Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocal Analysis

Ghost Protocol Poster

By: Jay Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol is one of J.J. Abrams' best productions so far, a close second to Star Trek (directed by Brad Bird).  It's also a stunning revelation of real-world cloak and dagger geo-politics if ever there was one (on film).  Not only is the plot centered around agents engaged in transnational plots, the fourth installment's story centers around real British eugenics operations.  Eugenics is the science of racial health, and dates back to ancient Greece and Plato's Republic, and culminates in the time of Sir Francis Galton and Thomas Malthus and others, whose works on population control and race would come to the fore as one of the central pivots upon which the modern world turns: that of DNA and genetics. However, in MI4, the antagonist is a Swedish-born, British-accented mathematical genius, Kurt Hendricks, who seeks to initiate the next stage in human evolution through nuclear war.  This is consonant with the Nordic, Aryan trend that comes to the fore in Mein Kampf. This is the actual type of war gaming that has occurred in places like the Rand Corporation, of which Dr. Strangelove is a parody.  The love of the bomb almighty is a cult that has won admirers in reality: you think rightly of the Planet of the Apes sequel.   That chaos and apocalypticism can be initiated to speed up "evolution" is itself the revolutionary philosophy at base.  It it based on the mistaken notion that chaos and disorder are actual, substantial entities.  In MI4, Hendricks stages a bombing of the Kremlin that is blamed on the IMF team and America.  Russia is then implicated in second false flag terror attack perpetrated by Hendricks through a satellite in Mumbai, India, when he launches a nuclear missile from a Russian sub, aimed at the U.S. The IMF team successfully rescues the world from staged nuclear disaster, but this brings up an interesting element I've noticed of late: several films portray, not just false flag terrorism, but secretive transnational groups using staged terror to provoke a war between the U.S. and Russia.  In The Sum of All Fears, that is what happens, and it is post-war Nazis that have organized it, as well as in the recent X-Men: First Class, where Kevin Bacon was an S.S. officer who wanted to provoke a nuclear war to wipe away the humans so the mutants could continue on to the next stage of "evolution."  Also shown in X-Men on a map is Denver as a possible nuclear attack area. The CIA began in the mid-2000s to move its operations there. 

Colorado also features prominently in Close Encounters (if the Denver coordinates thing is legitimate),  Atlas Shrugged, Red Dawn, Stephen King’s The Stand, Justin Cronin’s The Passage, and the television series Jericho (which dealt with false flag nuke attacks)Are these signals from the power elite?  If previous terror attacks are any gauge, they would seem to be.   Watchmen has a similar plot, with nuclear war supposedly being the path to world peace, as Hendricks proclaims at the end of MI4. As a side note, another interesting scene in MI4 is the final nuke launch, which is aimed at San Francisco, and which Peter Parker has already exposed here.

Hendrick’s secret codename is “Cobalt” because cobalt is the only chemical element that naturally gives off radioactive isotopes.  This is fitting, as Hendricks argues that radioactive death is “natural” and nuclear war is merely a deterministic effect of a series of causes.  One thinks of Herman Kahn, for example.  This is, of course, the natural result of adopting a Darwinistic, reductionist, materialistic worldview.  Even more curious is the ending scene where Ethan Hunt discovers that the new network he must take down is “The Syndicate.”  As I showed earlier, Ethan Hunt is based on E. Howard Hunt, and the X-Files’ ‘Cigarette Smoking Man” is as well.  And in the X-Files, what group does the Cigarette Smoking Man head up? The Syndicate.

The Syndicate!

3 Comments on Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocal Analysis

  1. hey man brad bird directed mi ghost instead of jj abrams. jj abrams directed part iii

  2. Went and saw MI4 last night. Fun movie but like you say, it’s definitely packed with plenty of political and esoteric subtext. I also noticed several appearances of the number 33 in the film, in countdowns and such. The old Masonic signature is alive and kicking.

  3. I was skeptical whether another retro-cold war armagedon plot could avoid cliches but they did a decent job. The whole idea of corrupt civ’s being reborn seemed a little bit of a Batman take-off but if I lived in Russia I might be looking for a fresh start too. I liked Sawyer’s cameo and the Dubai sandstorm chase.

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