Batman: Dark Knight Rises – Esoteric Analysis

Note the class warfare element of the poster. Very Ayn Randian.

By: Jay False Flag shooting event analysis broken here first. -Spoiler Alert- Update: The blending of fiction and programming has extended into reality like I predicted, with the New York Police Commissioner (like Commissioner Gordon) saying the villain was "The Joker," and the NYPD will keep everyone safe from "The Joker" and/or Bane.  _______________________________ "Bruce Wayne's grandfather founded Skull & Bones." -Batman tv show Batman: The Dark Knight Rises is the final installment in the Christopher Nolan trilogy and, in my opinion, is excellent.  Like the previous two, the concluding film is just as esoteric and filled with predictive programming as the others, yet stands out as preeminent.  This final film is the climax of this version of revelation of the method par excellance.  The entire essence of this film is concerned with how the system itself operates on the deepest levels—levels far beyond what most people are able to comprehend.  Like the rest of Nolan's films, this one resonates with a particular Jungian ethos, almost to the level of Inception. In fact, Dark Knight Rises is very similar to Nolan's Inception, and, believe it or not, Jim Henson's Labyrinth In fact, Nolan even takes Dark Knight to the higher esoteric level of including actors from previous films and roles to play them again in this film.  As I myself and Ross have discussed on Jay's Analysis, this often turns out to be the case, especially in the case of the top Hollywood figures—figures like Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, and now, it seems, Rachel Weisz.  Among males you can see it with Robert DeNiro Nicolas Cage, Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise.  Granted, some roles are chosen on the basis of having a certain “look” adapted from another role, but as I argue, and as we see in films like Mulholland Drive, roles are often chosen for deeper, occult reasons.  Think about Heath Ledger in Batman: The Dark Knight, and then his role in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and then his strange death.  What?” you say, “Why, that's wacky.”  That's because your view of the world isn't the same as those who understand liturgy and ritual.  The study of liturgics is not some dry, dusty, arcane academic discipline for old religionists to haggle about.  Liturgics to those who know, is the very heartbeat of the universe itself.  It is itself the meaning of things.  Granted, one can learn about metaphysics or science in philosophy or at some university, yet these are merely fields that operate in the realm of bare knowledge.  Knowledge itself is lacking in that it is static and merely one of the divine energeia.

All the bad guys rolled into one.

To combine will and action in harmony with intended purpose in the service of God in symbolic act is meaning, and thus all of life becomes a liturgical ritual.  Most ancient religious traditions have some notion of this.  Thus the standard exposition most “conspiracy theorists” and/or critics give is done at the most basic level of plot, interpretation of meaning, technical achievements, and possible “Illuminist” symbols.  While there is a place for all of that, none of them understand the principle of the film itself, including the actors and their own experiences, the set, the script, etc., all coming together at a certain time, with a certain zeitgeist behind it. A couple good books on this I would recommend would be Mircea Eliade's The Sacred and the Profane, Abraham Heschel's The Sabbath, and any basic introduction to liturgy.   Such a radical alteration of perception is only achieved by investigation into, and participation in, liturgy.  Those who have experienced this will understand, and those who haven't will not.  But regardless, films are themselves a kind of ritual 'working,' and whether the 99% of the critics out there acknowledge or know this is irrelevant: it is true.

"Baroness, why do I feel like Cobra Commander is wearing a Bane mask and once again ripping off my style and screwing us over?"

In fact, as I write this, it has just happened that several people have been killed in a Dark Knight Rises premier in Colorado.  Readers of this blog will be aware of Colorado being outlined in other films and in reality as a new, more secretive command base for various elite factions.  Think of the Denver Airport and the Columbine events.  The RT article states: “Police say that the assailant initially opened a gas canister. Witnesses recounted hearing a hissing sound and smoke, and then the shooting started. Some say that when they first heard the gunfire, they thought it was some new type of special effect.It was chaotic, it was surreal, it was like in a movie,” one of the witnesses told 9news Denver TV station.

Initial media reports suggested that two gunmen were involved in the rampage. But police later said there was only one person involved as far as they know. The gunman was carrying a rifle and a handgun at the time of his arrest, police said at a media conference. One suspect was taken into police custody.

Witnesses reported seeing a tall, shotgun-wielding man clad in body armor and wearing a gas mask in the theatre. The attacker have set off some kind of a tear gas canister.

An apartment building was evacuated after the suspect told police there were explosives planted there following his apprehension. So far police have failed to find any traces of the alleged bombs.

Police responding to the shooting evacuated the area over fears that an explosive device might be on the premises.

Ten of the victims were killed right on the spot while four others died from injuries in hospital.

Aurora medical services were alerted to attend to the large number of injured. At least 50 people have been taken to hospital following the shooting, although it is not clear yet how many of them are in serious condition.”

(The number “6” shows up prominently in the film, as a side note.)

Amazingly, this would seem to fit into the plot of the film itself, as the article even explains people stating that it was “like a movie.” Was this a ritual attempt itself?  Was this something planned?  As more details emerge, it will become clearer, but it’s interesting that the shooter was wearing body armor and a gas mask, reminiscent of Bane, the film’s villain. 

Bane is who we see immediately, murdering the CIA agent on the plane.  The CIA, representing the classical enemy of the communists, are symbolically disposed of here. We learn eventually that Bane inhabits the underground—appropriate, given that communist syndicates and cells are also the “underground,” much like the Weather Underground.  The underground is preeminent in the film, representing the criminal underground, the underworld of Hades and the underworld of the subconscious.  Bane looks like a cross between Destro (From G.I. Joe), Humongous (from Road Warrior), and Darth Vader. 

“Dear Warner Brothers…you have nothing to fear. Please open the door. Cast me as Bane. No one will get hurt. I was Bane before Bane was Bane.”

As archetypal evil, Bane has emerged from the hardship of being born in an underground prison and has risen from “the pit” (it’s referred to the pit and the abyss in the film) to challenge “Western civilization,” which has fallen into a decay and in need of revolution.  This brings to mind the references in the book of Revelation to the demon from the abyss, Apollyon or Abaddon. Bane is several times referred to as a “shadow” a “shade,” a thing from the “dark,” and from the underworld.  Bane is a Satan character, and a member of the League of Shadows.  As you recall, the League of Shadows represents anti-western (far Eastern) secret societies that actually do exist, outlined in my Batman Begins analysis, and used in Alex Jones’ analysis here.  Bane, it’s important to understand, is like the Joker—they are chaotic evil. As chaotic evil, Bane cannot be the evil mastermind.  We will discover that he is not. 

Bane leads a literal, all out communist, Leninist, violent revolution with the siege of Gotham (New York).  The violent revolution takes on an eerily similar approach to the French Revolution.  Having studied the French Revolution in-depth in upper level history courses, I was amazed at the similarities.  Bane operates like a Marat, Danton or Robespierre, first by utilizing terror, and freeing the inmates in a move echoing the storming of the Bastille, where the revolutionaries claimed many of the oppressed had been imprisoned by the monarchy (which actually wasn’t true—only a few people were in the old prison).  Scarecrow performs the role of revolutionary judge like Robespierre, sentencing the wealthy to exile or death (exile in this case means death).  In fact, when Bane emerges in the midst of the football game, the camera pans past a section that reads “RED ZONE” – appropriate, given the openly communist nature of Bane.  (Bane is also played by Tom Hardy, who played Eames in Nolan’s Inception.)

Bane is the Satanic red bloody revolutionary seeking radical egalitarianism and total class warfare.

Much like Eyes Wide Shut as I noted in my analysis, masks are common in the film in the background, often on bookshelves.  Masks in Jungian and existentialist analyses refer to the alter ego and or the demonic side.  The dark side is hidden and must be channeled in some form or fashion, lest the “inner Bane” emerge.  In fact, there are even lines in the film to this effect—that Bane emerges from the dark underside of the subconscious.  Dark Knight Rises also has a masked ball scene reminiscent of Eyes Wide Shut, where Batman begins to merge with his anima, who in this film will be Catwoman. As is common in Jungian and alchemical frameworks, the male principle is lacking and imbalanced without the union with the feminine principle.  

Athena with the owl of wisdom.

Just as there are communist images behind Bane, there are capitalist and imperial symbols behind Bruce Wayne in many scenes.  Athena can be seen, who from an esoteric perspective fits well into this narrative, as well as Catholic saints like Mary and Paul or Peter. Traditionally seen as the establishment and capitalist, the red revolutionaries opposed these forces as imperial and corrupt.  In Dark Knight Rises, both Bane and Catwoman learn that their communist terrorstorm was a failure—Catwoman in particular realizes the revolution is a failure and is reconciled to Batman and becomes his lover. 

It should also be mentioned that in Catwoman’s bedroom a book titled “Labyrinth” is visible, which hearkens to both Labyrinth and Christopher Nolan’s Inception, which is very similar.  (See my analysis of Inception here.) In fact, one of the most fascinating turns is that Batman’s seeming love interest Miranda (Marion Cotillard) is the shade character, and who also turns out to be the Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter.  Marion Cotillard played the shade character in Inception!  The Ra’s al Ghul is a kind of Satan and shade character, and Miranda turns out to be a kind of communist sleeper agent who actually runs the League of Shadows following the death of Ra’s al Ghul.  In regard to Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, the prison where Bane was born, and where Bruce Wayne is banished, is itself laid out like the M.C. Escher based maze in the Henson Labyrinth.  In this Labyrinth, Bruce Wayne must face even deeper personal demons and emerge from the underworld/subconscious prison like Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) had to do. 

In “The Process of Individuation” by M.L. von Franz in Carl Jung’s Man and His Symbols, explains of the meaning of the labyrinth as subconscious:

The maze of strange passages, chambers, and unlocked exits in the cellar recalls the old Egyptian representation of the underworld, which is a well-known symbol of the unconscious with its abilities. It also shows how one is “open” to other influences in one’s unconscious shadow side and how uncanny and alien elements can break in.” (pg. 176)

The M.C. Escher/Labyrinth-like prison of Bane – representing the subconscious and the Underworld.

Another important element is the free energy conspiracy, which Bruce Wayne feels the world isn’t ready for.  It’s mentioned as a kind of “fusion” (cold fusion?), which is perfectly clean and free.  Bane kidnaps a Russian scientist who invented it and forces him to arm it. This brings to mind both Mission Impossible 4, The Saint, and The Sum of all Fears—particularly the last in regard to the bomb going off at the NFL game.  In The Sum of all Fears (also starring Morgan Freeman), it’s a nuke during a football game. Bane also engages in an actual armed attack on the NYSE, as well as using a backdoor program to attack the stock market and wipe Wayne Enterprises clean, causing Bruce to go bankrupt.  From a predictive programming perspective, be on the lookout for backdoor attacks on the markets like we see in Live Free or Die Hard, or attacks during a big football game.  Batman and other summer blockbuster films are generally big-time indicators for upcoming terror events. This film in particular should be all the more analyzed, due to the mass murder that just occurred in Colorado at the premier. 

Robespierre and his ad hoc national convention.

Bane refers to himself as “necessary evil,” and as the harbinger of a “new form of western civilization.”  This is no mere film, but a powerful working intended to signal coming events—look for a monetary attack and a terror attack intended to bring down western civilization by radical communists influenced by the eastern doctrines of total relativism.  While this film has suddenly been given a lot of bad press, the film is anti-communist.  It does not portray Bane as a good guy, even though the audience is supposed to sympathize with him.  It could be that the film is trying to portray patriots as evil as some have said, but Bane is an all-out, clear-cut radical Jacobin.  Bane is not a Ron Paul style capitalist: He is the antithesis of capitalism and Bruce Wayne.  One of the corporate heads who gets killed is Mr. Fox – as in Fox News. Bane brings to mind Rousseau, in that he constantly claims his revolution is “for the people,” and which amounts to a dictatorship of the proletariat. It is also worth noting that the polive are turned against the people.  Ironically, this is preciely the method that will be used to divide and conquer the U.S.  However, Bane’s revolution fails, as do all communist revolutionaries.  Bruce Wayne, the John Galt character, triumphs. The radical red revolution is crushed: as it should be. 

The film ends with Commissioner Gordon reading the famous line from Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities about the French Revolution, quoting him before his guillotine death in the French Revolution:

“It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.”

“Bruce Wayne’s grandfather founded Skull & Bones.” -Batman tv show

See here for Fox updates.

Dark Knight parallels to shooting

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28 Comments on Batman: Dark Knight Rises – Esoteric Analysis

  1. Awesome review man! This film is so loaded you could write an entire book on it. I can’t believe the Colorado thing! This is nuts! Colorado is also the setting of the Hunger Games series. Not sure if you saw that film but it also bore significant resemblance to Dark Knight in a number of ways. The villain in that film also makes a speech about hope being the only thing more powerful that fear (the reason he provides the masses with false hope of triumph through gladiatorial combat); Batman seems to discover the reverse when he escapes the pit. Bane explains that hope of escape from the pit will torture Bruce Wayne and later one of the prisoners tells Bruce that he can only be motivated to escape if he truly fears death. Hope was of course part of Obama’s campaign motto. Interesting since the previous film, The Dark Knight, mirrored the Obama campaign in many ways.

    The previous film was definitely referential to the fall of the Roman Republic, complete with the ‘triumvirate’ of Dent, Gordon and Batman and the idea of the Gates of Janus represented by Two Face; This film, as you rightly noted is pure French Revolution through and through; an historic event that marked the Rise of a Republic. Interesting that it came out merely a week after Bastille Day.

    What did you think of that chilling moment when they flash back to the first film, Batman Begins and Liam Neeson as Ra’s Al Ghul mentions how he lost his wife? ‘She was TAKEN from me’ he says. (Emphasis mine) ‘Taken’ was of course Liam Neeson’s last major Hollywood film before the death of his wife Natasha Richardson in a skiing accident in Quebec. I leaned over to my brother and asked, “Do you think they killed Liam Neeson’s wife as part of some bizarre ritual?” We already believe they might have done this to Heath Ledger, a contention seemingly shared by a supposedly deranged Randy Quade when he and his wife fled into Canada, seeking asylum from so-called Hollywood ‘star whackers.’ (I should note, Quade didn’t argue for the ritualistic nature of Ledger’s murder, merely that Hollywood Elites, eager to steal the young actor’s money, killed him.)

    Certainly there is a lot more we can discuss about this amazing film and its symbols later on but I better end here for now or I’ll never break away from the computer.

    Might have a new review for you soon on a somewhat unexpected movie.

  2. Man, yeah, I totally missed the “Taken” part, and that fits perfectly into what I argued above. It’s got an Occupy Wall Street element to it, as well as the “Hope” elements, which I left out. There was so much, and my little piece of paper was running out of space for notes during the film.

  3. Weird, especially when one further considers the career of Frank Miller. Miller wrote the comic “Batman: Year One”, which was the basis for the film “Batman Begins,” he also wrote the comic “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns”, which is partly the basis for this new film. It is also the comic that featured this theater-shooting scene. “Dark Knight Returns” also features a couple 9-11 ‘predictions.’ At one point Two-Face threatens to blow up the Gotham Twin Towers and at another point a passenger plane is crashed into Gotham, effectively forcing Batman to take control of the city in a sort of martial law. Miller also wrote another comic, Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again, in which Batman crashes his plane into a sky scrapped to terrorize Lex Luthor’s government (Luthor dominated America with a fake President whom he controlled.) Though this comic was released Jan 2002, the production of the comic supposedly began before Sept 11. Miller recently made himself persona non grata in the liberal publishing industry when he (A.) released a comic about a Batmanesque hero who beats up Muslim Terrorists and (B.) when he insulted the Occupy movement by calling them bums and anarchists. All very interesting given the references to the occupy movement in this new film.

  4. I just realized I was the first to break it as a false flag event.

  5. the review is tangential and takes mere coincidences to be a goldmine for drawing conclusions. you’re seeing what you want to see, I think.

  6. Inglourius Bastards (2009) by Quentin Tarintino predicts the Aurora shootings. Predictive Programming:

  7. Looks like its going to be a great film, can’t wait to go and see it, they have done a good job with it by the looks of things…

  8. Interesting… A movie called “Gangster Squad” that is coming out later this year, plays on similar themes in Batman, also, there is an important scene of a shoot up of a movie theater. Warner Brothers is currently working on trying to either re-shoot it or re-edit it. Def look into it as it’s a new movie with a connection already.

  9. “While this film has suddenly been given a lot of bad press, the film is anti-communist.”

    To which I counter, also without any explanation: “While this review may get a lot of conspiracy nut comments, it is definitely anti-Disney.” Which makes just about as much sense as this “review”.

    People looking for coincidences will often find them. Tin foil engage!

  10. randomguy89 // August 17, 2012 at 7:35 am // Reply

    You mentioned the Communist takeover a la Leninism mode via the villain Bane (this will be relevant later on). Its important to note the romance/loyalty relationship Bane has with Talia could possibly be a metaphorical analogy of Communism and eastern secret societies. It should be noted that the final combat scene between Batman and Bane in the stairs is especially symbollic. The stairs symbollize strength or power depending if you’re at the top, middle, or bottom level of the stairs. There is a crucial moment where Batman stops fighting and walks up the stairs. Could this symbollize Capitalism/Elite having an advantage over Communism? Ok so fast-forward that scene to the part where Talia (secret societies) stabs Batman (Elite).. The Communist take over which is happening at this moment as Chinese buy U.S. oil reserves and real estate can be a crucial opportunity for eastern secret societies. But to do what? This is supposing there is a relationship between the Chinese and the societies… There’s a lot more in my mind but i dont think i will ever finish.. Talia’s death is symbollic and of course Batman’s “death” climactic scene.. Anyways, i approach your articles with enthusiasm and im looking forward to gaining more insight in to the world of liturgy and semiotics.

  11. randomguy89 // August 17, 2012 at 7:48 am // Reply

    Also forgot to mention that stairs also have an important esoteric and psychoanalytical meaning behind them.

  12. Well, looking at economic aspects of the film and taking into account what the theater shooter’s father did, I think it’s all right in front of us. Buck wild.

  13. The question that you keep needing to ask yourself is why these groups of people (call them what you like e.g elites,the government,illuminati,satanists,freemasons or some other word) seem to keep pushing their agenda forward in films,music,media and general life.

    Dont you find it strange how so many internet sites,videos,films and a whole other range of media seem to keep slowly exposing more of the so called “NWO” as the years go by and how they have continued to grow larger both financially and in support.

    In Dark Knight Rises I think that the whole meaning of the film is about how a revolution is being carefully staged by these groups of people where they have exposed themselves only to pretend to be defeated and establish the real NWO under the disguise as the old. Look at the example in the Dark Knight Rises where bane and his league of shadows seem to take down the corrupt elite system only to be themselves shown as the real evil (Fake NWO). Then the real NWO represented by Batman and the same cops from the pre-revolution (now shown to be the protectors of the old order and secretly the establishers of the new) defeat the “evil ones”. Bane represents the modern internet where he calims to know the real truth as in the case of Jim Gordens confesssion note simmilar to that of leaked documents or exposing conspiracy articles online. The real NWO are never exposed in the film but we only see the diluted staged disney version represented by the archtypal “league of shadows” which people are being spoon fed to belive represents the typical illuminati secret society that we are freeing ourselves from everyday by exposing thier wicked schemes like some cartoon show of typical good vs evil. Real life does not work that why and that is shown by Nolan in the film by showing that the verison of truth we have taught ourselves about the illuminati through the internet is one just as fales as banes league of shadows version. The film is a film and so are the secret soceities in it. The real conspiracy is still out there hidden.

    Nolan has made a film warning people that even though you think you may know about the conspiracys or illuminati or be even able to decode large complex symbols and analysis, you still only were allowed to obtain that information because they infact have let you.

  14. Check this film out. It’s very rare. It’s based and inspired on the writers run in with skulls and bones society. It’s one of the best directed and acted films of the 70s. It was apparently blacklisted from all major tv channels and has not been broadcast ever since. Watch it here:

  15. Dark knight rises hidden Sandy hook warning found!!!!

    My god it’s all been planed. There is no denying it this time it’s the smoking gun.

  16. Bane is a communist in exactly the way the Chinese are communists, or that Obama believes in democracy, i.e., not at all. the idea some rich frat boy capitalist is going to “save us” from evil, nihilistic commies by punching harder this time is one of the silliest movie plots of all time. (but that’s all these superhero movies: triumph of will. punch harder, Man of Steel!) and that it’s wayne’s charity, or lack thereof, that makes or breaks Gotham, its orphanages, etc., is like Bill Gates’ wet dream of himself. laughably, eye-rollingly silly.

  17. I think it is interesting that you discussed the alleged esoteric significance of casting and also included a pic from Mad Max; lo and behold, Tom Hardy would later be cast in the latest Mad Max film, in a role that many have pointed out is quite reminiscent of his Bane role, mask and all.

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