Conspiriana, Cloak and Dagger, and Retards

The sign of Harpocrates. SILENCIO!

By: Jay A male-run feminist sort of I don't know what blog mocked several of my articles and sent a gaggle of rambling, incoherent “mainline” nobodies into my comments sections, who still rely on their electronic command and control propaganda boxes in their living rooms, to do  what TeeBee tells them. The moronic collective zombies have no idea about the basics functions of cloak and dagger espionage operations in relation to governments historically, and private intelligence groups and think tanks in the modern era. It is hard to feel sorry for those who, even when told openly and forthrightly by the establishment itself that the system is a fraud, and that there are simple ways to beat it (like dropping collectivism, unplugging and reading books).  In fact, Lord Rothschild even tells you to buy gold.  It's also worth noting the abject failure of those without knowledge of the classics of western civilization to recognize or understand satire, as much of what I do here is satirical to those with a basic knowledge of comedy and satire.  Lyndon LaRouche is correct about this point! It's all the more hilarious how many people watch my improv videos and read the articles here and take them at face value. It is interesting to note, in my estimation, that it is satire that marks a unique place in Western literary achievement, as opposed to merely having great works of tragedy. Espionage, one of the key functions of government (and international corporations that are now larger than many nations) employ entire agencies to do nothing but conspire. A great example of this is the RAND Corporation and its war gaming theorizing and social engineering projects that have moved our nation in the direction of centralized economic planning and consumerism, as well as other operations revolving around nuclear release theorization. Herman Kahn, for example, most likely forms the basis of Stanley Kubrick's “Dr. Strangelove” character, and is the source for the idea of the Doomsday machine. RAND is just one example among many of private organizations that exist to conspire and war game.

Ferris Bueller runs the Illuminati Super Beast Computer!

Dr. Quigley writes of the RAND Corporation and its influence in the realm of scientistic rationalization on page 842 of Tragedy and Hope: "First news of the success of Operations Research in Britain was brought to the United States byPresident Conant in 1940 and was formally introduced by Vannevar Bush, as chairman of the NewWeapons Committee of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in 1942. By the end of the war, the technique hadspread extensively through the American war effort, and, with the arrival of peace, became anestablished civilian profession. The best-known example of this is the Rand Corporation, a privateresearch and development firm, under contract to the United States Air Force, but numerous lesser organizations and enterprises are now concerned with rationalization techniques in political life, thestudy of war and strategy, in economic analysis, and elsewhere. Similar groups arose in Britain. One of the most complex applications of the technique has been Operation Bootstrap, by which the Puerto Rican Industrial Development Corporation, advised by Arthur D. Little, Inc., has sought totransform the Puerto Rican economy. Persons interested in OP have organized societies in England(1948) and the United States (1949) which publish a quarterly and a journal. A great impetus has been given to the rationalization of society in the postwar world by the application of mathematical methods to society to an unprecedented degree. Much of this used thetremendous advances in mathematics of the nineteenth century, but a good deal came from newdevelopments. Among these have been applications of game theory, information theory, symbolic logic, cybernetics, and electronic computing. The newest of these was probably game theory,worked out by a Hungarian refugee mathematician, John von Neumann, at the Institute for Advanced Study. This applied mathematical techniques to situations in which persons soughtconflicting goals in a nexus of relationships governed by rules. Closely related to this were newmathematical methods for dealing with decision-making. The basic work in the new field was the book Theory of Games and Economic Behavior, by John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern(Princeton, 1944)." In the last two years, I've acquired a pretty rad collection of espionage works to supplement the previous shelves of theology, philosophy, history, and literature. Conspiracy, you see, leads to espionage, which leads to geo-poltics and economics.  But what becomes quickly apparent in discussions with other is the utter ignorance most humans have in regard to the actual praxis of the workings of the world. In fact, a single book on espionage, even from the establishment perspective would clue one into the fact that things are not as they seem to be. Any standard work on espionage demonstrates that many of the common elements of what I'll call “conspiriana,” or the lore that passes around under the heading of “conspiracy theory” is either true or based on truth. And the purpose here is not to wake up the masses: that is a futile effort. As Obama said, “Eat your peas.” But let's examine some examples of real espionage operations that match up to “conspiriana” that come from mainstream books on espionage available at any bookstore. In “T.J. Waters'” Class 11: Inside the CIA's First Post-9/11 Spy Class, the author describes his exploits in the agency's top recruits for field operations following upon September 11, 2001. The book lists all manner of covert operations that are common fare in “conspiriana.” Here is just a sampling:

  1. “Toy Makers” who design the latest gadgets like seen in the Bond films. Note that the surveillance dragonfly drone recently “unveiled” is 30 years old. (pg. 5)
  2. Fake front companies created to avoid detection by outside interests. (pg. 7)
  3. “Office Wizards” who are likened to the Wizard of Oz, designing the major ops. (pg. 10-11)
  4. Usage of the “Dark Side,” or black ops. (pg. 14)
  5. NGOs, or Non-governmental organizations like the National Endowment for Democracy, are used as fronts, even referencing Serbia and Milosevic, (which used the NGO front, “Otpor!”). (pg. 22-23)
  6. Agents include chefs, PhDs, comedians, goth queens and single moms. (pgs. 27, 181)
  7. Investigative reporters as agents. (pg. 38)
  8. Absurd fake news stories planted in media. (pg. 40)
  9. Secret front sites. (pg. 46)

And on and on and on, with everything hidden in plain view. All of these activities aren’t even debatable, yet the goofballs who tried to make fun of the “conspiriana” here were talking about how eager they were to get their vaccines. Good: be sure to get them all, and drink your tapwater!

Ther ain't no inteligince agensees!


The purpose is to examine the objective stupidity and folly of the masses and collectivists who build the cages of their own enslavement. The idiots on the blog who mocked the articles here were particularly amused at Oswald Spengler, one of the foremost prophetic historians of our era: This was priceless. Not only is Spengler out of the reach of the average blogger, but is out of the reach of 95.6% of Amerikuns. Relentless in their ressentement of anything beautiful, aesthetic and high cultured, the cretins of du innerwebz mak dat good azz shit on dat sihgt call ‘manboobz.’ Not that I think the innerwebs is the place for high culture: it is the antithesis of such a thing, but rather the principle of pearls before swine was never truer. At a certain point one turns to satire with such great zest because of the absurdity of man. In the past, satire was a parody of reality: in our era, there can no longer be satire because we have become the satire.

There is no MI6, because illiterate bloggers have not yet determined it so.

Sadly, we can’t even get into a real work on espionage like Stephen Dorril’s MI6: Inside the Covert World of Her Majesty’s Secret Service, as it would hurt the tender brains of the haters and chumps. 

When confronted with such abject stupidity and masochistic behavior by the masses, I’m reminded of the principle of why predictive programming exists and works. The act of placing in pop culture and mass media foreshadowing and predictions of future engineered world events not only has a paralyzing fear effect, causing mass denial, it also demonstrates to the public the invitation they give to their own destruction. If evangelicals really thought Hollywood was evil, they would boycott it, as well as the brainwashing effect of mass media sports on the populace. Yet Hollywood’s money comes from the public of the “Christian nation.” But these retardz haz no idea what social engineering is, and they never will because they can’t string together sentences without contradicting themselves from one to the next.

If the public really were good-natured and able to govern themselves, they wouldn’t love their own enslavement. Yet what do we see when the banker bailout occurs? The people again vote for and install the men who rape them. All the “liberals” have to do is read a mainline work like Nomi Prins’ It Takes a Pillage to see how the system she knows from experience works. In this regard the modus operandi of the public as a whole is much like that of women who have rape fantasies: they want to be screwed over, and even idolize those who screw them over. This classic clip explains well what I mean:

12 Comments on Conspiriana, Cloak and Dagger, and Retards

  1. Jay, you seem to ignore the most powerful “Fifth Column” on Earth, the adherents of the Catholic Faith, especially in one or both of the most powerful government entities, namely the United States and the European Union. I can’t help but read your espionage like it was written in the late 60s or early 70s. Or, are you hiding the facts of Europe from the undeserving masses? Is it that you are super-intelligent, and everyone else is stupid?

    • Refusing to see what is verifiable data and even common knowledge pertaining to psychological warfare is what makes one undeserving. And yes, if you get around those ‘masses’, you will understand how desinterested they are about anything that is not immediately self-gratifying.

  2. Yes, I am in fact a Vatican Warlock Aassassin. You’ve outed me.”TJ Waters'” book is brand new, by the way, and the point of looking at this old stuff was to show that this has all been public for decades.

  3. Yes James, Catholics are clearly running the show. That’s why international politics of the last 2 centuries have been dominated by Anglo Protestant (turned Agnostic) Nations and Russian/Chinese Atheist Nations. That’s why mainline Catholic beliefs are largely ignored or marginalized in the mainstream mass media. That’s why Catholics are loosing the so-called culture wars to promiscuity, contraception, the normalization of homosexuality and radical feminism. That’s why the form of crypto-eugenics called abortion has claimed hundreds of millions of in-utero lives all over the planet, despite the vocal resistance of the Catholic Church. That’s why the Church is so often singled out as the singular haunt of child groping perverts, despite the fact that such vile debauchery occurs at least equally amongst other groups and organizations such as the Boy Scouts, various public and private school systems, numerous daycares, the clergy of all other religions, camp councilors, etc, etc. That’s why America, the world’s most powerful nation, despite being 25% percent Catholic has only ever had one Catholic President out of all it’s 44 Presidents (and we all know how things turned out for him.) That’s why Catholicism was and still is violently oppressed in much of the Communism and Muslim worlds. That’s why secret and semi-secret organizations such as the Bavarian Illuminati, the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons (especially French Grand Orient) and the Carbonari have waged a war on the church for centuries. That’s why the Big Government encroachments of the late 19th century were largely carried out by America’s progressive, liberal Protestant middle and upper class in an attempt to squash Catholic immigrants.
    That’s why the Catholic Church openly rejects the same Darwinian and Malthusian worldviews that underscore the modern globalist elite’s warped trans-humanist philosophies.
    All this clearly shows how the towering juggernaut that is the New World Order, is clearly none other than the bad old Catholic Church.
    So with all this in mind remember: “Pope Benedict: Baaad Maaan.”

    • Actually, I do agree with him to a point. I think Benedict is an Illuminist, given all his doublespeak, freedom of conscience, prayer in Mosques, and statments about liberte, egalite and fraternite. The modern Jesuits, too.

  4. It was I who mocked Spengler. He is the archetype of the old dead white male armchair philosopher. I’m more than within reach of Spengler, believe me. That’s why I think he’s an idiot. It’s not like you, JayJay, is any more intellectually capable. All you can really process is, “These people I think I’m superior to are all threatening my system of order and insulting my values. THEY ARE THE ENEMY!”

    Here is a quote i found particularly amusing:

    “Relentless in their ressentement of anything beautiful, aesthetic and high cultured, the cretins of du innerwebz mak dat good azz shit on dat sihgt call ‘manboobz.”

    Not only do I listen to symphonies and piano sonatas, I can produce them. I doubt you could.

    And please remember JayJay, my not so discerning friend, many of the “greats” you admire today were decadent progressives who rebelled against the establishment. Mozart and Beethoven were both against organized religion and the monarchy, and were influenced by radical groups like the Freemasons who advocated many progressive sentiments such equal rights for the poor, for minorities, for women, and for homosexuals. Both were accused of being too excessive and emotional in their music in a time when art was little more than decoration and bragging rights for aristocratic snobs. They fought for the freedom of the artist and of the freedom of all people.

    I don’t understand this snobbish accusation you hurl at progressives, saying that they resent greatness and beauty and art. They don’t. They never did. Such a sentiment is the product of your imagination.

    It is you, JayJay, who is resentful. You resent change, mortality, the imperfection and insignificance of “Man”, people who don’t conform to your narrow, self-righteous views and don’t aspire to attain your shopworn ideals, and women. The loss of old values is only decadence and destruction if you want it to be. With the loss of black and white, there can be room for a rainbow. But you will never accept that, because to you there is no life and meaning beyond the authority of a diety who doesn’t exist. You need sturdy authorities like Yahweh to give your life purpose and give you values and morals because you cannot stand on your own. You are weak. You can’t make any intellectual or creative contributions for the human race so you desperately cling on to old marble statues on pedestals and blame people you don’t like for destroting them.

    And don’t forget JayJay, you are an internet cretin too. I won’t be seeing you making any change in the real world anytime soon.

    It is fact the more prejudiced and conservative one is the dumber they are.

    • Spengler predicted the cycles of civilizations and anyone familiar with his work knows he was one of the top geniuses of the last century. He was also progessive in regard to being a cultural relativist, which I do not agree with, as well as advocating a form of socialism. Obviously you don’t have the slightest clue what is in Decline of the West, and have never as much as read a page of it. If you notice, I recommended Nomi Prins, a well-known progressive. I also follow Webster Tarpley closely, a very cultured progressive, and Dr. Carroll Quigley, a man I said was well-worth reading, was Bill Clinton’s mentor. That I am some fascist right winger just isn’t true, since real life doesn’t fit into neat categories of “left and right.”

      “Weak”? I demonstrated over and over on that blog that all my “conspiracy” claims were documented, as well as an entire article above you that documents it, and all you can do is engage in ad hominem attacks. In logic, that’s called a fallacy.

    • Right, because I am an individual, I do not believe any intellectual contributions are done for the masses (unless purposefully so, like city planning), nor for some amorphous collective, inasmuch as no collective has any right to my property, any more than I have a right to your property. And that is because a collective didn’t produce Beethoven’s music, nor did a collective produce Tesla’s work. Individuals did, and it is because I am an individual, and not a member of your collective, that I part with you.

    • I have a friend very inovlved with the NDP. A few years ago, he’d happily bash Thomas Mulcair, then Que9bec minister of the environment, for not acting on global warming and “actual issues”. Today, that friend is cheering for a Mulcair victory. Word is that Mulcair, whom I don’t know very well, is of a kind similar to my friend. Mulcair’s reason for turning down an offer from the Conservatives is that he disagreed with their environmental plan. Instead of choosing the Liberal Party, which I think would’ve been a logical choice, and where he’d be welcomed and could’ve had a big impact, he chose to join the NDP, which offers a “real change”. I don’t have a problem with him joining the NDP, it’s not the best career move but an argument can be made for it. What I find odd is how he refused a Conservative offer mentioning strictly the environment as a reason. If the Cons offered me a riding, I’d probably mention the environmental plan in my refusal, but I would also name several more reasons. My point is that Mulcair seems like he’d actually most Conservative policies, and people seem to omit that and see him as a champion of the environment. It’s certainly good for Layton and his party to have the visibility that comes with Mulcair in Que9bec, where the man is very respected and beloved for standing up for his environmentalist principles in the cabinet, but the move to the NDP probably shows Mulcair as an utopist opportunist, someone who’ll have very high visibility without ever holding power and see his ideal policies actually implemented.I’d also like to mention that while Mulcair is the undisputed star candidate of tomorrow’s festival, the candidate with the second highest visibility is Jocelyn Coulon… the liberal candidate in Outremont. He’s made appearances for years in La Presse and Radio-Canada, and he’s certainly not an eternal backbencher. So, while Mulcair’s popularity helps the NDP, which probably won’t see any breakthrough in the next general election, the fact that the Liberals put a very potent man in front of him and would get its second defeat (Mulroney won in 88) in Outremont since the 30’s (if not before), would be catastrophic for Liberal morale in Que9bec. Sure, voters can come back, and the result itself might not be extremely catastrophic, but for the morale… it’ll be horrific.

  5. The point of this article was to refute the slander from that blog that I am a “kook.” I know well what Freemasonry teaches, and you can find debates on this site with Freemasons. As a side note, one great proof of the absurdity of feminism is demonstrated here in this very conversation. You aren’t able to interact with a single objective, factual claim I make in this article, and can only engage in name-calling and fallacies. If I am kooky conspiracy theorist, then simply show the claims in this article are false with evidence. But alas, your feminine emotions have gotten the best of you.

  6. It is possible heretics have captured the modern Papacy as the sedevacantists believe. However, my response was more meant as a rebuttal of James’ claim that the “adherents of the Catholic faith”, constitute a fifth column in society. This is as big a pile of b.s as saying all blacks commit crimes… when in reality we know that only 78% of them do. Hahaha… ugh.
    Speaking of racism, Vivian, I assume (even though I don’t know you from Adam and refuse to do any research to learn anything about you whatsoever) that you are some kind of social-progressive who sees a bigot under every bed while at the same time critiquing the The Red Scare, The War on Terror and the Salem Witch trials for their paranoid reactionary natures. Anyway, point being, if you’re so opposed to racism, do you not appreciate that the whole “dead what males” cliché (what is this 1991?) is just another form of racism, or do you adhere to the self-contradicting dogma of so many modern western (so-called) liberals, that only whites can be racist? Content of character, not colour of skin, Beee-yaatch!! Woooo! (Please read the “woooo” part Rick Flare style.)

  7. Jay, I think the picasso defacing was a fake story. Who is allowed to bring spraypaint into a museum? Who is allowed to film in museums? Also, the defacing of the painting of Christ recently I believe to be fake.

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