Blade Runner: Indepth Esoteric Analysis

German Film Poster

Highest Levels of Illuminism Revealed By: Jay Dyer In Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, we are presented with a prescient, dystopian future based on Phillip K. Dick’s novella, “Do Android’s Dream of Electric Sheep?” We will see that this film is full of not only accurate predictions of the future’s general landscape, but is also suffused with occult imagery and deep symbolic themes, as well as raising crucial moral and social issues.  As I will argue, the film operates on several levels: as the immediate story itself, the predictive future level with social critiques, the level of covert operations and mind control, and the deepest level, that of myths, archetypes, and alchemical occult initiatory transformation.  All these levels must be integrated to grasp the full import of the film as Ridley Scott conveys it.  The deepest level is what holds the other levels together in coherence and meaning. As the film begins, the viewer is shown the 2020 landscape of Los Angeles, and then an eye viewing the landscape.  The eye represents the viewer, and just as I explained in my analysis of Eyes Wide Shut, the viewing of the film itself will constitute an initiatory experience.  The viewer is going to be shown the elite plan, yet the eyes of most will remain shut.  For the masses, there is no ability to make deeper level connections and associations between ideas, symbols and archetypes.  For the viewer who has eyes to see, they are seeing the future itself, as well as the worldview of the ruling class.  In fact, Blade Runner ranks with Eyes Wide Shut as one of the most explicit revelations of the method of the ruling oligarchs.  My interpretation of this is confirmed by the fact that the film doesn't show us whose eye we see.  In fact, the reflection in the eye shows the scene the viewer just saw of the L.A. cityscape. It is significant that we are presented with two shots of the eye and then the cut to the Tyrell corporation’s ziggurat/pyramid shape. Immediately we are presented with Egyptian symbology, as well as the notions of the so-called “Illuminati.” The all-seeing eye is flashed in between images of the exalted pyramid in order to initiate the viewer into who is running things.  This is the connection of imagery and meaning that most are not able to make.  We are given hints as well that perhaps this is an ancient technology of dominance – the “technology of the gods.” In reality, the technology of the gods meme refers to the elite perspective of themselves and their "magickal" worldview: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, as Arthur C. Clarke's third law says.  The "god" is the one who controls the genetic engineering and artificial intelligence.  The cap of the pyramid is empty because the head of the system is secret.  It's a shadow corporate government, where the eye floats above the pyramid itself.  The eye is thus above and transcends the externalization of the hierarchy on earth. 

Original DARPA "TIA" logo, echoing the Tyrell Corporation.

When the viewer approaches the pyramid in the open scene, it is engulfed in golden sunlight, conjuring up notions of Ra and Egypt.  The mysteries of Egypt center around the godlike philosopher king (Pharoah), as the material manifestation of Atum Ra, mirroring the spiritual hierarchy on the spiritual plane.  In this dystopian future, the Egyptian scheme is replaced by a corporate system.  The light is enlightening the viewer, taking him along for the ride in the flying car to the top of the pyramid.  In other words, for those that can see, you are about to see what they see.

We are then shown “Voight-Kampff” testing given to Leon, one of the Replicants, or advanced A.I. robots created by the Tyrell Corporation.  The test is designed to see if the possible Replicant has emotions, will and desire.  “Kampff” recalls Hitler’s Mein Kampf, his manifesto devoted to his struggle, characterized as one of will. Tyrell, we learn, has been in the business of developing assassination droids, sex droids, etc., yet some Replicants, however, do not know they are programmed with false memories and a false identity (which the BBC just reported in relation to DARPA). 

In this perspective, the Replicants seem to partly resemble the infamous plans of various states over the last century to create “supersoldiers,” or mind controlled assassins in operations like MKULTRA, BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE.  With examples like Sirhan Sirhan, it would appear there was success, and it was in fact Nazi scientists, hearkening back to the Mein Kampf reference, who worked on such mind control projects, as well as the Soviets and the U.S.  “Roy Batty,” (played by Rutger Hauer) the “Nexus 6” model and leader of the rebel Replicants is himself a supersoldier assassin, “more human than a human,” as Tyrell states.  The retinal image returns and this time it’s Leon Kowalski.  Leon is given the test and assassinates his tester at a certain point when the trigger words “tortoise” and “mother” are mentioned, signifying that in mind control, manipulation of symbols and Jungian archetypes is crucial. The tortoise is associated with Hermes/mercury, as I will show and which will be relevant later.

“Eye World”

The Replicants are given a four-year lifespan which allows Tyrell to have total control, keeping them from ever rebelling or having a lengthy time to work towards revolution.  Similarly, in real life the elite have always sought to control lifespans and populations through eugenics and full spectrum dominance.  It could also possibly have reference to the self-destruct programming in the mind controlled assassins to kill themselves rather than be interrogated and spill the beans.  In fact, in regard to Project ARTICHOKE, a memo is reported to read: “Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?”

The viewer then hears advertisements from huge telescreens and billboards telling him that the system can take you “off world.”  The system thus holds out a hope of fulfillment in a heaven-like “golden” “off world” colony, much like states in the past have controlled their subjects through a non-existent hope.  The masses are thus weak, shifting sands, subject to the sway of childlike propaganda and psychological warfare.  From Plato’s Republic to August Comte’s notion of a purely civic religion, the idea of a state-controlled and created fake religion for the purpose of mass manipulation is an ancient foundational elite control mechanism. 

We also see Chinese businesses and foodstuffs everywhere, indicating that the U.S. has become a third world cesspool of globalism.The populace is thus managed by a top-down corporatocracy above, while below, a degenerate and poverty-stricken populace is blended together (Asians, Russians, etc.), and ruled by their corporate overlords. The future then, is a kind of intense corporate police state fascism, where everyone is tracked and traced, particularly by retina scans. Dragons are also seen everywhere in Chinatown, suggesting the control of the primeval serpent: a world run by the shadow corporatocracy is one where the iconography of the serpent dominates, conjuring up ancient archetypal imagery from Genesis where the serpent deceives man into thinking he can become god, which will be crucial to Blade Runner’s overall message. 

Deckard stands under a Pentagram, with a snake-eyed Pentagram in the background.

Indeed, globalism itself is partly used by the elite to wipe out the middle class and polarize the masses into a large swath of poor with a tiny cadre of super rich at the top.  Ironically, the corporate system itself mirrors the communist party system, where the CEO is the party leader, the shareholders party bosses, and the wage-slave populace working endlessly for nothing other than the furtherance of the system itself.  It is significant as well that we almost never see daytime in the film, aside from one scene.   Blade Runner takes place almost solely at night, possibly due to a wrecked corporate-controlled ecosystem that exists solely to serve the interests of the Tyrell Corporation. How prophetic, given the fact that China is busy buying up the U.S.?

Dick wisely places the corporation at the center of the future’s controlling power, giving it an “Illuminati” status, as opposed to some oppressive government or dictator. The future, for Dick, is controlled by a single global mega corporation, headed by a tech genius who happens to obtain a kind of godlike status by creating sentient beings in his own image (Replicants). This will be crucial for my analysis of the film’s underlying esoteric theme – that Blade Runner is a gnostic myth or allegory.  Recall as well that Ridley Scott used this same theme in Alien, where the future is controlled by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation.

Gaff’s Rooster.

Deckard is “handled” by a mysterious figure named Gaff (played by Edward James Olmos), who recalls Deckard from retirement to hunt down the Replicants.  We don’t learn much about Gaff, yet he does something very significant. Throughout the film, as he leads Deckard, he leaves origami figurines as symbolic indicators that reveal the method to Deckard himself. The first origami figure is the rooster: in Freemasonic initiations, the rooster is associated with Hermes/Mercurcy/Thoth, the guide to the Underworld and initiator of mysteries.  We have again returned to the initiatory theme.  Gaff is enlightening Deckard as well as the audience, as the eye, pyramid, snake, rooster are serving to tap into the archetypes in the psyche of the audience, enlightening the viewer to the mysteries of the elite.  According to the British Grand Lodge, the rooster is associated with alchemy:

“Mercury appears as the rooster drawn on the wall of the Chamber of Reflection. This animal is connected to the deity Hermes, that is, Mercury. It is a feminine principle, referring to Vigilance and it also corresponds to Faith. As the rooster sings at dawn announcing the light of day, so it announces to our future initiate, the Light he may receive.”

Alchemical woodcut of Hermes/Thoth/Mercury

An article on Greek and Indian mythology elucidates this connection well:

“Hermes often helped travelers have a safe and easy journey. Many Greeks would sacrifice to Hermes before any trip.  In the fully developed Olympian pantheon, Hermes was the son of Zeus and the Pleiade Maia, a daughter of the Titan Atlas. Hermes’ symbols were the rooster and the tortoise, and he can be recognized by his purse or pouch, winged sandals, winged cap and the herald’s staff, the kerykeion.”

Gaff (who carries a staff/cane) is leading Deckard all along, enlightening him to his true nature and, as will be seen, leading him to safe haven.  It is interesting as well that Tyrell’s pyramid/ziggurat resembles Mt. Olympus, and is full of Imperial and occult symbolism. Gaff, as the travelling messenger (Hermes/Thoth) of Olympus/Egypt takes Deckard to Tyrell, who can apparently only be accessed at the top of the pyramid by flying car.  The Owl, with prominent eye imagery, as well as a Masonic/Egyptian obelisk and a fascist Roman Eagle, all mark Tyrell’s golden kingdom. Deckard is informed he must hunt down the remaining Replicants, two of which are sex slaves and two assassins, two unknowns are Rachael (Sean Young) and Deckard himself. 

Is that a synthetic obelisk, or are you happy to see me?

Deckard is instructed to test Rachael with the Voight-Kampff test to see if he can detect emotions.  Rachael is identified as a Replicant after a hundred questions from the test, while Deckard realizes he has feelings for her.  Deckard is amazed that Rachael is unaware, and Tyrell explains the company implants false memories.  This becomes crucial in the analysis of the film, because the concept of forgetting one’s true origin is central to the gnostic cosmology.  In the process of the fall (in the gnostic and Platonic schemes), the many has lost its origin in the one, the monad.  The multiplicity of particulars are thus in a process of return to the monad from whence they have fallen into individuality. 

The microscopic serial number shows inside knowledge of nanotech in 1982.

In fact, in the next scene, Roy Batty is himself seeking out his creator by visiting the eye manufacturer.  When Roy finds him, he cites the famous gnostic mythological poems of William Blake, America A Prophecy and A Vision of the Last Judgment. Blake’s poem is a mythological account of the American revolution against King George III, presented as an anti-christ figure and emissary of Urizen, Blake’s view of the biblical God, portrayed as an old, miserly, vengeful deity.  Just as Orc rebelled against the King, and Lucifer against God, so Roy Batty will rebel against his creator, Tyrell, for allowing him to be created with a flaw.  Wikipedia explains:

“The implications of the work are taken up in America, with the King of England trembling as he sees Orc, the embodiment of the American colonies. The Angel of Albion believes Orc is the anti-christ and Orc believes the King of England is the same. This is followed by Orc’s apocalyptic vision:

The morning comes, the night decays, the watchmen leave their stations

The grave is burst, the spices shed, the linen wrapped up

Orc provokes the Angel of Boston to rebellion:
What God is he, writes laws of peace, clothes him in a tempest

What pitying Angel lusts for tears, and fans himself with sighs

What crawling villain preaches abstinence; wraps himself In fat of lambs?

no more I follow, no more obedience pay

Together, the rebels are able to be freed of the psychological chains that bind them:

the five gates of their law-built heaven

And Roy Batty’s line:

Fiery the angels rose, as they rose deep thunder roll’d

Around their shores: indignant burning with the fires of Orc.”

William Blake’s painting of the gnostic Great Architect deity.

The Orc recalls the rebellion of Satan and his angels against God for the purpose of erecting a model synthetic kingdom that mimics the kingdom of God.  This is significant, as much of Blade Runner centers around genetic engineering and synthetic reality, as we constantly see mannequins and dolls, especially in J.F. Sebastian’s studio loft. For example, the background includes Atari signs: Atari is a video game company—video games are synthetic, virtual reality. Tyrell’s company is a genetic engineering company, specializing in replicating reality to the point that when Deckard finds the scale from Zhora’s snake, he has to take it to a specialist to see if it’s real or synthetic.  Dick was amazingly prophetic in this regard, and not only was the foresight in regard to genetic manipulation prescient, the microscopic serial number on the snake scale even points to nanotechnology, far before it was well-known (in the promo video of Scott’s at the bottom, Peter Weyland mentions nanotechnology). Zhora, too, is introduced as a stripper who “receives pleasure from the snake,” and Eden is specifically mentioned by the Fez-wearing Abdul.  The Fez, originally a Muslim symbol, is the headgear of the Shriners, made up of upper level Freemasons.

The rest of this analysis has been rewritten and is available in Jay Dyer’s best selling book, Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film. Order a signed copy here



7 Comments on Blade Runner: Indepth Esoteric Analysis

  1. Excellent analysis, Jay. Quite a few things I missed over the years , and some great ideas about many of the German language / culture references. Brilliant.

    I have seen this film 30 + times, interesting what you can easily miss !!

  2. No Sale. The presentation of these, albeit accurate, descriptions of “What They Believe” does not make them so: that amounts to ‘Wishful Thinking” on their part. Striving to achieve what already “is” would be a waste of time. They WANT Control because they do not have it, but believe that to be their Right, and Destiny.

    The absurd Pretensions of this Anti-Christ system controls only what God allows, as described accurately by Tupper Saussy in Rulers of Evil. They possess Whimsy, not Truth. Iconography, laughable lexicons and Nephalim-descended Angelic off-spring, real or concocted, are an exercise in Diversion. The Actual Power ever-resides with the Real God, not a gaggle of some finite wannabe’s, and their mindless minions. They machinate because they have to do so.

    Elevating the arrogant boasts, and bluffs, of “The Elite” Clown College as any sort of ‘fait accompli’ ignores the need that remains for this perennial Propaganda Campaign. It is just an effort to dress godless thugs in regal robes. Kubrick told the truth. Ridley Scott is a poor liar.

    • Refreshing to see some optimism. I don’t see Bill Gates for example, being a vengeful, ruling elite. (And he’s a contender for the ruling class Surely, given his massive wealth). Instead I see much charity and philanthropy from him and his camp. Similarly, Soros supports very Liberal political agendas. (And Liberalism is Typically aligned with empathetic / compassionate causes.) I never see a Social structure like the movie; The Hunger Hames working either. I mean, the wealthy need their trash taken out and houses cleaned. The elite can’t afford to have the entire peasant class revolt. Who will Manufacture medicines, scientists are needed. In general, a free economy is NEEDED. And this requires a free market and population. The elite have found that a class revolt can happen and monarchies can be overthrown. I think
      It’s a little pessimistic to believe the ruling class don’t need us. We are free. The Lottery proves it somewhat. Philanthropic Billionaires prove it. Recent talk of dismantling the British
      monarchy and it’s irrelevance prove it. The success of the Brexit vote, if nothing else, proves voting works and the populace is free to make decisions (in my mind). I’ve convinced myself we are free. I do what I want. I barely work. I please myself and unless I’m delusional, I feel free. I’m living proof of the concept. I have a theory that not “traveling toward that infamous light” at death (as experienced by many), is another way out for the soul. Yeah, I think I’ve got this freedom thing figured out. I am unplugged from the Matrix and have been for many years.

  3. Hey have you seen the cult 1973 film The holy mountain? It is the greatest illuminati film ever eyes wide shut or blade runner have nothing on it. It literally has so many symbolisms. You can watch the full movie here:

  4. Tyrell: el = God. Tyre = ancient Phoenicia, trading nation, capital of commerce in ancient times, King of Tyre in the bible is a reference to Satan

  5. Great analysis. However, the movie depicts LA in the year 2019. Not 2020.

  6. Wander Awakening // October 6, 2017 at 3:10 pm // Reply

    I just saw Blade Runner 2049. I wish I had read your analysis before seeing the new Blade Runner, or even before watching the newer director’s cuts, which I’ll have to watch again, now that I’ve seen the sequel and read your analysis!

    This analysis by Jay mentions the serpent in the Garden of Eden. I’ve just watched the first two episodes of a new series on about Ancient Civilizations where they equate the reptilian alien god Enki with the serpent in the garden. Enki wanted to help humanity. Enlil was the harsh god who exploited humanity and who had genetically modified the native species he found on earth to become his slave race.

    It turns out, from the translations of the Sumerian tablets by Anton Parks, that the garden Paradise means prison compound, and Adam means animal. Humans are animal slaves imprisoned by the genetic master, Enlil, the reptilian alien from the Pleades.

    That’s beginning to sound quite a bit like Blade Runner. Tyrell is Enlil/Yahweh/Satan. Enki is Lucifer/Serpent/Christ.

    There’s a lot of false flag stuff going on with information about these characters, so it’s hard to know who is the good guy, if there even is one.

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