2 Comments on Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – John Dee, Crowley’s Hexagram Symbol

  1. Haha, looks cool. I’ve played number 1 but haven’t yet had a crack at either 2 or 3. I should really be playing and analyzing more games, since they are in many ways replacing movies, tv and the like as the dominant narrative art but I’ve avoided them as of late since they provoke my temper near to the point of inducing massive heart attacks.

    Far more subversive is the deeply anti-Christian, occult humanist, Assassin’s Creed series. I’ve yet to play them but my brother has told me all about them. They’re essentially a more complex Da Vinci Code in video game form. They are amongst the most popular game series these days and are, no doubt, having a significant effect on the worldview of young and old gamers alike.

  2. 2 days ago I started reading “Aleph”. It’s a collection of short stories written by J. L. Borghes. I read only first story. It’s named ‘Immortal” and describes Roman tribun’s search for ‘lost city’ – City of Immortals.
    5 minutes ago… I was reading about Rosy Cross and I also read the news concerning today’s events in Syria…
    Now I watched this video clip and… They are talking about ‘lost city’. In 9:25 guy opens the book and on one page is Syria and on the other page is something that looks like Rosy Cross. On the next page is a sketch of the Maze. Borghes also ‘talks’ about Maze in his story. Maybe I’m wrong about Rosy Cross but I think I’m in ‘The Zone’ 🙂

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