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All the best of Jay’s own articles, papers, essays, analyses and reviews of philosophy, history, geo-politics, theology, literature, and film are here.  Jay’s Analysis recently topped 850,000 views in four years, as well as breaking several viral news and philosophical articles.

850,000 plus views in four years

Jay's Analysis tops Peter Singer and David Chalmers for two days.

Jay’s Analysis tops Peter Singer and David Chalmers for two days.

Film Analysis and Reviews:

-Vertigo – Esoteric Analysis

-Lucy (2014) – Esoteric Analysis

-The Prestige (2006) – A Film About Revelation of the Method

-Mulholland Drive – Esoteric Analysis

-Lost Highway: Esoteric Analysis

-Captain America 2: Winter Soldier is Real

-Batman: Dark Knight Rises Breaking Analysis

-Batman Begins – Esoteric Analysis

-Magickal Kingdom Ultra: Escape From Tomorrow and Sinister Disney

-Edge of Tomorrow (2014) – Esoteric Analysis

-Did Tykwer’s 2009 ‘The International’ Predict Banker Deaths?

-The Matrix (1999) – Esoteric Analysis

-Star Trek: Into Darkness Esoteric Analysis

-Neverending Story – Film Analysis

-Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Esoteric Analysis

-E.T. – Esoteric Analysis

-Cloud Atlas – Esoteric Analysis

-Blade Runner – Esoteric Analysis

-The Dark Crystal – Esoteric Analysis

-Oblivion (2013) – Esoteric Analysis

-Hanna – Film Analysis

-Eyes Wide Shut – Esoteric Analysis

-A Clockwork Orange: Film Analysis

-David Bowie’s Labyrinth – Esoteric Analysis:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

-2001: A Space Odyssey – Esoteric Analysis

-Raiders of the Lost Ark – Esoteric Analysis

-The Master (2012) – Analysis

-GoldenEye: Esoteric Analysis

-Quantum of Solace Analysis: 007′s Alchemy

-Casino Royale – 9/11 Connections and Esoteric Analysis

-Bourne Legacy and Total Recall – Rise of the Transgenic Supersoldier

-The Avengers (1998) – Esoteric Analysis: Weather Warfare!

-The Box (2009): Esoteric Analysis

-Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome – Esoteric Analysis

-Resident Evil: Retribution – Esoteric Analysis

-Lemony Snicket’s: Esoteric Analysis

-Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocal Analysis

-Inception: My Labyrinthine Analysis

-Big Trouble in Little China – Esoteric Analysis

-Tron Legacy – Esoteric Analysis

-Decoding Donnie Darko – Esoteric Analysis

-Peter Parker: Paranormal Activity 2: Poltergiests, Panoptic Propaganda and Neo-Gnostic Nudgings

-Weird Science – 80s Alchemy Based on Gnostic Myth

-Dark City (1998) – Esoteric Analysis

-Now You See Me – Revelation of the Method

-The Saint – Esoteric Analysis:

Part 1, Part 2

Transformers 2 – Esoteric Analysis

-The Knowing – Parker’s Esoteric Analysis

Geo-politics, Espionage, Trends and Economics:

-What is the New World Order and Why Does it Matter?

-Knowledge Without Wisdom: Phaethon and Technocracy

-Global Green Luciferian Government

-BBC Sherlock: Malaysian Airlines False Flag Scripting

-Robots Over Russia: The Great Anglo Techno Game

-JaysAnalysis Called It: IMF Plan to Loot Ukraine Revealed

-Two Major Psy Ops Documents You Must Read

-Masculine Wisdom/Feminine Matter: The Drug-Fractured Psyche

-Raw Story Attacks JaysAnalysis: My Response

-The Theater of Media Operations: Snowden Analyzed

-JaysAnalysis Vindicated: Snowden Admits He’s CIA Operative

-Santa Barbara Shooting: First Men’s Rights False Flag

-Bilderberg 2014 Goals: End Resistance, Unify New World Order

-The Technocracy’s 1984 Predictive Programming

-Exclusive Report: Geo-politics and Recent Vatican Intrigues in Light of Martin’s Keys of This Blood

-Western Support for Communism: CFR, OSS, Soviets and Asia

-Fake News and Ritual Murders

-The Great Dystopian Mass Culling to Come

-Skynet is Real: Alchemists, Exemplarism and Techgnosis

-The “Bin Laden Raid” is the Plot of Navy Seals (1990)

-Big Oil, Big Banks and Big Money: War for Control of the New World Order

-Total Systemic Collapse By Design

-How to Destroy Nations and Rule Them

-The Psychological/Ritual Warfare of Aesthetic Terrorism and Mass Shootings

-Psychological Warfare and Media

-The Global Economic Consolidation Process

-Fractional Reserve Fiat Banking

-Engineered Revolution as Geo-political Stratagem

-Conspiriana, Cloak & Dagger & Retards

-Tragedy and Hope and Economics

-Bilderberg Group’s Transhumanist Corporate Communism

-From Theology to Geo-politics and Economics

-Phoenix From the Ashes: Imperial Mythos and Systemic Collapse

-The West, Russia, Eurasian Union and Esoterism

-The Cold War is Not Over – International Socialism’s Attack

-Soviet Cold War Subversion, Illuminism and Psy Ops

-World War III Scenarios: Africom, Colorado, Nukes and Underground Bases

-Colleges and Universities Do Not Want the Best and Brightest

-Weird Psyience, Conspiracy, Totalitarianism and Propaganda

-Mass Brainwashing: It’s Technique and Process

-The Philosopher’s Stone (Gold) Versus Quantitative Easing

-Apocalypticism, Republiconmunism and Race-Specific Bio-Weapons

-Russian/Chinese Geo-political Strategies Versus the West

-Lenin’s False Flag Terrorism

-The Absurdity of Liberalism – A Response to Chris Hedges

-The Revolutionary Faith: The Illuminati and the Crown

-Science Confirms We Fringe: Who Runs the World?

-The Apocalyptic Death of Reason

Satire and Commentary:

Lloyd Johnsonius: Putin Stinks!

Jessica Trendi Hearts Bono and Environment!

Ginger Snaps of the Apocalypse

My Interview with Comedian Chris Crofton

The United Skanks of Amerika

The Apotheosis of the Stupid

Philosophy, History and Literature:

-Strawson’s Idea of Perception as Theory-Laden for the Philosopher, Alva Noe’s Action in Perception, and the Larger Transcendental Preconditions

-Rational Theory Choice and Religious Traditionalism

-Philosophy Phoenix Arises to Annihilate deGrasse Tyson 

-Plato’s Cosmology and Achilles’ Shield Compared

-We Platonists Shall Have the Victory Over Materialists

-The Semiotics of Bond: Ian Fleming’s Use of Propaganda

-Plato, Aristotle, Egypt and the Structure of Reality

-Language Event, Narrative Structure and God

-Dark Truths, Dark Future: The Great Secret

-Dune the Novel – Esoteric Analysis

-The Magus Novel – Analysis

-Philo Sophia: A Pretentious Essay

-Horkheimer, Adorno, Habermas and the Dialectic of Enlightenment

-Esoteric Symbolism and Allegory in Faulkner’s Old Man

-Esoteric Elements in Spencer’s Faerie Queen

-Husserl’s Rejection of Nominalistic Skepticism and Affirmation of Universals

-The Epistemology of Dogmatic Sciencey Skepticism

-Spencer’s Use of Symbolism in the Visions of Petrarch

-Kierkegaard’s Existential Despair and Western Dialectics

-Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and Dostoyevsky Versus the Enlightenment Mythos

-Hume and Kant: The Synthetic A Priori Problem

-Cultural Marxism, Modern Art and Hipsterism

-The Illuminist Communist Conspiracy Documented

-Insert $.50 and Choose Player 1 in the Great Game

-Alchemy in John Donne and Ben Johnson

-Blood Meridian as Gnostic Tirade

-Husserl’s Synthetic A Priori Argument from Mereology

-Maximus, Sartre and the Dialectic of Time-Existence

-The Good of Metaphysics and the Sophists

-Symbolic and Platonic Usage of the Mirror in Ben Johnson and George Herbert

-Casino Royale Novel Analysis

-The Strangeloop, Metaphysical Models, and Reality

-Tradition, A-Historical Positions and the Fallacy of Authority

Theology and Esoterica:

-Creation Metaphysics and “A Single Unified Science”

-The Cult of Scientism and Nikola Tesla’s Aether

-Egyptian Mysteries of God and Energy in Relation to Modern Geopolitics

-Energetic Aether Metaphysics

-Numbers Prove God

-The Mystery of the Serpentine Mirror

-Leibniz Plus John Dee = Golem Computers

-From Thomism to Enlightenment Deism

-More Problems in Western and Calvinistic Theology

-The Olivet Discourse and Apocalypse as A.D. 70 Destruction

-Light and the Feel of Numbers

-Justin Martyr, Huxley and the Perennial Philosophy

-Atheism and Total Vindication

-Response to An Atheist

-Angels and Demons – Or, How the gods are Real

-Liturgy, Lilith and Satyrs

-Responses to Protestant Objections to the Deuterocanon

-Aquinas, Simplicity and the Convertibility of Being and Good

-Modern Science Saw a Cherub and the World Fell

-Transcendental Worldview/Systems Analysis – A Materialist Test Case

-Some Problems for the Ontological Argument: Metaphysical, Epistemic and Theological

-The Failure of the One and Many Argument and Van Til

-Problems in Thomistic Epistemology

-The Eastern Eschaton

-How Calvinistic (Created) Imputed Righteousness is Refuted

-Problems in Thomism: Essence/Energy

-Response to a Calvinist on “Fallen Nature”

-Gregory Nazianzus Versus the Thomistic ‘Analogia Entis’

-Maximus, Van Til, Aquinas and Logos/Logoi

-Lengthy Response to a Thomist 

-Critique of Protestant and Thomistic Views of Divine Simplicity

-Root Problems of Western Scholasticism

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