Stuff You Otta Read

Why I Believe in God by Dr. Cornelius Van Til.

Theological Introduction to the Mystagogy by Dr. Joseph Farrell

Certainty by Dr. John Frame

The Virtues, The Unity of a Human Life, and the Concept of a Tradition by Dr. Alisdair MacIntyre

The Myth of Diversity by Dr. Jared Taylor

From Theology to Philosophy in the Latin West by Dr. Phillip Sherrard

1 Comment on Stuff You Otta Read

  1. Good stuff. Glad you quoted MacIntyre. MacIntyre’s communal political views have really helped me out. I am working on a theory of applying his communal ethics to economics, thus bypassing the Enlightenment philosophies of socialism and libertarianism.

    also, here’s some more free stuff, of varying quality. It’s how I read Meyedorff’s *Byzantine Theology*

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