Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) – Jay’s Analysis

By: Jay Dyer I confess, I’m a bit surprised I haven’t found a real analysis of Resident Evil in the “conspiracy” realm.  There are a few videos on youtube, but the quality is so poor, there’s no point in mentioning them.  I am sure many of my friends and compatriots will sneer and giggle at a Resident…

Jay’s Analysis on Tom Lynn Show – 9 11 as False Flag

In my return to “Radical Analysis,” we discuss the basic overview of the events of 9 11 which demonstrate a clear and consistent narrative of a planned event by rogue forces within the system. To download the MP3/WMA file, right click and “save as”


The Master (2012) – Jay’s Analysis

By: Jay P.T. Anderson’s The Master is great, primarily as an artistic presentation of a very dark subject: the manipulation of mind control.  Not mind control in the mass psyche which this blog focuses on generally, but in the localized cult setting.  Loosely based on L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, The Master  is an in-depth display of…

Jay’s Analysis – 95.7FM Tom Lynn Show Part 2 – Geo-Politics and False Flags

In this return to local Cincinnati Radio, Tom Lynn and I discuss black ops/false flags, propaganda, vaccines, social engineering, the Huxleys, geo-politics, Libya and Syria, as well as Al Qaeda, and cognitive dissonance. To download the mp3 Right click and save HERE.

Jay’s Analysis FM Radio Debate – Marxism Vs. Capitalism

*Note: The audio is my own recording in the radio studio. Apologies for the low volume on Tom’s end. I appeared on local Cincinnati FM radio WVQC 95.7 to debate Anarcho-Marxist host, Tom Lynn of the show “Radical Analysis.” We discuss geo-politics, ethics and metaphysics, nature vs. nurture, propaganda, capitalism and the works of Marx,…