Jay’s Analysis on Tom Lynn Show – 9 11 as False Flag

In my return to “Radical Analysis,” we discuss the basic overview of the events of 9 11 which demonstrate a clear and consistent narrative of a planned event by rogue forces within the system.

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2 Comments on Jay’s Analysis on Tom Lynn Show – 9 11 as False Flag

  1. I often find people who are appalled at the thought that 9/11 was a false flag operation, as though the overwhelming evidence of that fact is non-patriotic to just read the reality of how building 7 imploded (it was never touched by the events of 9/11, but fell in its own footprint just like the towers, or the thermite that was found in the ashes…a chemical that will melt steel, just as the tower cores were turned to melting metal, to just name a few! If the public will not investigate the facts for themselves, hide their heads in the sand and attack the messengers who try to shed truth on 9/11, I fear what the future might hold by those who did it ten years ago!

  2. So, my brother’s T.Aing a graphic novel course at university this year so he brought home a copy of acclaimed comic book writer/artist, Frank Miller’s seminal 1985 work, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. This story, which chronicle’s an ageing Batman’s return to crime fighting after a decade of retirement, served as the partial basis for a lot of what happened in Chris Nolan’s films. I originally read it many years ago but I haven’t picked it up in over a decade. Since it was lying round the apartment I recently had a chance to reread the whole thing.

    I was surprised to find more 911 “predictive programming” in the story. Batman comes out of retirement when his old enemy Two-Face announces that he plans to blow up the Gotham Twin Towers with remote-detonated demolition charges. We are specifically told that this is happening on a Tuesday, which is, of course, the same day of the week 911 happened on.
    Later in the story, many liberal talking heads in the media are displeased with the return of Batman and one of them even goes as far as to ask, who Batman thinks he is that he can put the city under his “martial law.”

    At another point, Commissioner Gordon is talking to the younger female police officer that has been selected to replace him. He gives her a speech about how the WWII generation (his generation) would never have risen to the challenge of their age had Pearl Harbor not happened and if not for the leadership of F.D.R. After singing the praises of F.D.R, he mentions how a few years earlier he read an article suggesting that F.D.R knew of Pearl Harbor in advance but let it happen so America would enter the war. He then explains that even if that was true, that we can’t judge F.D.R for it because he was just “too big.” The lady commissioner-to-be is initially confused by what this means.

    Later in the story another 911-type event occurs when an electromagnetic pulse knocks out all the power in Gotham and causes a commercial passenger jet to fall from the sky and crash into a tall office building, setting much of the city ablaze. Rioting and chaos threaten to consume the city and even the Lady Commissioner is powerless to do anything, until Batman, literally riding in on horseback with a small army of young men, rounds up the rabble-rousers and restores order. At this point the lady commissioner, who initially planed to arrest Batman for vigilantism, realizes she should work with Batman instead of against him, because he is just “too big.”

    The martial law angle, coupled with the whole government foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor concept, only serve to further accentuate the other 911 aspects of the story.

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