a false reality – that other world I spoke of above.  The false reality is one in which all the goods or the real world are transposed and lain as a trap.  Thus whether it be marriage, family, gender, food, education, government, society, economics, life, prosperity, religion, mass media, the environment or technology, each of these facets of modern life have been engineered and weaponized for the purpose of the orderly, incremental destruction of the masses.  Perhaps at this point you may think I am some Marxist or commie, blaming all of the above on “capitalism.”  On the contrary, the truth is quite otherwise.  In fact, the truth is by far much wilder and darker than some ridiculous irrational philosophy like Marxism.    These two worlds operate simultaneously, and intertwine within one another, yet the masses of billions of people are primarily members of the first world – the facade world.  While this may sound like Platonism, and while there is a sense in which Platonism is a decent analogy (the allegory of the cave), Platonism as an esoteric philosophy is not entirely correct, being afflicted with several fundamental philosophical problems.  However, as an analogy for the land of shadows and phantasms that keep most people chained, it is correct.  The reason for this is that both good and evil have a hierarchy of graded powers which control and rule certain aspects of the world.  For the purposes of this article, I want to constrain my analysis to the human level. 

On the human level, powerful combines of bloodlines and elite entities that follow from a long chain of historical events have determined a certain path for the world to take.  This path is best described by Darwinian scientific socialization.  This title encompasses the full spectrum nature of the planned dominance.  Modern elites have adopted, almost without question, the dogma of Darwinian mythology, combining it with a “scientific” socialized engineering.  The presuppositions of this basic view are atheistic and rational.  By rational, though, it is not meant a commitment to logic and reason, as the propaganda tells us, but as outdated Enlightenment empiricism invented.  The current moves of western geo-political dominance are all predicated on this basis. 


While those at the top are not socialist in their personal lives, they are socialists in their public works.  In their private lives, many are Satanists, atheists, gnostics and rationalists, but the common goal is clear: a massively depopulated earth with an end goal of total control.  Elitism itself is not the problem: there will always be elites, but the present elites are descendents of the merchant class which displaced the nobility in the French and other revolutions. The merchant class elite are thus the inheritors of the enlightenment liberals and thus found Darwinism as the perfect grand narrative to justify the ascendancy. 


A great example of this would be the Fabian Socialist Society, and we can accurately say that the modern socialist elite adopted the incremental approach of slow-kill eugenics over the hot and fast extermination route of the fascists.  This is not to say the modern elites are “communists.”  They are not.  Nor are they capitalists.  Nor are they some other political party, for the elite power players have long realized that the real world is not run by political parties (themselves run by elite financial interests), but by the powers that run the real world.  Allow me to say that again: the real world is run by those who run the real world.   That means the real world is not guided by some ideology, per se.  There is not a secret gathering of socialists that run the world.   There is no secret gathering of committed capitalists, or vast right-wingers, nor 17th century “Illuminati” that run everything.   Instead, there are combines of financial, corporate and government powers in the West, known as the Anglo-American establishment, that run things: they are the inheritors of the slow-kill version of eugenics. 


These power blocs may refer to themselves as the “Illuminati,” but that is more of an adopted title: in reality they have determined that the real world must be veiled, while the facade world must be erected and turned into a large test tube.  The entire globe is, for these interests, a stage upon which to alchemically socially engineer the masses.  This “Great Work” entails the transition of consciousness on the part of those who survive, and the great culling of those who do not survive.  It is, in many senses, like a game – a great game. In this game, there is a lot of risk assessment, cost/benefit analysis and game theory.


In this game of shadows, you are the player, if you choose to be.  Only those who awaken to this game, however, are actual players, while the rest of the masses are  not even plugged in.  But if you read my essays, there is a decent chance you have awakened a bit, and started your turn.  The question is, which world will you choose?  Like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel, the real question is what world will you erect?  From an elitist perspective, the modern world is supposed to be about the people.  Populism and democracy, right?  Well, then let us sit back and see what the people make of themselves.  What people will awaken, face reality, and progress, and what people will collapse in fear at the real world, and hide in the Matrix?  How far will you progress if you have awakened, before retreating in fear? Will you be ensnared by some deeper trap along the way?  Isn’t it foolish to think that you alone have reached the pinnacle of awakening you think you’ve reached? 



2 Comments on Insert $.50 and Choose Player 1 in “The Great Game”

  1. wish you would address this with respect to “eugenics”

    “It is estimated that the world population reached one billion for the first time in 1804. It was another 123 years before it reached two billion in 1927, but it took only 33 years to reach three billion in 1960. Thereafter, the global population reached four billion in 1974, five billion in 1987, six billion in 1999 and, according to the United States Census Bureau, seven billion in March 2012.[1] The United Nations, however, estimated that the world population reached seven billion in October 2011” source: wikipedia

    the population seems to be increasing at a steady (and rapid) rate. As far as elites, someone has to govern – they propose the rule of the “law” vs. the law of the jungle (multiple power centers will inevitably resort to unregulated conflict which is undesirable). Make no mistake, libertarian ideals are even more fantastical than marxist propaganda and will lead to feudalism and penury

  2. Hey Jay, I’ve been reading your articles lately–great stuff–but I’m wondering if you have any thoughts on how we can oppose the illuminati/occult elite.

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