Flashback – Prophetic Rand Paul Message: Globalism, New World Order (2009)

Senator Rand Paul (R) Ky
A prophetic message from Senator Rand Paul during my 2009 interview in the Kentucky senatorial election. The interview and actions further illustrate the Paul family's consistency. By: Jay (2009) Dr. Rand Paul, son of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, has announced his run for Kentucky Senate as a Republican. I listened to him speak him last week in Paducah, Ky, on a host of key issues regarding his platform, as well as being able to ask him several questions of my own. Paul began by discussing the central problem of the modern GOP—that it had left its base, and that his father had brought new life to the party, while Rand feels he can bring new people into the party as well, due to his ability to appeal to Kentucky independents and libertarians (20 percent).
The Ron Paul Audit the Fed Bill is growing and is up to 150 supporters, Paul noted. The “Fed works temporarily, but we put so much money into the system that over time, due to inflation, we risk destroying the dollar. We must fix the budget deficit,” he emphasized. Dr. Paul compared the current state of the U.S. to that of the Soviet Union and its rise and collapse, as the soviets would make up plans to fix their deficit, but never act on it. “Republicans introduce legislation, but it doesn’t get done,” Paul stated. On abortion, Paul proposed that “for years and years we’ve presumed the only way to do anything about it is through the Supreme Court. Our best hope is to return the question to the states and then things will get done. We now have hundreds of thousands of people like you on the Internet,” Paul said to the crowd. “There is a lot of hope.”

I asked Dr. Paul what he thought about the mass media announcing in many outlets that a “new world order” had been created, and whether he thought we were in danger of losing our national sovereignty.  “Newsweek has the title, ‘We’re All Socialists Now,’” he replied. “It’s not some shadowy cabal that we have to worry about, nor are we conspiracy theorists: it’s out in the open—the Council of Foreign relations is real. It’s hard to back away from this—government has certainly grown far too much.”

When issues of national security were raised, Dr. Paul added, “There is a 16-year old kid who is being held without the right of habeas corpus. He may be there a year, and the Patriot Act is applied to everyone now. Rep. Jane Harmon is a good ironic example, as well. She gets trapped because they allow these warrantless searches. They can enter your house and never tell you they were there. Even a murderer is given a piece of paper that says what the accusations are.”

“I am different from the others,” Paul noted, concerning the other candidates. “I will read through the legislation. McCain-Feingold was probably the worst piece of legislation in years and is a great infringement to the Bill of Rights. I don’t want to be mean, but you won’t hear a word about
this from the other candidates.”

On the topic of the Iraq war, Rand noted, “One Senator can have great influence. Sending young people to war is very important and I would have stood up for a declaration of war. With Iraq, I had misgivings from the beginning. It’s more important than any economic issue. My father brought this up and the committee told Ron that part of the Constitution is an anachronism and we don’t pay attention to that anymore.”

My father says there are two things that will get you laughed at in congress and that’s if you make a moral argument or a constitutional argument. “The constitution is an anachronism to them,” said Paul and, “we need new people. The other candidates are not limited government people and I am. I am against most of the federal spending.”

“If we introduced a balanced budget we could get so much done…you have to cut across the board everywhere,” Paul explained. I would introduce the budget we had in 2005…we could increase revenues that way—I would be a deficit hawk. I would like to reduce the income tax eventually, but the deficit comes first. I would prefer a sales tax over an income tax. I think you balance the budget first and then try to reduce the size of government. Smaller government is part of the answer. We’ve not yet had anyone in Kentucky who would cut spending.”

Concerning the post 9-11 legislation of the Patriot Act, I asked Dr. Paul about the irony of our purported concern for terrorism, yet our borders are completely open and unsecure, while many in Washington from both parties support total amnesty.
“You know, we chastise Iraq and Syria for not securing their borders and we do not a damn thing for our own. I don’t want borders absolutely closed, but we follow the rules that we have. I don’t like the symbolism of a huge wall. I think we could probably put in an electric fence and
helicopter stations that would be sufficient. We also should impose trade penalties against Mexico for allowing them across. There is a legitimate immigration, but we need to follow the rule of law. The first need is to secure the border from unlimited immigrants.” When asked about Gitmo and other torture-related facilities, Paul said it’s difficult, but “I think we should drop them off in the country where they came from.”

When asked about the Homeland Security leaks concerning veterans, pro-lifers and gun owners as being viewed as potential domestic terrorists, Dr. Paul stated, “We used to have Posse Comitatus, which forbade the military from being used on the people. That’s the job of local police. Do we need some federal agency working with local enforcers coming in and breaking your door down? No. Some people will think you’re exaggerating this, but no, it’s serious. I have said eminent domain should be used on public projects, for example, and you have rules of law to restrain elected

“A senator is a national figure and can have a lot of clout. The freedom movement can get a lot done with a senator. There are a lot of friends now, even at Fox, who are concerned for liberty. As the founding fathers have said, you can trade liberty for security, but would you be happy with that?”
Concerning our extended foreign policy, Paul said, “We can no longer police the world. We must be a shining example, but the other reason is, we just don’t have the money.  Two of our biggest allies in the 80s were Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, but many people aren’t aware of that, or think they were the same person. We gave bin Laden stinger missiles to fight the Russians. Our policy in the 1980s was to radicalize Jihad. We got it started, actually. We got unintended consequences. We just cannot afford it. I do believe in a strong national defense, but the overall budget would be much smaller. If you eliminated the Department of Education, you’d have no federal spending on education. We also have huge amounts of waste spending. We need to bring troops home as a start.”

When asked whether he differed at all from his father, Rand said he would present the message a bit differently. “Many Republicans thought he was weak on national defense, but many of his and my own supporters are military. My dad was in the Air Force. Active military supported my dad the most in the primary. Some Republicans didn’t hear that, and that brought new people to our movement. I will present that message a bit differently.

I am also not a rubber stamp; I’m my own person. But people are starting to see that he [Ron Paul} predicted the housing bubble and Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac back in 2002. The media acknowledges that he said that and that will help me.”

Afterward, as I approached Dr. Paul in person and queried, “We’ve seen the GOP as your father said, lose its base and move away from its founding principles. We see people like Limbaugh and Palin become the faces of the GOP. Can the freedom movement become the face of the GOP?”

“Yes, we have to do some things, though, Paul replied. “We have to grow and do some things differently and be less confrontational. We need to be more into assimilating into the party. Our movement is not big enough—we need new people.  The more people who hear his message and how he predicted the housing bubble is making him more mainstream. The 150 co-sponsors he has to audit the Federal Reserve is an enormous step in progress. We have good things to come, and while many point to the Barry Goldwater loss as a change in the GOP, when Reagan came to power, there were some failures there as well. The deficit got worse through the Reagan years. They didn’t cut spending.”

“Is there a possibility of getting rid of the Federal Reserve?” I asked. I know we are hopeful for an audit, but is it a real possibility?”

“The audit is your first step. Getting rid of the Fed, my father might have had no co-sponsors, but he introduced something that is a good first step and the other thing is, you have a Fed because you have a large deficit. If you didn’t have a deficit, you don’t need a Fed. But right now it’s enormous and we finance it with the Fed. They have to be hand in hand and you want to, at the same time, cut spending and work on the Fed. You won’t get it until you cut the debt.”

“You mentioned the threat or possible threat of globalization. Are we losing our sovereignty?” I asked. “Absolutely,” Dr. Paul said. “Are we losing state sovereignty, yes, and are we losing it as a nation, yeah, I think it’s backwards and we don’t realize how much we lose it by giving up power to an international group. Often times, some two-bit dictator is voting somewhere on what our domestic police should be. That should never happen.”

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  1. Dear Jaysanalysis,
    Maybe a little off topic, however, Hell looks like or even witness the damnation of the reality of Hell in your prophetic flashback?

  2. Who are the neocons or neoconservatives? This group of men and women from academia and think tanks has the ears of presidents and members of congress. For the most part they work behind the scenes, steering US foreign policy with unusual success.

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