Phoenix From the Ashes: Imperial Mythos and Systemic Collapse

The Phoenix rises from the ashes.

By: Jay When readers and friends hear the claim "total systemic collapse," they often refer to such claims as a "conspiracy theory," and something  impossible to project or predict.  Those of us who predict such negative outcomes for the present system are castigated as myopic in our views, seeing "everything as a conspiracy."  Of course, it doesn't matter how many times we on the other side are correct, the general public (whose memory of current events is literally amnesic) insists on not paying to attention to the past, or even recent scandals.  And they never will. So, it doesn't matter that "conspiracy theorists" (so-called) were right about the technocratic banking takeover, poisoned food and water, bailouts at taxpayers expense, social engineering and feminism, corporate and public welfare, corporate fascism, government-sponsored drug and gun running, election fraud, both parties being bought and paid for, false flag terror events, the phony green movement, balkanization, and countless other bombshell stories the alternative media has broken doesn't phase those on the other side one bit.   Those in the know can be right a hundred times over, and the public will still choose to believe the system, after the system has openly lied to them a hundred times. And so the reason the present system is unsustainable and will collapse is due to the fact that the system itself wants systemic collapse.  To the common man, that seems absurd.  The common man, using "common man common sense" assumes that those at the top think like he does.  Do they not love their families like he?  Do they not seek the benefit of their neighbor and the state like he?  Do they not seek the prosperity of the nation?  Why, anything else would be nonsensical!  The great folly of this line of thinking is precisely why said man is the common man-the vulgar man.  The old classical notion of the vulgar man was what was uneducated, lower class and common.  The common man  therefore has no knowledge of how the world actually functions.  He sees the world through the simplicity fo his parochial village consciousness.  This was the older notion of the common, vulgar man in the class system. Supposedly following the Enlightenment and revolutions, the class differences were to be restructured with "equality" replacing the "unfair" caste systems of the medieval world.  In reality, as anyone with any modicum of sense knows, modernity simply replaced the older elites with a new class of elites.   The transition was thus from the nobility to the merchant class.  The economics of mercantilism and capitalism rose to the fore, displacing the traditionalism of the ancient and medieval world.  As Michel Foucault correctly points out, the "medieval shepherds" of the church morphed into vestments of white lab coats, where a new "scientific dictatorship" so-called displaced the old hereditary elite.   In actual fact, the "scientific dictatorship" itself is not an objective, neutral power subject to the rule of reason, but itself the scientific dictatorship subject to the money power. From the East India Company to the Rockefeller Foundation, the West is not run by reason and science, but the money power, as Spengler noted.  And what Spengler was so brilliant in predicting was the life-cycle of these systems' patterns of imperial powers based on the analysis of past civilizations.  Spengler therefore becomes an important focus for worldview and systems analysis.  If humans operate the same over time, then the modus operandi of past empires can be a model for the stages of future empires.  The present zeitgeist is one dominated by the money power and merchant class.

This phase or stage has a limited life cycle because of the nature of the system itself.  Granted, Spengler was not able to foresee things like the amazing advancement of technology and the cryptocracy, but the overall analysis still holds – the brown man would use the white man’s technology to destroy the white man.  That much Spengler appears to have correctly presaged concerning technology, and we will have to wait and see what relations emerge between the brown and white man. Yet in regard to the present empire of the West, the system is unsustainable.  The left blames this on “capitalism” flat-out, yet this is not correct.  The system we live under is technically fascism, not capitalism.   As Mussolini explained, fascism is corporate socialism, so from this vantage point the people who say the U.S. is becoming socialist are still correct.   Whether it’s a private entity taking over, or a public entity centralizing control doesn’t matter: in the end, it’s a ultimately a single private power.  This is why in various historical instances, fascism and socialism have made agreements and merged.  They are not capitalism, though, since capitalism rejects the merger of the public and private, while retaining the rule of law governing the totality of the social sphere.

So the Western empire’s chief flaw is that it is built around entirely fictitious notions like “democracy,” “capitalism,” and the “rule of law,” when it is not any of them.  The actions of the imperial power are constantly in tension with the mythos of the empire itself.  In other words, it is a living contradiction.  Everyone knows the destabilization operations in the middle east are not for the purpose of “freedom.”  They are for the service of Wall Street and the economic/corporate power.   Previous empires were more open about their imperial impetus: they had a mythos of divine caesar or Cyrus the Great, and that mythos was an open war divinely ordained to establish the pax romana.   The modern empire is a shadow empire in Washington and London and expands under the guise of freedom and democracy, while being the very opposite.  All empires do this, but the fundamental tension between the buzzwords of the present western world power and the reality of the power are so radically divergent that the imperial mythos can only be sustained so long.  The public has to be dumbed down further and further, so as to keep them from realizing the system they are under is their own enslavement. Again, this is the difference of the present-day imperial power from the past: the present day empire has the use of high technology and advanced social engineering.  Previous empires operated under a more crass, superstitious imperial mythos, and to be sure the present day empire does the same, but it has become infinitely more sophisticated.

So all civilizations eventually fall, but the present system has reached a nadir that ensures its own collapse, I argue, due to the immensity of the lie of the propaganda.  Nor should my analysis be castigated as a moral critique of the present system: it is not.  My analysis is my never-ending grasp at objectivity.  From an analytical perspective, the system as it is, is unsustainable – not because capitalism is unsustainable, but because the global corporate western power is fascistic.  It must go to extreme lengths to prop up the propaganda, in order to eventually self-destruct.  The difference between the modern-day American “right” and my analysis is that to the modern “right,” this sounds counter-intuitive.  It appears counter-intuitive to say that the system desires its own collapse.   To the mainline left, the coming collapse signifies (they think) the collapse of global capitalism, yet both the mainline left and right are wrong, inasmuch as the system in this case has already projected its own demise for the purpose of establishing a new system of control.  This is summed up in what the alternative news circles accurately refer to as problem-reaction-solution, or order out of chaos.  In other words, not only does the system not want a good crisis to go to waste, but the system often desires crises.  Crises in politics are often the greatest things the status quo can utilize-just think of George W. Bush’s ratings following 9/11.   This is one of the oldest tricks in the books, evident in the fact that the “October Surprise” has now entered common parlance.

The prediction of systemic collapse is therefore not something primarily made due to Austrian economic prognosticators, though they are correct and should be listened to.  The basis for thinking there will be a collapse is much more sophisticated than just economics.  One must have a sense for culture, media, propaganda, human praxis, and technology.  When all these are taken into account, it becomes evident that the cancer in the present system is malignant and terminal.  The important factor I want to stress that makes my analysis unique is that the system itself wants the present system to collapse.  As counter-intuitive and “conspiratorial” as this sounds, the reality is that the future model of a “scientific dictatorship” and breakaway civilization can only arise from the ashes of the present system.  This is the alchemical “great work” geo-politically and the esoteric meaning of the phoenix for geo-poltics.  The new man must arise from a new world order.

For this to happen, the present system must be destroyed and capitalism blamed.   This is not to say Marxism is good, or that it has “won.”  Cultural Marxism has won – the social ideas of the left have gained the upper hand, yet the top-down authoritarian control of the fascists has won the day in the power structure.   This has led to an odd pyramidal structure where we see the following social order:

Power Elite


Corporate Fascism



for Masses


We hear often of a “third way” where capitalism and socialism mix, yet the reality is the present world order is one in which there is already a mix of three systems for the various classes.  For the top power elites, there are no laws: they make the laws and are bound by none.  For the corporate heads under them, the system is one of top-down corporate fascism.  For the rest of the masses, the goal is conslidated power through socialism and/or communism, with the same top-down authority of the corporate fascists over them.  This is why the big foundations have funded communism and socialism: they are weapons for homogenization, integration, social culling and control.  This system will continue in full force as it collapses the remains of the older capitalist system – by design.    Therefore those who predict collapse are predicting what the system has predicted of itself, as it desires to emerge in a new form.  Big players like Maurice Strong, the U.N., the Club of Rome, the eugenicists, the Fabians, etc., all document the plans for the deindustrialization of the west through environmental legislation.  This coming collapse will enable the shadow system to emerge from the ashes with a heavily depopulated earth, which is what the system itself desires.

4 Comments on Phoenix From the Ashes: Imperial Mythos and Systemic Collapse

  1. “I think the whole global financial system will have to be reset and it won’t be reset by central bankers but by imploding markets – either the currency [markets, debt market or stock markets.” -Marc Faber

  2. The Hegelian dialectic in perfect play. I can easily imagine those at the very top, in their “gentleman’s” clubs clinking their glasses in congratulatory praise for the stunning successes they’ve achieved, and laughing at the dim-witted masses they exploit and control with such ease. This game will certainly play itself out to it’s natural conclusion, there is little doubt about that.

  3. This is a very good piece.

    From what I have read of your other writing (in particular, in relation to the history of ideas, the history of philosophy, theology and metaphysics), you clearly have an excellent grasp of the subjects you tackle, even if sometimes abstruse for readers like myself.

    You are Eastern Orthodox, correct?

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