Big Oil, Big Banks, and Big Money: War for Control of New World Order

Behold the Crack of Doom!

Or, Total Systemic Collapse - By Design, Pt. 2 Part 1 here. By: Jay I wrote in my last post about the background to the coming collapse, including several links to espionage, false flags and economic issues.  This article will pick up with the economics issues.  As mentioned, the plan for collapse arises out the British model of divide and conquer,  concomitant with economic warfare.  One can in fact see a connection between the "7 nations"/Middle Eastern attack plan of the Pentagon and the World Bank/IMF attack on the Eurozone, which formerly occurred in Russia in the 90s under the Yeltsin administration.  As many writers have noted, the Yeltsin era was one of mafiaocracy, where bankers and mafiosos looted the economy of Russia, leading to currency devaluation and rapid inflation, while the megabanks funnelled the real wealth offshore. While I am not advocating a Pro-Russian stance, this is an objectively true analysis (the only kind of relevant analysis).  One then sees that same two-pronged attack in terms of military tactics and currency warfare on the part of the Anglo-establishment, ultimately for the control of Central Asia.  Putin thus represents a contrarian mafia stance in opposition to the West, which is the reason, for example, for the western intelligence apparatchiks staging and supporting the "pussy riot" and "anti-Putin protests."  This is quite obvious to any cognizant observer, and Alexander Dugin, Putin's chief geo-strategist, explains this in a recent interview. It's crucial to recognize as well that economic warfare can be accomplished with regulation or deregulation, depending on the need of the situation at hand.  Deregulation might function in a situation where a sovereign state has a law that impedes the IMF or some international corporation's design to privatize a nation's resources.  Regulation might function for the Anglo-establishment in a case where lobbying can buy off regulators to pass laws that favor one corporation, while in turn levying heavy taxes and fines on a competitor, which pushes the competition out of business.  The need at hand dictates the politics of the scam.

Thus when we survey the economic landscape, we see in the present a currency war being waged that includes the Anglo establishment debasing its own currency, while China and the Eurozone do the same.  It’s important to keep in mind that this is not being done because the Anglo establishment wants to “help” the west, so that it can “win” over the East.  On the contrary, this is an arrangement that is designed to destroy the West, so that the Western establishment can come out on top.  In other words, a mass economic false flag, if you will, which will debase and inflate the dollar to the point that the other economies, based on the dollar, will be forced into economic collapse, or to leave the dollar.  Since the dollar is still the world reserve currency, leaving the dollar forces nations to function on weaker grounds, with China now offering to be a new basis for nations to move away from the U.S.  The old-line Neo-Con American Imperial strategists fear a Eurasian economic union, seeking to complete the geo-political plans laid out in the PNAC and other neo-conservative white papers, like Cheney’s N.E.P.D.G.

The more leftist faction represented by people like Zbigniew Brzezinski and the Grand Chessboard, agree to the same goals for the American Imperium, but prefer a different, less hawkish tact in establishing those goals.  The older Neo-con establishment is very-much oil driven, while the left establishment is much more internationalist and socialist in nature.  This came to the fore in the recent presidential debates, as Romney, backed now by big oil/BP and the “light side” of the CIA, made clear intimidation-laced threats to the Obama administration concerning Obama’s blocking of Keystone pipeline development.  Blocking of this pipeline strategically limits U.S. oil production, and leaves Iran with the second-largest oil market on the planet.

The older Kissinger deal with OPEC and the Saudis, where they buy U.S. T-bills, and the West buys their oil, is therefore being challenged with big oil wanting to corner the market with the Canadian pipeline.  I also think, as no one else seems to discuss, that Iran is part of the target by the Western establishment because its is nationalized with NIOC, and no longer under the control of BP – BP which was formerly the “Anglo-Iranian Oil Company.”  The 1979 Iranian Revolution (as depicted in the recently-released Affleck film, Argo) Romney delivered a clear intimation in the first debate that the Obama administration’s left-socialist policies are ample evidence for the establishment turning on him, to a new salesman.

We can therefore predict, as the whispers of Bilderberg this last year noted, and as foreign intelligence speculates, that Obama will not win.  Note as well that Argo came out with its negative portrayal of the Iranian Revolution at this opportune time, as “war with Iran” sabre-rattling goes on.  I am not advocating a pro-Iranian stance, either.  I do think Iran is a threat to the West, and the West accurately sees it as such, since Iran under Mossadegh sided with the Soviets.  Syria, Libya, Nasser’s Egypt, Iran and the PLO were all being aided by the Soviets to counter the west during the Cold War, and as Gen. Wesley Clark noted, the last few decades have been about controlling the old Soviet satellites.  This can be seen in Ukraine, for example, with Tymoshenko and the Western-intelligence run Orange Revolution.

The Western establishment will therefore take a false flag blow, with the intention of the annihilation of Iran, since Iran has been under the control of the Mullahs since the Ayatollah, and the ousting of the Shah.  With the takedown of Assad in Syria and Iran, the goal is to cut off any possible alignment that Russia could make with key strategic alignments.  There is also, therefore, a currency war going on with Iran, designed to take down the economy as well as the eventual takedown of the Iranian military.   In order to look like the victim in the coming global middle eastern restructuring, the West will thus take a heavy hit of some kind, possibly self-inflicted, with the goal of enabling the Anglo establishment to  take on Russia or perhaps China, or a possible future Eurasian Union, the intent there being a decimation of those populations, fulfilling the eugenics goal of reducing population to 500,000,000, as the Georgia Guidestones elucidate.  This, as well as a designed economic collapse and civil war in the U.S., explains the massive buildup of underground bases and preparations for mass civil unrest.  That would be the actual trigger of World War III, not an Iranian conflict.  The real WW3 will involve Russia and China, not the Middle East, and you can be sure  it will utilize bio-warfare and race-specific bio-weapons.

In the meantime, the U.S. dollar is being devalued, and the Federal Reserve itself has even issued warnings of an impending collapse.  As Reuters reported recently:

“U.S. regulators directed five of the country’s biggest banks, including Bank of America Corp (BAC.N) and Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N), to develop plans for staving off collapse if they faced serious problems, emphasizing that the banks could not count on government help.

The two-year-old program, which has been largely secret until now, is in addition to the “living wills” the banks crafted to help regulators dismantle them if they actually do fail. It shows how hard regulators are working to ensure that banks have plans for worst-case scenarios and can act rationally in times of distress.”

In other words, the Federal Reserve is saying the Megabanks cannot count on a bailout this time around.  The result will be a total economic crash, as JP Morgan and the other Megabanks are in the negative on their balance sheets due to overexposure in the derivatives market.  The collapse of the international derivatives debt-betting scheme will result in the collapse of the U.S. Fed, as the Fed’s stock is owned by the Megabanks.  The elite Bank for International Settlements has even issued warning about the dangers of excessive “money printing” (keep in mind that the Keynesians and leftists deny that there even is such a thing!), stating:

“Other economists and some central bankers—in the U.S., Germany and elsewhere—counter that curing the ills of advanced economies lies now with government deficit-cutting and policy changes that can only be made by elected politicians. Mr. Caruana is firmly in that second camp, as the BIS tends to be.

He argued that benefits for more “extraordinary monetary easing”—stepped-up central bank purchases of long-term government bonds, for instance—are shrinking and becoming less certain and that the potential for unwelcome side effects is growing.

In particular, he identified three major risks:

One, that “prolonged monetary stimulus makes the necessary fiscal and structural adjustments seem less urgent” by making it easier for governments and banks to put off painful but necessary changes.

Two, that “the financial-stability risks of protected low interest rates could be significant” as financial institutions and investors take ever-greater risks in search of higher yields.

And, three, that central banks may find it difficult to “calibrate and implement the tightening of monetary policy that will inevitably be required,” which, in turn, could produce another credit bubble or an outbreak of inflation.

“Fiscal adjustment, the repair of banks’ balance sheets and other reforms cannot be put off in the hope of better times,” he said. “Relying only on central bankers but failing to act on other fronts would ultimately damage confidence and increase the risks to macroeconomic and financial stability,” he said.”

Ben Swann of Fox19 Cincinnati recently exposed quantitative easing 3 (infinity) and what it means in a recent Reality Check segment:

In fact, it is now in the open that Goldman Sachs has conquered Europe, with the intent of bankrupting the Eurozone, as the Independent reports:

“This is the most remarkable thing of all: a giant leap forward for, or perhaps even the successful culmination of, the Goldman Sachs Project.

It is not just Mr Monti. The European Central Bank, another crucial player in the sovereign debt drama, is under ex-Goldman management, and the investment bank’s alumni hold sway in the corridors of power in almost every European nation, as they have done in the US throughout the financial crisis. Until Wednesday, the International Monetary Fund’s European division was also run by a Goldman man, Antonio Borges, who just resigned for personal reasons.”


“Picking up well-connected policymakers on their way out of government is only one half of the Project, sending Goldman alumni into government is the other half. Like Mr Monti, Mario Draghi, who took over as President of the ECB on 1 November, has been in and out of government and in and out of Goldman. He was a member of the World Bank and managing director of the Italian Treasury before spending three years as managing director of Goldman Sachs International between 2002 and 2005 – only to return to government as president of the Italian central bank.

Mr Draghi has been dogged by controversy over the accounting tricks conducted by Italy and other nations on the eurozone periphery as they tried to squeeze into the single currency a decade ago. By using complex derivatives, Italy and Greece were able to slim down the apparent size of their government debt, which euro rules mandated shouldn’t be above 60 per cent of the size of the economy.”

However, the use of derivatives comes with a price, as the “slimming of debt” means the host nation is thereby signed on to submission to the lending institute using the derivatives, which are then placed on the back of the taxpayers, when the government bail out the banks by tank-driven, riot-stopping enforcement.  It is the same policy worldwide that we saw in the U.S. in 2008:

“My former colleagues at the IMF are running around trying to justify bailouts of €1.5trn-€4trn, but what does that mean?” says Simon Johnson. “It means bailing out the creditors 100 per cent. It is another bank bailout, like in 2008: The mechanism is different, in that this is happening at the sovereign level not the bank level, but the rationale is the same.

So certain is the financial elite that the banks will be bailed out, that some are placing bet-the-company wagers on just such an outcome. Jon Corzine, a former chief executive of Goldman Sachs, returned to Wall Street last year after almost a decade in politics and took control of a historic firm called MF Global. He placed a $6bn bet with the firm’s money that Italian government bonds will not default.

When the bet was revealed last month, clients and trading partners decided it was too risky to do business with MF Global and the firm collapsed within days. It was one of the ten biggest bankruptcies in US history.

The grave danger is that, if Italy stops paying its debts, creditor banks could be made insolvent.  Goldman Sachs, which has written over $2trn of insurance, including an undisclosed amount on eurozone countries’ debt, would not escape unharmed, especially if some of the $2trn of insurance it has purchased on that insurance turns out to be with a bank that has gone under. No bank – and especially not the Vampire Squid – can easily untangle its tentacles from the tentacles of its peers. This is the rationale for the bailouts and the austerity, the reason we are getting more Goldman, not less. The alternative is a second financial crisis, a second economic collapse.”

The same derivatives and hedge fund operatives even spelled out their plans to attack the Eurozone back in March of 2010.  Soros and company met to plan the move, as Reuters reported:

“A February 8 dinner is sparking controversy because one of the nearly two dozen topics discussed during the program was how hedge funds could profit from a decline in the euro, one of the world’s most heavily traded currencies.

The portion of the program, at a Park Avenue townhouse on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, devoted to trading the euro took up no more than five minutes, according to people familiar with the event.

But ever since the Wall Street Journal wrote about the dinner and the discussion about the euro in a February 25 article, a shadow has been cast over much of the $1.5 trillion hedge fund industry.

The dinner adds to the growing perception among the general public and some political leaders that many hedge funds prosper by making money off misery — whether it is betting on the decline of a stock, a bond, a currency or even a country’s debt.”

This is like an economic version of Gen. Wesley Clark’s “7 Nations” plan, but the Eurozone being the target, not the Middle East. Note that in 2010, Greece was specifically mentioned as “declining”:

“The Justice Department’s interest in euro trading comes amid widespread criticism of hedge funds for betting on a decline in Greece’s sovereign debt.

During the depths of the financial crisis, hedge funds also came under fire for betting against shares of Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns as those investment firms were collapsing.”

The two above articles taken in tandem outline a clear strategy and (successful) plan, as Greece is now run by a former Goldman Sachs alumnus.

Trader Alessio Rastani explained this a year ago:

The collapse is therefore designed for several purposes. For one, it profits certain groups who know of its impending doom, such as hedge fund controllers who know where to go, as Rastani explains.   It benefits in the long run to collapse and consolidate, as Stiglitz and others have explained, with the goal of a unified world government and a new international currency.  But before you can bring the new currency, as noted in the last article, the present currencies must be collapsed.  And as readers of this blog well know, this all fits perfectly with the design of eugenics.  So make no mistake about it – eugenics, banking collapse and the reorganization of the social order are all connected and done bby design.  The end result is an Eco-style 1984 Planned-Opolis:

21 Comments on Big Oil, Big Banks, and Big Money: War for Control of New World Order

  1. Hello, Jay! Well, being Russian myself and living my daily life in Russia, I can’t agree with the beginning of the article regarding Putin. In fact I find it absolutely astonishing how many so-called “conspiracy theorists” i.e. thinking intelligentsia of our time is so in delusion with regards to the figure of Vladimir Putin as far as to refer to him as “anti-mafia”, “anti-Zionist” and even “anti-NWO”! So, Jay, don’t be misled by various Russian or Russia-sponsored think-tanks and Russia Today, Mr.Putin is all about the NWO. In fact, he’s one of the key figures for the integration of Russia in NWO. What he has done is immeasurable – collapse of the manufacturing, agriculture, education, healthcare, making Russia absolutely dependable on exporting resources and importing almost everything else, devaluation of moral values, total corruption & degradation! Yes, Yeltsin has started the process, but it’s Mr.Putin who has done the most damage. He did these things in a very suave manner though, buttering it all up with the oil and gas money. Don’t forget, by the way, that Putin was appointed by Yeltsin as his successor. Moreover Putin getting control of the country’s wealth by means of force and corruption is as “mafia-style” as it gets and it’s done to further pass the control of this wealth to super-national corporation. This process is already in progress. The West & the powers that be are absolutely happy with Putin, I assure you. Of course the Russian population is not glad with such state of affairs & the protests this year were real. But they were very smartly hijacked by the FSB and then the attraction of the masses was switched to this stupid “***sy Riot” so-called “scandal”. Beware that all the criticism towards Putin from the Western media is first of all fake and approved by the Kremlin and in fact only helps Putin to get support in Russia! Because Russians don’t tolerate any meddling from outside and will support “their own” leader even if the leader is an illegitimate corrupt official. Of course I sometimes applause and even respect Putin for his charisma, political wisdom and cunning, but I totally despise him for what he’s doing deliberately to our country. So don’t be deceived, Mr.Putin is one of the adepts and promoters of the globalist, corporate, satanic NWO. Uncle Vova won’t come to the rescue, don’t even hope.

  2. I thought the western intelligence groups had been caught fostering anti-Putin protests? As we know, in geo-politics, there are no “good guys,” just rival mafias.

    So you think the whole McFaul stuff is staged?

    I think it’s obvious RT is western run. Half the anchors even look like spies and former special forces.

    Questions: what do you make of Dugin?

    What do you make of this? Was this a message?:

  3. Also, Putin did battle the West in the proxy war in Chechnya, correct?

  4. Jay, you are so wrong about RT. Sure, the anchors are mostly expats, but the headquarters of RT is located in Moscow, it has been opened by President Medvedev & is funded by the Russian Government. It is not even a secret. RT is an absolutely ingenious idea! Because it never ever shows anything really critical about Russia, but shows very controversial (and mostly truthful) documentaries and shows about big banks, corporation, USA, the West in general. RT also invites people like Alex Jones, Max Keiser, Julian Assange… Do they talk about Russia? No. They talk about the West. So with the help of RT Putin has created an image of anti-Western, anti-plutocratic leader who will save the world. That is an absolutely amazing PR move & it’s very different from what he really does. I don’t want to discuss McFall & other so-called controversies simply because it is all a circus. As for Chechnya, I don’t think it has been a proxy war. And moreover, I don’t think Putin won it. Putin has bought the elite of Chechnya, particularly Kadyrov family & keeps funneling huge amounts of money to them personally and to Chechen Government as well (for example, the budget of Grozny is now equal to the budget of Dubai). As soon as the money end the war will start again. The way I see it the Kadyrovs won and are now being payed huge reparations. Putin continues the policy of integration in the one world order started by Gorbachev & Eltsin, that is why the West criticize him very mildly only to such extent that will provide him more support within Russia. Are there some forces, which try to replace Putin? Maybe. But these forces are weak. As for the real power elites I believe they think why replace someone who does perfectly his job? So does this mean that Putin is invincible and eternal ruler of Russia? Of course not. There are several plans for Russia in the new order and I have the feeling that it is not yet decided which road to take. One thing’s sure to me. Putin will never repeat the fate of Khaddafi. He has earned his place in the Illuminati hall of fame with his deeds (I won’t even talk about numerous false flag terror attacks, such as Beslan & Nord Ost, Kursk submarine and other sacrificial events masterminded during his reign). So after Vladimir’s services are no more needed I’m sure he’ll just retire at his castle in Bavaria peacefully as a very “respected” man. As for geo-politics in general there is some rivalry for sure at capofamiglia level, but I’m convinced that the real capi di capi all work on the same satanic agenda.

  5. Also I would like to add a remark about the West fostering protest groups… You just try to understand the attitude of the Russia masses… The best way to discredit a real protest in Russia with the general public is to tell the people that it is Western-sponsored! Voila! That what has been brilliantly done this year. And believe me the FSB & foreign intelligence were working on the issue together with only one aim – to insure Putin’s deadly grip over Russia. The powers that be will never ever risk again and allow an uncontrolled leader in Russia, who will be on guard of Russian national interests & interests of the people.

    • Alexander,

      I know that RT is Russian state-funded, I’ve known that since it started, and it’s public knowledge. But that it is state funded and the Russian state is pro-NWO agrees with my point in the last comment, so I don’t understand why you disagreed. Yes, I know it never criticizes the present Russian establishment, and thus it functions as a great foil to the West. That was my point.

      As to Chechnya, I was under the impression Putin fought in that war, and that the West funded the Islamic extremists, and in total, some 75,000 died. I don’t see why you’d disagree with that.

      I also am wise enough to know that the Russian state doesn’t magically revert back to Russian Orthodoxy after a few decades, with all the former KGB people now becoming serious Eastern Orthodox. I think that Christopher Story, Joel Skousen, Servando Gonzales and Peter Wright all have a great point about the “Perestroika Deception,” that it was a ruse. The possibility of Putin pissing off elements of Western elites does not mean Putin is not a factor in the NWO, nor does it make the Russian establishment “good guys.” Again, in an East-West foil (run by the elites), the international corporate heads are the real powers, not the actual nation states, and all are subject to the “Great Game.”

  6. And, admitting to the Perestroika Deception also doesn’t mean that international socialism/communism/globalism/fascism aren’t run, at the top, by the big banks and corporations. They are.

    And yes, I knew about the Putin false flags.

  7. As to your overall point about Putin, I think I wrote above in the article, or perhaps in the last one, that the integration into a Eurasian Union is itself a globalilst goal, as even described in Orwell’s 1984, and in the thinktank white papers. In order to justify a Eurasian Union, there needs to be a conflict of East versus West. And the continental unions will then be merged into a world union. That is the real goal.

    • Haha, exactly what I was thinking. Love the breakdown here. Sadly you can barely discern the “Eurasia” part and it just sounds like he’s dissing the good ol’ U.S. My goal with my musical project is to be a little more obvious and discernible with my lyrics. That project is, however, top secret.

  8. Yes, we agree on most points, but I would say that some aspects in your article are not in line with what is really happening. Just wanted to point out that protests were real (in the beginning at least) and protest mood is still very strong in Russia. It has nothing to do with the West sponsorship, but mostly is a reaction to the wrongdoings and complete corruption of the Russian elite. As for the Chechen war I would also like to point out that not only West was sponsoring extremists, but Russia itself through various channels. This war was a very good business for Yeltsin’s elite and a key for then unbeknown to the public Putin appointed by Yeltsin to win (and I mean really win) his first elections in Russia. Another point is that top FSB ranks work in close cooperation with Western intelligence and are key elements in bringing Russia to the NWO. As for the Eurasian project I’m convinced that it is mostly “blah blah” for the world elite by Putin, him trying to win more time and more support from outside. Reality is that the state of corruption which he has created is not capable to really launch such integration project to success. May a country where you can buy a real passport at the police station for several US grands be really integrated in the NWO surveillance and control grid? Corruption is the basis of Putin’s power right now since the popular support, which was real in the beginning, has faded away. But corruption is what prevents effective integration and creation of “united space from Lisbon to Vladivostok” as Putin likes to put it. So this is the weakest point in Putin’s regime. So for Eurasian Union creation there are two ways. The emergence of a new leader in Russia supported by the world elites who will fight corruption, gain popular support and create “order out of chaos” in Russia to further make Russia one of the power centers for the Eurasian union. (Right now Putin still masterfully manages to persuade the West he can be such a leader, but the deception can’t last long). The second way is partition of Russia into several states with puppet governments instilled by Europe, US and China to further create a union on the basis of China. From what is happening now I think the second way seems to be a priority for the elites, yet they have not decided completely, as it is a very risky way. On the other hand they are afraid to put a really strong leader in charge of Russia. As such leader may, as already happened several times in Russian history, betray the “ideals” of the illuminist agenda, close the borders and try to recreate the powerful national state.

  9. When you endlessly predict an immanent collapse (that never materializes), you will eventually find yourself in the position of the modern environmentalist movement. All of the kool-aid addled true believers just keep screaming the Doomsday bullshit, but normal people ignore it and it has increasingly little effect.

    How many decades can you expect to go on like that with any credibility whatsoever?

  10. “War for Control of New World Order” OR “War for distraction/escape by the Old World Order”?

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