Proven Dem Operative Busted Smearing Rand Paul at Fancy Farm

Humorous Commentary: The Kentucky Fancy Farm Picnic is Decadent and Depraved


By: Jay

See Also: Tyler Clay Collins’ Saul Alinksy Style Antics At Fancy Farm

as well, apparently. Well, at least the Democratic operatives who parade with the most inane and over-the-top smear tactics are.  In one of the most important and closely watched races in the country, my friends and I attended the famous Fancy Farm debate and ousted this Democratic operative:

Turns out, this character is named Tyler Clay Collins, and is an active Kentucky Democrat. Here he is pictured at a Democratic event, as well as at his local Masonic Lodge:

Tyler Clay Collins at a Democratic event

Tyler at his local lodge

Too bad people cannot deal openly and honestly with real issues and argumentation. Actually, it’s a good thing: these kinds of antics actually show them for what they are: liars. Jack Conway and company will have to do better. Furthermore, this confirms what tea party goers have claimed elsewhere, as this Fox article reports.


Tyler has removed his facebook profile, but the captured screenshots are here:

25 Comments on Proven Dem Operative Busted Smearing Rand Paul at Fancy Farm

  1. spinnikerca // August 9, 2010 at 3:18 am // Reply

    So this was the guy pretending to be a Rand Paul supporter and saying all those racist things? Nice. Not.

  2. Liberty_Mike // August 9, 2010 at 3:42 am // Reply

    Hopefully the Conway campaign comes out with a statement about this!

  3. What a creep! Sounds like a typical Liberal. They will do anything to get a fellow liberal (Conway) elected.

  4. Nice bit of investigative journalism, especially the Mason find!

  5. BillyBobNoTeeth // August 9, 2010 at 8:47 pm // Reply

    Howdy yall feller wingnuts. I didn’t see me no racial slurs from this har felller.
    Yalls only sez he made him sum. But I taken yur party word fer it. Just like I done did with that sherrod thang.

    No ifn that thar randy pal be smokin some
    weed, well iza be a votin fer em. Heyal yes! My cozin wife sister will a be to.

  6. Them liberals are such dumb sons-a-bitches…don’t they know how smart we are?

  7. Dude, nice! Just saw that you got this up on infowars! That’ll probably increase your traffic dramatically!

  8. “Billy Bob,” your sarcastic co-equation of Rand Paul supporters with ill educated hill folk is such a perfect point by point refutation of Paul’s political positions that you have convinced me to move to Kentucky and vote Democrat. Excellent mastery of dialectic on your part Sir!

    Also, though I didn’t hear Tyler say any racial slurs in the clip, that doesn’t change the fact that he is intentionally behaving like a buffoon and carrying a racial charged anti-Mexican sign with a Dora the Explorer doll taped to it. Obviously this is meant to smear Paul by association. If you don’t agree with someone’s policies that’s fine, debate them, explain why you think they are flawed. Don’t use cheep underhanded techniques to portray them as something they are not.

    • BillyBobNoTeeth // August 10, 2010 at 1:51 pm // Reply

      Ross….I’m from Kentucky, kind sir. I’ve seen Randy in action. He’s a rambling, often in-coherent mess. More buffoon than this Tyler guy or, even, the native dialect I imitated. P.S. Co-equation? Webster’s refudiates that one, as well.

  9. BillyBobNoTeeth
    Oops. Well, equations (the act of making two or more things equal or symbolically equal) and coequal (when two or more things are of equal value with another) are both words so apparently when writing this at 3 am in the morning my time and not proof reading, I goofed and created a new and completely redundant word. Oh well, if “irregardless,” (a portmanteau of regardless and irrespective) can battle it’s way into dictionaries then perhaps one day “co-equation” can live that dream too.

    The point here isn’t whether Paul is a good politician or not. Let’s for argument’s sake say he was Basil Marceaux himself.

    That wouldn’t make it okay for some one to show up at one of his rallies, pretending to be one of his supporters, while wearing a sign reading “They take our jobs, corrupt our children, steal the American Dream. Rand 2010.” That plus the Dora doll is clearly meant as a symbolic gesticulation towards some kind of across the board anti-Hispanic sentiment. The majority of thinking people who oppose illegal immigration aren’t anti-Hispanic or anti-Hispanic American, they are simply against illegal immigration. This Tyler guy is running an intentional sabotage on Paul. He knew that if the press saw him and his image got out on the airwaves, internet or print media, that this would make many people think Paul himself was anti-Hispanic. No sane opponent of illegal immigration thinks Hispanics are “corrupting our children,” they merely think people should become residents of the United States through the proper legal channels. This isn’t a racist opinion.

    Nobody’s saying you have to agree with Paul (I myself don’t agree with many aspects of libertarian philosophy) but you must at least agree that what Tyler did was underhanded.

    By the way, how weird is it that a guy named Tyler is also a Mason?

  10. Search for Tyler Clay Collins on facebook. Somebody put up a profile raggin on him. Pretty funny! Those alynsky tactics are biting him back.

  11. Wow, Jay. This one’s going global. I guess congratulations are in order.

    As far as whether or not this clown is an actual Conway operative, I still think it’s still up in the air… He’s definitely engaging in some shady behavior with an intent to smear Rand Paul, but until some solid proof emerges showing a clear connection between him and the campaign, I’ll withhold judgment on that front.

    I do think that calling Conway a liberal is a bit disingenuous. Sure, for Kentucky, I guess he’s a bit further left than most, but he’s still very much a pro-capitalist, pro-business “moderate” Democrat. His positions on social issues, energy (particularly in re: coal), immigration, and foreign policy, while probably not amenable to the far-right libertarian/paleoconservative/etc. wing, are actually all pretty middle-of-the-road. In all honestly, if he does end up winning the Senate seat, he’ll probably end up being in the Evan Bayh/Ben Nelson mold, but with a slightly less pro-corporate stain. I’m not saying that’s a good thing… just that he’s far from another Bernie Sanders or even a Russ Feingold.

    Oh, and equating Mr. Collins’s behavior to Saul Alinsky’s tactics is just silly… Say what you like about Alinsky, but he was a genius when it came to organizing and engaging in direct political action. Even William F. Buckley thought so. If Alinsky were involved in this campaign, he certainly would have done a much better job than this ham-fisted idiot.

    As someone whose political views tend to be left of center, it’s kind of funny watching the right-wing work itself into a tizzy over this, when the right-wing blogosphere and Fox News have done so much worse, and have done it systematically, and on a much larger scale (ACORN, Van Jones, Shirley Sherrod, the list goes on). I’m not trying to belittle the work you’ve done here, because I genuinely appreciate what you’re doing, but I do think a sense of scale is required.

    Nevertheless, I’m sure we can all agree, regardless of our political beliefs, that behavior like this has no place in the political process, and that both sides deserve some measure of blame… even those of us who view ourselves as being outside of the process. As Rabbi Heschel said, “few are guilty, but all are responsible.”

    • Watson wrote a great article detailing more of his associations and evidence of his activism.

      As for Conway, who knows what his policies are, since I was there, heard him speak, and made out only that he didn’t like Rand’s position on a farm bill. Conway’s website lists a couple stances on issues, and that’s it.

      As for linking these tactics to Rules for Radicals, it’s quite obvious, and I don’t know what to say if you can’t see that. There’s often more to who reports stories on the mainstream media than meets the eye. Scale? I didn’t claim anything great, other than that this a huge democratic blunder that will help Rand.

      • My comment in re: Alinsky isn’t that I don’t see the connection… it’s that this guy is doing a terrible job of it. Give the liberals at least a little bit of credit, Jay. They’re not that incompetent.

  12. EPluribusUnum // August 11, 2010 at 10:48 pm // Reply

    You guys just do NOT understand Fancy Farm….It has been going on for 136 years, and for the last fifty or sixty BOTH Democrats AND Republicans put on theater of the absurd. The Young Democrats and the Young Republicans dress up in costumes and harass chant and otherwise heckle the opposite side.

    This event has been tongue in cheek, and a measure of just HOW cynical and ridiculous an attack the candidate can take. The object is to ENJOY the event for AFTER the real campaign starts and the humor goes fast

    Poor Rand Paul he should have asked Mitch who has endured many, many Fancy Farms and who has choreographed many, many Fancy farms……matter of fact, Mitch probably has had more success at excoriating the opponents there than anyone….Poor Randy he got “ruffed” up……thin skin and politics do NOT mix in Kentucky and real Kentuckians understand that….and oh I took the liberty to cut and paste your “about” section for this blog….seems as if one of such inclinations as stand up and theater should understand the concept of Fancy Farm…….don’t take my word ffor it. Ask a Kentucky Republican say, Larry Forgy, or Mitch McConnell they have been there for years.

    The site for controversialist, writer, comedian, debater, and pseudo-philosopher/theologian, Jay. I do all the voices and impersonations improv, but I also write and do stand-up.

    So comedian, stand upper debater come to Fancy Farm NEXT year it’ll still be there just like always and we’ll be waiting to give you a very warm(HOT) welcome.

    • Damn straight it was fun.

      Ruffled up? Maybe you’re right, but I couldn’t hear any Democratic policies, since the boos were so loud everytime one of them spoke. Rand didn’t have to engage in any tactics at Fancy Farm. Consider the ridiculous booth of Conway Twitty fans that jokes about Rand’s “waffling” because he supposedly flip flops. Just one problem – you don’t flip waffles. You bet I’ll be back, and the stories will get leaked again, too.

      As the kids say, Epic FAIL.

  13. He’s clearly playing the race card as a lame smear campaign as new video surfaces:

  14. Another lowlife democratic lie! Everything they say is a lie! Or someones else made them lie, or the previous administration made them lie, vote for something etc etc. Oh I have fat fingers… didnt mean to vote for health care etcetc except when gay issues and race are concerned . The dems just love to do whats wrong and burn people up!

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