Jay’s Analysis Intro to Philosophy – Relativism – Flight From Reality

Truth? Objectivity? Logic? Knowledge? Metaphysics? Who cares? I do! You can’t have a proper education without philosophy! In this discussion, I give an impromptu introduction to philosophy – a 101 class, if you will. I cover the three major branches of philosophy: ethics, knowledge, and metaphysics, and how these three are inter-related and make up a worldview. I give examples, cite relevant philosophical works, and decostruct relativism as a prime example “doing philosophy” and why it matters.

1 Comment on Jay’s Analysis Intro to Philosophy – Relativism – Flight From Reality

  1. I think your take on eastern mysticism is spot on. The idea of losing your individual identity in some oneness idea or womb figure is ludicrous to me, in fact I thik that’s anathema to human evolution. I suspect there’s a creative force which has bestowed the bittersweet gift of individuality upon humanity, whether that’s a being, group of beings or something else I couldn’t say, but at the same time I seriously doubt that such force would want to sit besides a bunch of psychologically and emotionally crippled humans who happen to think that individuality is just a sick joke, a phantasm which has to be erradicated.

    And there are those dangerous people spreading such ideas around, yeah they may not go on murdering people, but they certainly go on spreading doctrines which cripple the human psyche. I mean just look at all those people who are into new age and/or estern disciplines and how they go on to lose their identity in their guru. A guru who constantly reminds them how their mind is a mortal flaw and how they should seek to erradicate it at all costs.

    It escapes these people (gurus and disciples alike) that the mind is a natural “body”, for lack of a better term, and that attemping to kill it equals self-murder. They should understand that it is not the mind itself which is an aberration, rather it’s about what’s been done to it. It’s been severely traumatized and programmed that it’s beyond recognition… and well how many people are interested in the dynamics of the human mind apart from the sociopathic priest class?

    As far as I can tell, those people are into those practices because they don’t know how to cope with their own anxiety and are desperate for a quick shortcut to the Kingdom of Heaven and if their mind is the epitome of evil… well it’s no wonder that they’d seek a no mind doctrine.

    In my view is not about escaping that anxiety by murdering one of the aspects of your own humanity, no, no, no. It’s about confronting that anxiety and asking where it comes from and understanding it so you are able to purge it and develop immunity towards the toxic programming coming out from the priest class or whatever dissociated psycho you happen to find out there.

    And well, you can’t really hope to achieve this progress by adhering to a very particular method. I’d say you ought to integrate different disciplines and ideas to the best of your abilities in a coherent whole to erase that which is toxic and keep that which can help you to conserve your sanity and achieve true progress.

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