“The Saint” – Esoteric Analysis, pt 2

By: Jay Dyer In part one, we saw how the cold fusion "science" was also a veiled reference to the sexual tension felt between Val and Dr. Russell. Val is torn, but ends up stealing the formula. Tretiak comes after Val and won't pay, but Val eludes and ends up in Russia as Tretiak's doppleganger, tricking him into paying. About to leave Russia, Val is apprehended, along with Dr. Russell (who had flown to track him down) by Tretiak's controlled Moscow police. Together they escape and end up in the snowy streets of Moscow. Val falls in the frozen water and develops hypothermia. Hearkening back to "cold fusion," Val almost freezes to death, and has to get frisky with Dr. Russell to restore the necessary "heat," as they are hidden by a prostitute in a slum. Frozen Val reveals his real name to be Simon the Magician, because he did "tricks." The "priests took Agnes (lamb in Latin), and killed her." Simon rejects religion based on sacrifice because he sees it as something that kills love/lust. Simon Templar, the magician, blames the Church for his problems and for killing his crush. They again escape, this time into the "underground" of Moscow, where they meet black market art dealers selling icons - particularly the "Icon of the Virgin of the Damned." This scene perhaps signifies the underground gnostic and fraudulent elements within the Church (whether Catholic or Orthodox).   As researcher Daniel Jones notes, "the Icon of the Damned recalls the breasts of Persephone as she has to nurture the babe Dionysius back to health, transitioning him from the 'old man' to the 'new man,' much the same as the reborn Horus rushes to Isis."  

Leaving the sewers, they are again almost nabbed by Tretiak, but Dr. Russell flees to the American Embassy. Tretiak’s son then spits on the face of the black American soldier. Immediately following this scene, the viewer is taken to Tretiak’s lair, where we see a mysterious poster for a KKK rally in Georgia, a bombed out building harkening back to Oklahoma City, and a poster of Tretiak’s political opponent, president Karpov, with what appears to be a diagram outlining assassination. The point of this is to associate whatever opposition to the Anglo-American establishment exists as the source of all evil.

Dr. Russell no longer needs her heart medicine: Val, as the “saint,” has cured her of her condition. Appearing next as St. Augustine, who famously dealt with lust, she tells Val he is her personal saint (recall the flaming heart symbol of Augustine).

Newscasts claim that the future of democracy in Russia hangs in the balance as a second, white revolution is about to emerge in Red Square (under Tretiak). We are led to believe that all things monarchical and opposed to democratic socialism are bad, while Tretiak is in fact a former KGB communist. We are shown a false left/right dialectic. Tretiak has framed President Karpov and thinks the cold fusion formula he took to be bogus will not work.

Tretiak assumes this will shift the balance of world power from Anglo-American to Russian. However, the cold fusion formula works and produces massive energy, which Simon calls a miracle. “Science” is now the new religion that gives us miracles. Tretiak had even created the scarcity by hoarding millions of gallons of heating oil: The kind of tactic communists like Lenin used. Dr. Russell gives the formula away for free and tells Simon that he has performed his three miracles. As Val drives off, we see a faint halo above his head.

While The Saint is entertaining, and one of my personal favorite 90s films, its message is one of gnosis and scientism. Simon is a gnostic “saint” in the line of Simon Magus and the Templars. “Simon” also hearkens to St. Peter – the foundation of the Catholic Church. Simon Templar symbolizes the foundation of the alter-Church – that of gnosis and intelligence workings.

Elizabeth Shue is hot, though – especially her mouth.

1 Comment on “The Saint” – Esoteric Analysis, pt 2

  1. Wow, great analysis of the Hidden Themes within the movie. It is actually my favourite movie, but i’ve just recently started to become aware of its underlining esoteric meaning.
    I also think the movie deserves more cred than its received.

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