Third Eagle Makes Colbert Report

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5 Comments on Third Eagle Makes Colbert Report

  1. Did one of your bits make it on the Colbert Report? If so that’d be awesome. I can’t see the video since in Canada (as insane as it might sound) we have our access to Comedy Central’s website blocked. All of Comedy Central’s stuff is shown on a basic cable network called Comedy Network. When you try and access Comedy Central’s web site here, you get redirected to Comedy Network’s site which doesn’t let you watch the videos until like a week later, which is stupid because Colbert and Daily Show both air here simultaneous to when they air in the U.S. Never let a Canadian tell you our country is more free than the U.S… except when it comes to the drinking age and nudie bars… chalk that one up to less Puritans and more French people. Haha

  2. Harry Ludwig // December 8, 2011 at 6:53 am // Reply

    Well, I just watched it. The guy’s a crack-pot. Too bad they associated Alex and Jesse with it.

  3. Oh wait, Third Eagle, is it that nutty old guy who plays the synth keyboard? Saw an infowars clip the other day where Alex mentioned Comedy Central Propaganda but I never found out what he was talking about. I’m assuming this clip was it. Curse you Canadian control grid for preventing me from seeing this. I’m gonna go try and hunt in down on youtube right now.

  4. Okay I found it and watched it. Very funny stuff. And to think, you were amongst the first to find and make fun of this poor old weirdo. Haha

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