Bourne Legacy and Total Recall – Rise of the Transgenic Supersoldier

There was never just one because MKULTRA and the transgenic programs were merged into the supersoldier program, ultimately with the goal of immortality, the philosopher's stone. Renner's character's psyche is fractured like Farrell's below.

B y: Jay I'm including both Bourne Legacy and Total Recall in the same analysis because both were released around the same time and both contain similar themes.  Of course both are from books, and both are packed with the esoteric, despite both receiving mediocre reviews.  I enjoyed both tremendously, and Bourne Legacy was especially packed with espionage and semiotic dissembling.  Both deal with agents being run by all-encompassing systems that control reality almost en toto.   In Bourne Legacy, we are introduced to the latest (public info) on nanotech and bio-engineering--particularly the attempt to create a supersoldier.   We have thus passed the realm of mere MKULTRA mind-controlled assassins.  We have now passed into the realm of geo-engineered nano-soldiers that have their minds wiped of the past, and are reprogrammed to do the bidding of the geo-political chess masters who handle them. For Bourne, the plot revolves around the need to take a certain pill to stabilize the effects of altered DNA.  I have, in many instances, engaged in debates with people who deny the existence of any such nano-tech DNA manipulation and in particular, race-specific bio-weapons that have been written about for decades, including recent publications in medical journals, the Sunshine Project, the PNAC, as well as other citations given several times on this blog.  Here is a DARPA video from 1997 that includes an illustration of unconventional pathogen measures designed to destroy the viral DNA.   If the DNA of a virus can be attacked, then the DNA of humans can, as well, and in particular the DNA of certain races.  While this may not be "PC," since most people deny that there even are races, the shadow establishment marches on already light-years ahead of the multi-kulti moron public engineering all manner of variations in underground labs and level 4 bio-weapons factories. I want to again stress that this video is from 1997. The pill-taking soldier is a thing of the past with the rise of bio-engineering.  Transhumanism will come to replace the older temporary modifications, as men merge with machines.  Billions of dollars of the black budget are spent on this research from MIT and other secret sites.  The transhumanist goal of course being immortality, a version of the philosopher's stone, while the more immediate goals are advanced unconventional warfare techniques.    I recall first viewing the later seasons of the X-Files that dealt with the supersoldiers and thinking they were absurd, yet clearly the revelation of the method there was also accurate--there are supersoldiers, functioning as a kind of hybrid between the MKULTRA programs and nanotechnology.  Just this week the New Scientist posted an article on synthetic cyborg tissue.   The article states: "They beat like real heart cells, but the rat cardiomyocytes in a dish at Harvard University are different in one crucial way. Snaking through them are wires and transistors that spy on each cell's electrical impulses. In future, the wires might control their behaviour too."

In both films, this theme is the dominant one, with a little false memory programming and geo-political gaming to top it all off.  In Total Recall, the British Empire triumphs as the only future empire, following upon a biological warfare plague that has engulfed the globe outside of the UK and the “Colony,” which functions basically as the US.  In the Total Recall narrative, the “Colony” is led by a revolutionary egalitarian (French/Italian Grand Orient Mason) whom the establishment brands as a “terrorist.”  The British monarchical police state is run by elites who stage terror attacks and are big bad nasties.    Apparently it still hasn’t occurred to Hollywood screenwriter types and other leftists that the egalitarian revolutionaries are generally far worse and end up killing millions more than the so-called humanitarian fantasies the utopian liberal revolutionaries hope to establish.   In this scheme, as is usually the gnostic narration, Colin Farrell’s character is trapped in a dreamworld/Matrix where the system as a whole must be collapsed for the true gnosis-liberation to occur.  We’ve seen this theme repeated tirelessly, with Dark City, the Matrix, Tron, Labyrinth, and a dozen other movies, as I’ve outlined many times.

Notice the questioning of reality, as well as the fragmenting of Farrell’s mind as is common in the mind control research materials.

As a side note, it’s important to mention that Farrell’s character is seen reading Live and Let Die, the most occultic of the Bond stories, where Bond faces voodoo and the darkside in a highly esoteric spiritual battle.   Farrell’s character becomes a kind of Bond as he chooses the Rekall Program that makes him into a secret agent, wherein he soon loses the sense of his actual life.  This same phenomenon is reminiscent of both the intelligence world, often portrayed as the “looking-glass,” as well as drawing a connection to the dual worlds of film/fiction/fantasy versus reality.  The actor, like the agent, plays a role, you see.  In Total Recall, Farrell realizes that both sides of the coin are part of the system’s ruse, yet through his own gnosis and liberation, he is able to choose the reality he wants.  This is, of course, but it at least makes for a good story.    Likewise, in the Bourne Legacy narrative, the new Bourne agent played by Jeremy Renner must override his programming and former identity to become a “new man” who beats the system.  In this regard, the film is reminiscent of Hanna (which also delivered a transhumanist message), and the 007 tales.   Recall (ha!) that Renner also played an “MI” agent in Mission Impossible 4.   So now “MI,” 007/MI6, and the British Imperial scheme all tie together into a sizzling summer of esoteric semiotic psy ops.

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  1. There is also a glimpse at the beginning of a movie hexagram-like symbol in “earth train terminal”, reminicent of Star of David. In Protocols of Zion there is a phophecy of one World government, ruled by the zionist jews. Some researchers refer new Zion as City of London, Rothschild/Windsor (these two families has merged into one long time ago) capital of the world.

    Also film is full packed with masonic eyes and pyramids and hints about chinese-slavic-black american english speaking masses, with no nations and no racial or gender identity except for electronically monitored working ants for the system.

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