Total Systemic Collapse – By Design Pt. 1

Road Warrior.

By: Jay Total systemic collapse is now inevitable.  And since I daily encounter people who know me as a "conspiracy theorist" of some marginal note, I am going to document how and why the existing system is going to collapse.  Most people have some vague sense that this or that party is doing X wrong and Y needs to occur, but most are still in the dark about the real machinations of world geo-politics. Aldous Huxley spoke of making the slaves love their servitude in his famous Berkeley speech, and he put it in Brave New World, too.   Because the public cannot accept the hard reality that their world is a complete farce and is a large, staged theater, the sensible thing the power elites (the big banks) have determined is to create a large laboratory - essentially a worldwide Disney test tube, where all things are tracked and traced and stored. Tech nerds will think of Hari Seldon's psychohistory in the famed Foundation series of Asimov and think of a grand, glorious scientific future, yet that is not what has happened.  The system is run by eugenicists (missing in Asimov's Foundation) who sit atop the head spots of pharmaceutical corporations and banks.  They set up the OSS and CIA, based on the round table groups, which were created by British Intelligence.  This British model continues today in shadow form, and even openly publishes and analyzes their own operations publicly, admitting that the terror is western-run.  Mark Curtis is a former research fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (the basis for the round table groups). Mark Curtis' book Secret Affairs is a great intelligence read.  It chronicles the West's funding of terror and Wahhabism from the earliest days, back to Lawrence of Arabia and the British Intelligence Middle Eastern micro-state creation.   From the Ottoman Turks to Al Qaeda, the British have ever used the same model of destabilization with radical Islam, particularly in regard to keeping Russia at bay (and preventing both a Czarist and Soviet Empire).  This is the origin of the classical term, "The Great Game," in terms of control of Central Asia, which Brzezinski describes in The Grand Chessboard.  Rudyard Kipling used it in his novel Kim, about Kim Philby, the famous British double (or triple?) agent leaking secrets to the Soviets.  This is also the basis for the LeCarre novel/film, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.  The Great Game continues today, in fact, as we see the Western Anglo establishment fighting proxy wars in Libya, Syria, Yemen, and others, as well as setting up destabilization movements in other Middle Eastern nations, which General Wesley Clark described would happen years ago.

When analyzing this Anglo-American model of funding and using radical Islam as a destabilization effort, it becomes clear that the full spectrum dominance is the main operating system at work.  For the British Imperial mind, full spectrum dominance encompasses key elements previous empires failed to master: the totality fo existence.  Previous empires focused on some quasi-divine religious figure embodied in the emperor as a son of god, or in some other myth as the main propaganda control system, enforced by bread and circuses, but now, the technocratic elite has applied AI supercomputers to the mix, enabling the elite to go far beyond anything previous imperial scions could dream of.  Now, the western elite has achieved massive data analysis and storage beyond anything previously conceived, as is now openly admitted in regard to the NSA’s various spy centers.  In fact, the NSA not only tracks and traces data, it stores and records as much as possible, with the eventual goal of an alternate virtual version of all events, as I’ve written about before.  Here is William Binney, who designed the Hari Seldon-esque algorithm for the NSA supercomputer, telling you the very thing I’ve said:

Since all global strategists know about “order out of chaos,” the notion of collapsing one’s own “nation” makes perfect sense.  For one, nations no longer exist, but rather, power blocs and international corporations.  The heads of those entitites have no national loyalties, and are fully aware of the strategy of provocation, tension, destabilization and chaos.  Recent examples of such strategy include the Syrian destabilization, the so-called attack of the Saudi ambassador, “Fast and Furious,” the laughingly fake Osama bin Laden “killing,” and the killing of the U.S. Ambassador in Benghazi (which revealed a CIA base).  All of those incidents were “false flags,” designed to provoke a response in the West to support destabilization in the Assad Regime, as well as in other nations (Africa with the failed “Kony 2012” propaganda).    The rationale for this is two-fold, and described at length in British works, as well as Brzezinski’s Grand Chessboard and in neo-conservative geo-strategic plans, like PNAC and Samuel Huntington, and they are: oil and strategic placement.

So false flags are a dime a dozen, from Gladio to Northwoods, and now occur on almost a daily basis and the reason is the continued covert Cold War between the CIA and MI6 and Russia.   Consider the Chechnyan conflict of 1999, back when Vladimir Putin was Russian commander, and fought radical Islamists and Al Qaeda, which resulted in the death of 75,000 people, and was the result of Western proxy warfare to destabilize a Soviet satellite, which newly brought Al Qaeda to the region.  The same thing occurred with western support of the “Kosovo Liberation Army,” and a host of any other bologna entities titled “___________ Liberation Army:” think of the “Free Syrian Army.”  These are all obvious fronts, fighting a large, longterm proxy war against Russia and her former Soviet satellites to control Central Asia.  So this pattern is easily detectable and often uses the same symbols, signs and propaganda methods to achieve its ends, such as signs in English.

Keeping in mind that the Anglo-establishment intends on creating the first global world order, and not allowing any other power bloc to challenge that dominance, it’s crucial to keep in mind that all the color revolutions and IMF economic attacks are geared towards global meltdown, out which will rise the new world order.  In order to achieve the new world currency, the present currencies must all be collapsed by design, out which will come a global currency.   Control economically comes through fiat currency printing, toxic derivative betting subsidized by government bailouts, and planned IMF riots, leading to the auctioning off of the various nations due to inflated, worthless paper/debt-based currencies – “fire sales.”  So the strategy will be to eventually collapse the dollar, too, since it is presently the “world reserve currency,” leading to a new international IMF-backed SDR (Special Drawing Right), with China as the new Eastern command base of the new world order.

Thus, the dollar must be collapsed for global order to come out of global chaos.

Part 2 Here.

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