The West, Russia, Eurasian Union and Esoterism

The Great Game: Britain's Attempt to Keep Russia at Bay.

Related - See Russian/Chinese Geo-political Strategies Versus the West By: Jay There has always been a close relationship between secret societies and covert affairs.  Both are concerned with secret information, and both form societies of those "in the know."  These relations are ancient, as the history of state affairs and the cultus of the polis often intersected.   Nieztsche wrote about the ascendancy of the cunning priestly power over the barbaric power of the warrior class, which then gave rise to what we call "morals."  While that itself a unique form of conspiracy theory, what we call "conspiracy theory" is really just espionage or deep politics.  As long as there will be been court intrigues, the world's second oldest profession will continue, and thus conspiracies will continue. Traversing the modern geo-political sphere, one becomes aware of the conspiratorial toponymy very quickly.  I have often observed these deeper truths somewhat between the lines in standard geo-political works, yet clearly present nonetheless.  A presistent example of this kind of "between the lines" deeper truths and "buzzwords" can be found in the patterns that emerge in studies on espionage.  For example, mainstream researcher A of covert affairs will often refer to terrorists X being tracked by western intelligence prior to Y terror event.  Y event occurs, and other resaercher B will type up exposes of other details of the events that researcher A failed to mention.  Combining these two works with the mainline news analysis will then shed tremendous light on X event.    Yet it seems many within the system itself tasked with the job of analysis and monitoring of said events, don't even do this, which I presume is a result of compartmentalization.  We will see an example of this below. When analyzing Russia, for example, a host of positions arise, from the Neo-cons who feel Russia is a great danger together with the older cold warrior analysts who argue the communists simply went underground (and perestroika was a deception), to the more open approach of a "multi-polar" world and globalism.  The neo-cons, of course, have their own particular version of globalism, but the recent Obama victory could signal the ascendancy of the more internationally-minded leftists/socialists, exemplified in the European Union-style socialism that is now being implemented in California.  Having once lived in California years ago, in the U.S. it very evident that California is a test tube preparation for the rest of the country. The multiculturalism and corporate-run "green" environmental tyranny are to be expanded, as Obama promises "carbon taxes" levied on the already overtaxed populace intent on completing the process of deindustrialization (the lesser Great Bear - California!).   This process is an extension of the older eugenics programs, which eventually allied with Socialism and communism.  Fascism's racial population control has morphed into a top-down socialist/Fascist model where the Western elites have the upper hand, having installed the same agenda worldwide.  The talking heads on TV blab all day about "government spending" and "terror attacks" which all pale in comparison to the overall 25-50 year globalist goals.  The longterm goals are not centered around "free market capitalism"or "American Imperialism"  (like leftists foolishly think), but on global governance.

In order to achieve global governance, the continents must strategically be integrated into continental unions.   The best method for this has been determined to be the shadow approach where the nation-states retain their names (like in the E.U.), yet progressively surrender that autonomy to the continental conglomerate.   In order for this to occur, there needs to be a Eurasian Union.   While these unions seem faulty and prone to disintegration, it is important to realize that often disintegration is part of the process of integration.  For example, economically, the collapse of the Euro or the dollar may be needed to facilitate the transition to an SDR or some newly-desired currency.  And then, when necessary, that future currency can be collapsed and the system can offer a new solution.  If you have read Orwell’s 1984, you know to expect such a foil to the West, like the “Eurasian Union.”  ‘But Orwell wrote fiction,” you say.  No, he didn’t.  Orwell himself was an insider and like Huxley, set out to explain in fictional form the actual plans of the western globalist elites.  It’s easy to get bogged down in the details of this covert operation, or that economic collapse, and lose sight of the bigger picture laid out by Huxley and Orwell.  When we look back to those key works, we are reminded of the coming implementation of the Eurasian Union that Oceania will supposedly battle.

Just like in espionage, in geo-political analysis it is important to understand esoterism and religion.  The belief systems of a people are obviously essential in understand the ethnography and praxis of that society.  In the case of Russia, we see the former intelligence and military establishment at least putting on the show of opposing the “degenerate West,” with Putin’s strategist Alexander Dugin working for a “Eurasian Union,” where the united power bloc could then end “American” new world order dominance.  Or course, the new world order is not run by “America” (itself a mainline leftist argument), but by international elites who happen to be western.   Dugin characterizes this movement as classically liberal (from the Enlightenment), which is largely correct, however the modus operandi of the western elites is nothing but top-down corporate, technocratic fascism – corporate socialism.  Esoterically, it is interesting to note that Dugin’s proposed flag of Eurasian Union is the symbol of chaos magic.  I have read Dugin’s esoteric writings, so this comes as no surprise.

The “chaos magic” symbol.

It comes as no surprise because geo-politics has never been truly divorced from religion, despite the Enlightenment fiction that claims it was.  Thus esoterically in this scheme, the West here is supposed to be dominated by reason and rationalism (of the Enlightenment variety), as it is the inheritor and embodiment of this tradition, while Russia and the East represents wholeness, traditionalism and the land power.   The West, Dugin argues, is the sea and merchant power.  Dominated by the money power and the expansionary sea power, the West seeks to dominate through these means, at the expense of the land power representing traditionalism (Eurasia).  Therefore in response, the East must become the foil to the West and take up the mantle of traditionalism, and set loose a power of controlled chaos – revolutionism.  This revolutionary power, which comes out of the west, must be co-opted and turned against the West, Dugin seems to think, which will then halt western hegemony and preserve “tradition.”

The Eurasian Union Flag.

This is tradition in the sense of Rene Guenon, Frithjof Schuon, Julius Evola, Ananda Coomaraswamy, Phillip Sherrard, F.P. Yockey, etc.   Dugin debated Olavo Carvalho, a U.S. professor, last year on the subject of America and the new world order.   In my opinion, Dugin wins the debate, but that doesn’t mean that I think Dugin’s plan is “right.”  I’m speaking objectively of the debate itself, as Carvalho makes ridiculous appeals to things like Fatima (in a debate?), while Dugin falls short in laying the blame for the “new world order” on America, when the international globalist establishment is not really applicable en toto to the population that inhabits North America, but rather to the western establishment elites.  But Dugin is absolutely correct that the America and the West are the inheritors of the errors of the Enlightenment, which I’ve written about numerous times on this blog.  In fact, in my college classes, this was one of the chief reasons I caused such a stir: the majority of the western academic elite foolishly still follow naive British empiricism, like they’re in on the latest trend, when this ridiculous philosophy has been discredited for over a hundred years (and never was sound to begin with).

Dugin inherited these arguments from Spengler and Yockey, and on those points, he is right.  The atomization and disintegration of the West is a result of its own philosophic errors.  The West has deluded itself into thinking it operates pragmatically, “scientifically” and rationally, when in fact, it is superstitious – it too believes in a kind of chaos magic where brute chance and Darwinism give birth complexity and meaning.  The West has adopted the worst of the Greek errors, with a false “democracy” stacked on top (also from the Greeks).   As I wrote in my last article, the collapse of the West can be accurately foretold with certainty, primarily because of the immensity of its errors.  Regardless of Dugin’s motives or whether he won the argument with Carvalho, it is a fact that the West is destined to collapse because of its philosophy.  It has adopted a series of cliché beliefs that are in stark contrast to daily reality.  In this regard, Dugin is right to call it “liberalism,” as liberalism classically is just that – individualism; atomization.  This makes perfect sense with Darwinism and its corollary – materialism.  Matter-ism is atomism – and that is actually a superstitious ancient Greek view.

With all that in mind, however, we must remember that the longterm goal of all the internationalists is a world government.  And to achieve a world government, the nation states must be integrated first into continental unions.   Thus while in the meantime a Eurasian Union may function as some western foil, it is crucial to recall what I wrote above – a continental union that works to disintegrate and dominate the West is precisely what the Western elite want.  The Western elite are actively engaged in an engineered environmental green revolution (partaking of that same “revolutionism” of the Enlightenment mentioned above!) that is covertly geared towards reducing population and deindustrializing the West.  So why Dugin would oppose the western elite makes no sense, since the western elite are working for that very thing.  So when I see an article like this from Dugin’s perspective, I am left wondering: 1) Why does such a movement bear the key sign of all revolutionary “movements” – that of being engineered to serve some larger statist or private interest, and 2) why would Dugin oppose the western elites, when they seek to depopulate and destroy the West?  Dugin should laud the Western elite.

When dealing with these matters, none of these geo-political machinations can be understood without a deeper understanding of things like traditionalism and esoterism.  Many of the western elites themselves are, in fact, esoterists, and if they aren’t, they are at least well aware of these movements, writers and thinkers. See this article also.  To sum up, my chief argument is that to understand the relationship of the West and the Eurasian Union, it’s important not to oversimply things: there are real oppositions and covert wars between rival agencies and interests.  There are real propaganda wars that go on, and clearly RT is allowed to function in the U.S. as a foil to U.S. mainstream media, as it runs anti-western news and propaganda.  Covert affairs and geopolitics are never two-sided, and always involve multiple interests and powers, as well as multiple muggy, fuzzy moral issues.

Perhaps for Dugin, co-opting the spirit of revolution is a legitimate response to Western hegemony: perhaps not and it plays directly into the Western elite’s goals of global governance by establishing precisely the continental union the globalist elites desire.  In short, I see in all this a smoke and mirror facade of espionage and propaganda ultimately intended to collapse the West, which is precisely what the western environmental elites want anyway.  All of this can only be grasped when one at least has knowledge of the above listed esoteric traditionalist writers, as modern environmentalism developed out of that very tradition, as well as fascism and Marxism.  Millennialism and its long history of paranoia has long been co-opted by various movements and esoteric societies precisely because impending doom is a powerful psychological weapon.  Governments utilize this is all psychological warfare, and the fear of an impending doom – whether from aliens, gods, another nation, or an environmental crisis, all immanentizations of the eschatons end up as co-opted organs for other interests.

In short, I know to look beyond political parties, revolutionary movements, activists and idealogues, to the interests who stand to gain from said “movement,” and so should you.  In this regard, we can expect the 25-50 year goals of continental integration to continue, despite what the contemporary news blurbs daily mention.  We can expect continued economic crises bent on socialization and collectivization of wealth for the purpose of top-down control.  In the meantime, we can rest assured that Dugin is correct about the fundamental philosophical flaws in the western modernity – and in my analysis, they are significant enough to ensure the western downfall without any power bloc challenger.

4 Comments on The West, Russia, Eurasian Union and Esoterism

  1. I applause you Jay for this article. Just want to comment a little bit. Your at times ironic tone of references to Mr.Drugin is more than justifiable, since he is, despite being given some financial and media support in Russia, is a person having rather little authority largely followed only by some small marginal groups. In fact I think of him and the likes like Mr.Prokhanov, Mr.Limonov, Mr.Veller, etc. as tools to diverge attention of nationalistic elements from what is really de-facto going on in Russia i.e. subversion of the Russian traditional culture to the so-called Western values. The process is almost complete now. The same process is well underway, as far as I know, in China, Mongolia, even Iran, and other traditional countries of the East. By Western values I mean not the immanent values of people, who live in the West, there are still a lot of wonderful people there, but the type of values the Western countries had been imposing on others, beginning from the Colonial Age and on, for decades to their benefit even before they have started meddling with their own populace. I agree with you that the US, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the EU, if you want, as we know them no are destined to collapse. But the West, as you describe it, i.e. its worst features will live on – in the East! So the alchemical work of merging, soldering and interpenetration of the West and the East is the ultimate goal of the Eurasian Union the way I see it.

  2. Jay this is one of my favorite of your posts now. I used to be of the school of thought that saw Putin’s Russia as the last bastion against the NWO. I still commend it for foiling the Bilderbergers, but I am somewhat nervous about how many Orthodox converts are rallying around these symbols you note above.

  3. One of the best articles on the site, among a multitude of many outstanding ones. This got me thinking. I wonder if the “secular” rationalist “Illuminati” version of the “New World Order” (as depicted in various Masonic murals) is simply a representation of the Enlightenment heritage taken to its logical conclusion and thus serves as the model for the West, while the whole New Age / Earth worship aspect (what some have called the New New World Order) is related to the religious aspect of the plan for the East. Once the West has collapsed under the weight of its own erroneous methods of attempting to engage reality, a true UN-style government will emerge, probably from the East somewhere, and engulf the entire planet in a multipolar world of contradictory facets. I’m not sure yet how the whole Temple of Solomon ordeal plays into all of this, but I feel fairly confident that the “NWO”, whatever it is, will not be a simple model where everyone uses carbon credits to purchase anything but will somehow incorporate numerous approaches to planetary fascism, divided by regions, but ruled by a common unelected body of world controllers (I refrain from using the word technocrats because, once again, I feel that carries certain connotations about how this ruling body is supposed to be, which may not necessarily be so).

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