Contagion (2011) – Analysis

Touch ye not, taste ye not, the defiled masses.

By: Jay I saw Contagion with a theater full of baby-boomers and senior citizens who frequently commented throughout how realistic and scary Contagion was.  I had to snicker at this.  Contagion is like a remake of Outbreak, and Outbreak is awful.  Outbreak is worse than the worst episode of the A-Team, minus the captivating dialogue.  Contagion isn't much better, aside from the good acting with the all-star lineup.  The entire film is like watching a public service announcement for government vaccines: something they would make you watch in high school.  It's total fear propaganda - the only thing contagious is the fear spread by the film.  I'm reminded of the "H1N1" scare of a few years back, where the system told us we were all dead.  And what happened? Nothing. Only the weakest minded, most  oblivious fools still thinks the system loves the public and has its best interest at heart. Connections are made in the film to SARS, which was an engineered bio release, and as I watched, I immediately thought of V for Vendetta, where a planned bio-release kills thousands of Catholics. Recently, the BBC did a show called Survivors that was well done along the same lines, where a pharmaceutical corporation allows a bio-release to get out, killing 95% of the population.   In fact, the BBC pops up in the film, as well as CNN's Sanjay Gupta.  This should tell you who's on the inside in terms of mass media.  I'm reminded as well of The Stand, The Passage, and a host of other Zombie films.  We seem to have an apocalyptic fascination in Amerika.  In fact, the "virus" in Contagion is a pig-bat-bird mutation that kills within 24 hours.

Strangely, that sounds much more like an engineered bio-weapon than some “natural” mutation.  And, in the film, Jude Law plays the cliché “conspiracy theorist” who blogs about the coming disaster and government agents behind the coverup.  And Law’s character is, of course, the bad guy.  However, while in past decades the prescient “conspiracy theorist” character was portrayed as the loon, nowadays, the conspiracy blogger is a money-grubbing hedge fund operator who corners the derivatives market [!] with his inside “conspiracy” knowledge: paging Alex Jones and Max Keiser.  Everyone knows the establishment has the public’s best interest in mind, while the greedy conspiracy theorists want to hold us back and keep us down.

Didn't Dustin Hoffman already stop this virus?

Bizarre occultic memes pop up, as well, such as Gwyneth Paltrow placing her casino bet (where she contracts the “flu’) on what appears to be a scorpion or crab – a reference to either the scorpion of freemasonry or the cancer sign of the Chinese Zodiac.  The roulette table she’s playing appears to be based on the Chinese Zodiac, and in esoteric symbolism, could mean an elite psy op, or, worst case scenario, an actual bio-release of a genetically engineered bio-weapon, like mentioned in the PNAC document.  That is speculation, but we know the top of the pyramid does delight in organizing events around the Zodiac.

Be afraid! Apocalypticism will git you!

The film also contains the typical “conspiracy culture” elements, such as underground bases, martial law/FEMA camps, Wall Street corruption, fluoride in the water [!], black helicopters, and much, much more.  The film is really only appealing to those with a conspiratorial sense, and the most dumbed-down, statist segments of the populace.  Otherwise, worst case scenario, the film is portraying what the system has in store very soon – a depopulation bio-release, as those who are in the know, know.  I needn’t go into details to explain this to the normative audience of this blog.  We know that card is in the deck, and it’s only a matter of time before there is a bio-release.  In summary, the film is propaganda for the masses to get pricked, and on a deeper level, it’s a clue to those with some modicum of sense to be prepared.  In the elitist view, the masses are disgusting – touch not, taste not.

In essence, Contagion is an “adult” (who are generally just larger children) version of this:

2 Comments on Contagion (2011) – Analysis

  1. I just watched this and thought I might add that Alan was taking forsythia. My take is a possible hint. A play on words. Foresight. Now it could allude to the market manipulation or the fact that being prepared is what saved him. All I know is I want three months on storeable food and some guns. A bio-release will happen. The powers that be don’t give a crap as long as they can make a buck.

  2. Oh, wow! That flu shot video is scary and your comparison to the movie is on point : )

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