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  1. hi, I wrote u an email to christus_vincit7@yahoo.com with several conspiracy theories
    u never replied, but I can live with that 🙂

    now I have some philosophical idea to share
    I don’t know anyone in usa but you who may be interested and has enough background to understand and criticize

    this is related to human identity, psychology and the whole immortality discourse, – I think I found smth interesting, close to Schopenhauer’s view of Palingenesis but with some more funny outcomes
    any chance we can talk?

    • Sorry, I may have missed it. I don’t recall one on Schopenhauer. What are your thoughts?

      • From wiki on palingenesis:

        In philosophy it denotes in its broadest sense the theory (e.g. of the Pythagoreans) that the human soul does not die with the body but is born again in new incarnations. It is thus the equivalent of metempsychosis. The term has a narrower and more specific use in the system of Schopenhauer, who applied it to his doctrine that the will does not die but manifests itself afresh in new individuals. He thus repudiates the primitive metempsychosis doctrine which maintains the reincarnation of the particular soul.

        I agree with Schopenhauer on this one. Now what if we can “save” all of your “will”, memories and knowledge in another human with aproximately same “quality” brain, you “go to sleep forever” and he continues to live under your name with your memories, sincerely believing he’s you? That is a real reincarnation, not the abstract one everybody talks about.

        Have you ever heard of this idea anywhere else? I was surprised to find NO similar stuff anywhere. With given simplicity + given the variety of supernatural BS people are fed online, – how come? This is really intriguing me for about a year.

  2. Jay, loved this podcast man. Thanks for the tip about FAS. I’ll have to check it out.
    So that was you at the Spy Museum debate! I was 99 percent sure it was you when I saw the vid. Good job calling Kay out on his BS. I’m ashamed that both he and Frum are Canadians. Did you get to talk to any of the participants afterwards? What was the general make up of the audience? Was it mostly “truthers” or “deniers?” I’d be interested to know.
    On the topic of psych warfare, here’s something I came across yesterday that I thought you might get a kick out of. It’s an anti-communist propaganda comic from the 1960s. Though it’s a little overly simplistic it actually does a relatively good job explaining, in an easy to understand and entertaining way, the history of Marxism and its major figures and events.
    It made me think, I should do some of these for other topics. There could be one on the Frankfurt School, one on Weisshaupt and the Illuminati, etc. If I ever get around to it I’ll let you know.

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