Atheism and Total Vindication

The "new" atheists: rehashing bad arguments against bad apologetics.

The “new” atheists: rehashing old, bad arguments against other bad arguments.

By: Jay

In over eight years of higher education, a thread I was able to see emerging was the “new atheist”/atheist trend.  Part of the reason for that was embarking on a philosophy degree at a state university, so that kind of mindset was to be expected.  In the last week, atheism has come up in several discussions and I think warrants another analysis.  To most people, movements and ideologies are fluid, arising organically, based on whoever has the best argument and presentation.  Academia is a neutral entity, fostering genuine dialogue between competing ideas, and over time, the best ideas prevail, and the older ideas fade into the dustbin of history. Public education and higher academia thus facilitates the development of the individual into a mature, rational thinking citizen able to offer informed opinions on all matters scientific, religious and political.  The system-indoctrinated atheist rationalist becomes the ubermensch in his mind, able to critique, build, fix and destroy all reality at his own whim.  All his thoughts and opinions are de facto genius, simply by virtue of having been through the system and mastering its version of some singular field like biology.

Interactions with any of the unenlightened that still believe in childish notions like God, angels and devils requires a pseudo-psychological characterization of the theist as trapped in some form of neurosis or pathological problem. On the contrary – none of this is true or accurate. In reality, atheism is irrational and utterly philosophical nonsense.  The atheist position is one of unenlightened closed mindedness to the extent that any propositions that don’t fit into the materialist presuppositions are considered rank heresy.   In fact, the more one watches the modus operandi of the so-called new atheists and the “Skeptic Magazine” crowd like Shermer, the more evident it is that their enlightened skepticism operates like a systematic orthodoxy, replete with its saints (mischaracterized views of Galileo, Newton, Darwin, etc.), dogmas like Darwinism(s), modern prophets and evangelists like Dennett and Dawkins, and a a communal “spirit” they all possess of bad hygiene, crappy beards, and faggy fedoras.

When Nietzsche mocked the “pale atheist” evangelists of his day, he was once again prophetic.  At least their Enlightenment forebears and philosophes had some culture and were interesting.  These creatures are cloned in the pseudo-educational academic factory. But lest I be accused of the ad hominem attacks they so often level my way, I thought it would be useful to offer up several of their own modern myths to be slain on the altar of truth with the ritual athame of my keyboard.  After a brief analysis of those myths, I would like to offer a few vindications of my own analyses that have proven correct, demonstrating that for all the ad hominem attacks, none of their petty tricks and sophistry can stop what is actually and objectively true.  Normally these kinds of responses aren’t worth doing, but a few run ins of late with several self-titled, enlightened “atheists” has sparked my sick enjoyment of debate and disarming of opponents.

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Jay’sAnalysis Interview: The Collins Bros. “Invoking the Beyond”


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In this interview, I quiz the Collins brothers on their claim that the alien mythos is manufactured by the power elite for the purpose of social engineering. Instead of “little green men” or benevolent space brothers, the UFO phenomenon operates as a mask of the beyond, in Kantian terminology. Their forthcoming book “Invoking the Beyond” will make the case that the UFO/alien narrative may have a darker, terrestrial origin. We discuss everything from Roswell to Enlightenment despotism – it’s a great interview, full of priceless information.

Note: I mentioned Dr. Ewen Cameron, and I meant Dr. George Estabrooks.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial – Esoteric Analysis

Original film poster where the "alien" takes the place of DaVinci's God and Adam, touching man.

Original film poster where the “alien” takes the place of Michaelangelo’s God and Adam, touching man.

By: Jay

Working my way through the Spielberg canon, I couldn’t pass up an esoteric analysis of E.T.  While I think Close Encounters is loaded with esoteric and conspiratorial clues and messages, E.T. also has its unique emphasis, providing America with a new approach to the issue of so-called aliens.  If you’ve watched Spielberg films (who hasn’t?), you know he was instrumental in altering public opinion on the idea of the existence of otherworldly extra-terrestrials.  Recent polls claim half of Americans now believe there likely exists life on other planets.  I wasn’t able to turn up any analyses of the shifting trend of belief in aliens over time, which would have been interesting from a psy ops perspective, but my confident assumption is that following upon the 1940s and 50s and the fabled Roswell and Area 51 incidents, people were becoming more and more accepting of the notion.  From my research, the alien mythos is a completely manufactured psy op phenomena, used for several purposes, including as a cover for drug running, secret technology, and in the long run as a possible scenario for mass manipulation.  The “MJ 12″ scientists were precisely the ones who concocted the new alien mythos, so its important to place the Orson Welles War of the Worlds broadcast/social engineering psy op, the explosion of Hollywood alien scenarios, and the continued modern obsession in these contexts.

Thus Hollywood has contributed immensely to the “Overton Window” manipulation of public opinion, particularly on big metaphysical issues of this nature.  If the new mythos of “aliens” could be injected into the mass consciousness on a large-scale, an entirely new narrative for civilizations could be erected.  As opposed to more traditional western beliefs, the new alien origins mythos is supposedly amenable to “science,” which is why scientific gurus like Dawkins, Sagan and Hawking all promote the “alien” mythos.  Why, given these mens’ supposed commitments to “rationalism” and atheism, would they often advance and promote the ridiculous, never-proven alien theories?  They do it precisely because they are con men.  Somehow theism is irrational, but alien origins are rational?  On the contrary, they are promoted by the establishment to fulfill a role as “scientific gatekeepers,” not rational men of “science,” just as Arthur C. Clarke played a role for the elite in a similar vein, as we shall see.

Hadley Cantril's work on the psy ops of mass panic from the Orson Welles radio fiasco.

Hadley Cantril’s work on the psy ops of mass panic from the Orson Welles radio fiasco.

The thinking behind this from a psychological warfare perspective is as follows: As new generations grow tired of traditional, collapsing forms of Catholicism, Protestantism and evangelicalism, the tide could be turned towards a new faith – one of galactic space brothers possessing highly advanced technology through secret science.  However, all of this is pure bologna, but as we’ve seen and studied at length at Jay’sAnalysis, the ability to program mass populations to believe entirely false ideologies is the very nature of all historic statecraft.  In reality, the alien psy op is actually a cleverly crafted intelligence program that functions as a cover.  Just like other forms of propaganda and social engineering, the “alien mythos” has also had billions of dollars in funding intended on propping up this cover that functions mainly as a distraction for less intelligent mass audiences.  As you can see, contrary to many claims of skeptics, the Welles fiasco was a Rockefeller-funded psychological operation through Princeton. Continue reading

Science Confirms We Fringe: Who Runs the World?

Look, see how the globe is become a pretty shiny ball of progress through innernetz!

Look, see how the globe is become a pretty shiny ball of progress through innernetz!

But the “elite” TED speaker still can’t use the “C” word (not cunt)

By: Jay

First, watch the TEDtalk lecture at the bottom, “James Glattfelder: Who Runs the World?”  If you recall, this study mentioned in the below lecture was going around the web, especially on “conspiracy” sites, a year or so ago.  What the study shows is the relationship between the ownership of shareholders and corporate networks.  Now, while you think we live in a “free market” system under capitalism, the study shows we absolutely do not.  In fact, this interpretation of the data is the siren song we fringe thinkers and researchers have been saying for years.  The speaker is right that perhaps the international data in relations to systems analysis has not been analyzed before, but his conclusions are old hat to us in the reality community.

The conclusion is that the transnationalist entities are linked and basically run the world.  The influence of the shareholders amounts to running the planet through maintaining the controlling shares of the top companies.  146 top players thus can control half the world’s wealth and resources.  To point this out is not “communism,” since I have shown numerous times that “communism” and “socialism” are not real movements, though the anti-establishment energy they channel is very real.  Communism and socialism are control mechanisms to divert anti-establishment furor into movements controlled by the transnationalist/globalist interests the TED talk speaker mentions at the bottom.  The speaker also fails to mention that all these top “TNCs” are behind the speakers who frequently appear on TED talks, like Bill Gates and Al Gore.

But keep in mind, they are not capitalists.  Capitalism always takes the blame for the machinations of entities that want to stamp it out.  These entities are not, strictly speaking, socialist, either.  Gore and Gates, for example, are billionaire monopoly capitalists that openly intend on imposing a Fabian technocratic socialism for the masses, while ensuring privatization for those at the top.  For the bottom 99%, regulations, laws, rules and bureaucratic red tape are marshaled to shut down any and all competition, while those at the top are above any and all laws.  In essence, we are under the worst system imaginable for 99% of the globe.  99% of the populace still cannot figure out that their whole spectrum of existence has been weaponized to rid them from the face of the earth.  Even the TED talk pseudo elites are unable to figure out the British model of divide and conquer eugenics that still runs the world.  I have tried and tried and tried to hammer this home to friends and readers, yet few have caught on and prefer the Matrix.

The corporations the speaker mentions are actually the source of the modern Green Movement, originally an “anti-capitalist” strand of communism that descends from Marx and Engels who were the first to write about the supposed “alienation” of man from nature through technology and private ownership of property.  A connection can also be made here to Darwin, since Marxism was based partly on partly Darwinism, yet minus the Anglo racial superiority.  The “alienation” of man from a state of pure nature and equalitarianism was supposed to be reconciled through the proletarian revolution, leading to the stage of universal state communism prior to libertarian freedom through the withering away of the state (in classical Marxism).  However, in our day all of this has morphed into the monstrosity we see today: corporate socialism, or fascism.  There are no longer any nation sates, only subsidiaries of the Tyrell Corporation and the Umbrella Corporation. Continue reading

Romanian Writer Ninel Ganea Interviews Jay’s Analysis, Pt 2

Adam and Eve become empiricists.

Adam and Eve become empiricists.

Romanian writer, philosopher, and member of the Von Mises Institute, Ninel Ganea interviewed me concerning my own thoughts surrounding a variety of issues.  Ninel runs  and is posting the interview in 3 installments.  Below is part 2.

Part 1 here

Part 3 here

You mentioned somewhere you were in between Orthodox Judaism and Eastern Christianity. Can you tell us what some of the strong and the weak points in these traditions?

These are complicated issues, but being raised with an interest in church and having a long interest in biblical theology, the Torah, prophets and wisdom literature had a profound effect on me. In my long religious trek, I basically got the point where I felt that there could be a divide with the Law and the New Testament. I’m the kind of person that is willing to question my own assumptions constantly, so I was willing to take a look at Judaism, especially since there is a close connect between the Kabbalistic view of the sephiroth and the Eastern Orthodox view of the divine energies. They are essentially describing the same things.

I branched out into reading Maimonides and modern Jewish writers, as well as looking at comparative liturgies. I also and found a lot of challenging material in Dr. Philip Sherrard, Maximos Confessor and Fr. John Romanides that led me to again look at the issue of Neo-platonism and the Trinity. The question that arose for me was, is this all derived from Hellenism? I’m not saying I have the answer to all that, I’m just saying what arose in my mind. At what point is the New Testament a radical departure from the Torah? How much continuity is there, really? I basically took these matters on for myself.

More recently, I’ve reexamined a lot of St. Maximos Confessor’s works, which have a lot of parallels with the kabbalists in regard to the macrocosm-mircocosm view he takes of the Incarnation. There is a strong argument to be made here for his view of the necessity of the logoi being unified in the Logos. This would actually solve a lot of philosophical and theological issues. There is a really good scholarly article by Stephen Clark on this titled “Maximus Confessor: Logos and Logoi,” that gets into this issue. I certainly think the Eastern view makes more sense than the Latin view, especially in terms of eschatology.

How do you explain the still living presence of the philosophy of empiricism although it has been discredited many times?

My university advisor used to comment on that frequently. I had several courses that dealt with phenomenology and Husserl is said to have lamented that naïve empiricism can never be killed. It seems to be immortal like a vampire, no matter how many times you kill it. The sophists existed in Plato’s time, and they exist still, and will continue. The reason for this in my analysis is simply the fall of man. Relativism is the end result of empiricism, which is ultimately what Adam and Even opted for in Genesis. Continue reading

Insert $.50 and Choose Player 1 in “The Great Game”



By: Jay

We in modernity swim in a sea of lies, facades, fronts, and scams that hourly bombard us with continual psychological manipulation and warfare intent on selling something.  In every area of our existence, an engineered “scientific” trap has been laid to ensnare the unwary.  Most humans are unaware of history and civilizations, and thus will go on to their early graves not understanding the two worlds that have been erected around them.  This has historically been the case, as most of the human race lived a nasty, brutish and short agrarian existence.  Lifespans have increased in modernity and this is often hailed as some great advancement, yet the unfortunate dark truth is that these ten or twenty years added to existence are a couple decades divvied out to serve the slave system and have your wealth, energy and savings extracted. 


So while you think you have been afforded all manner of modern luxuries, amenities and dainties, the reality is that you are being enslaved and killed.  The reason for this is that some intelligent, powerful people have determined that you are scum.  It is precisely because the masses do not care about objective reality that they are given a false reality – that other world I spoke of above.  The false reality is one in which all the goods or the real world are transposed and lain as a trap.  Thus whether it be marriage, family, gender, food, education, government, society, economics, life, prosperity, religion, mass media, the environment or technology, each of these facets of modern life have been engineered and weaponized for the purpose of the orderly, incremental destruction of the masses.  Perhaps at this point you may think I am some Marxist or commie, blaming all of the above on “capitalism.”  On the contrary, the truth is quite otherwise.  In fact, the truth is by far much wilder and darker than some ridiculous irrational philosophy like Marxism. 


These two worlds operate simultaneously, and intertwine within one another, yet the masses of billions of people are primarily members of the first world – the facade world.  While this may sound like Platonism, and while there is a sense in which Platonism is a decent analogy (the allegory of the cave), Platonism as an esoteric philosophy is not entirely correct, being afflicted with several fundamental philosophical problems.  However, as an analogy for the land of shadows and phantasms that keep most people chained, it is correct.  The reason for this is that both good and evil have a hierarchy of graded powers which control and rule certain aspects of the world.  For the purposes of this article, I want to constrain my analysis to the human level. 

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The Cold War is Not Over – International Socialism’s Attack


“We believe that all men are created equal.” -J.F.K.

By: Jay

My recent research has involved international socialism and the Cold War attack on the West.  In many “conspiracy” circles, often tending towards leftism, it’s very popular to paint the picture that the Cold War was a giant facade intent upon bolstering the buildup of the giant surveillance state.  There is some truth to this: For example, Professor Antony Sutton did produce evidence of support from certain powerful Western elites for the Soviet Union and its rise, particularly with regard to Soviet industrialization, while David Rockefeller aided in the installation of Mao Zedong, writing in the New York Times that the Chinese model was to be the model for social transformation of the East and West.

Indeed, other writers have mentioned the convergence of East and West into a mixed economy of a world socialist state of a third or fourth way.  In this regard, fascist powers were not really in conflict with centralized state communist powers, and received Western elite support as well, as pawns in the global chessboard and as social engineering experiments.  Fabian socialism, international socialism/Marxism, international corporatism,  Imperialism, and shadow government/cryptocracy are all models that are global in extent.  While it might seem wisdom to speak of limitations of expansion and imperial hubris, the reality is, the world state is always in flux, with competing, multi-polar powers seeking to topple rivals.  That “peace” will be achieved by some legislation or utopian visions are, of course, products of human naivety and never realistic.

Our era is one of multi-polar powers, but those multi-polar powers are largely controlled by a shadow government/cryptocracy that is presently the Anglo-establishment.   While this structure has received much bad press over the century, the subtle complexity of our actual geo-political is not easily discernible.  Binary models of East versus West or capitalism versus socialism are oversimplifications, but in reality these forces are real and are in opposition.  To those of the school of convergence, the East and West will be merged into a world socialist republic ruled by a technocractic and financial elite.   This form elitism assumes itself to be based on Darwinianism mechanistic process and Pelagian, Enlightenment tabula rasa social engineering, intent on establishing a “rational” global order or global environmental  eugenic legislation.  This is the dominant ideology of the present Western liberal elite.  Mechanistic, materialistic Darwinism thus melds well with collectivist models like Marxism, as well as so-called individualistic anarcho-capitalism, known as social Darwinism.

Liberty! Equality! Bullshit!

One need only look to someone like H.G. Wells, who wrote in many places, including his Outlines of History, that a masonic socialist order would eventually arise from utopian socialism.  This leads to the thrust of this article: Grand Orient Freemasonry, the power behind international socialism and communism, is not dead, and continues to seek the destruction of the West.  Grand Orient Freemasonry, it must be carefully noted, is atheistic and Satanic.  In contrast to the more conservative British Masonic Orders that remain loyal to the monarchy, Grand Orient Freemasonry can be seen as tied into the P-2 lodge, with its scandals, as well as the infiltration of the Vatican through its power source, Moscow.  Moscow, aside from being aided by powerful western elites, did become a superpower and was a threat.  Whatever one’s view of the Vatican, the infiltration of Rome by all forms of subversion was very real, and was largely handled out of Moscow and aided by the Gramscian Italian communists.  In fact, the Grand Orient/P-2 were intimately involved in the assassination of John Paul I, as we know from the Roberto Calvi scandal. Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Glenn Beck’s “Overton Window” Bin Laden Predictions and Admissions

By: Jay

Think what you will of Glenn Beck, it is a fact that his “Overton Window” book that came out last year is chock full of subtleties and hints.  Whoever wrote the book with Beck is/was clearly ‘in the know.’ However, to my knowledge, no one has yet elucidated the interesting predictions that relate directly to the  present Bin Laden situation.  When the book came out, Alex Jones mentioned that the book refers to him as one of its characters that exposed the MIAC Report.  However, there is an interesting statement that occurs in the book as follows:

Here we have admissions of the “terrorists” being trained in the US and using fake names.

The convesation continues:

The Muslims are not a real terrorist group. But it’s useful especially during elections, and Osama often pops up!


Beck’s book was released June 15, 2010. This means the bogus fantasy of Bin Laden’s narrative is scripted, just like the Jessica Lynch story was admittedly scripted by Jerry Bruckheimer, as the London Guardian reports:

“Back in 2001, the man behind Black Hawk Down, Jerry Bruckheimer, had visited the Pentagon to pitch an idea. Bruckheimer and fellow producer Bertram van Munster, who masterminded the reality show Cops, suggested Profiles from the Front Line, a primetime television series following US forces in Afghanistan. They were after human stories told through the eyes of the soldiers. Van Munster’s aim was to get close and personal. He said: “You can only get accepted by these people through chemistry. You have to have a bond with somebody. Only then will they let you in. What these guys are doing out there, these men and women, is just extraordinary. If you’re a cheerleader of our point of view – that we deserve peace and that we deal with human dignity – then these guys are really going out on a limb and risking their own lives.”

It was perfect reality TV, made with the active cooperation of Donald Rumsfeld and aired just before the Iraqi war. The Pentagon liked what it saw. “What Profiles does is given another in depth look at what forces are doing from the ground,” says Whitman. “It provides a very human look at challenges that are presented when you are dealing in these very difficult situations.” That approached was taken on and developed on the field of battle in Iraq”

Inverted Pentagram in “Easy A”

Emma Stone’s new to DVD film, Easy A is a tribute to 80s classics like Say Anything and Sixteen Candles, but it also contains some interesting overlapping synchronicities and hints at deeper messages. Stone’s character, Olive, laments that the books she reads for high school English seem to parallel her own experience. She takes on the persona of Hester Prynne from The Scarlet Letter, but instead of being ostracized by a drab Puritan society, she masters the art of the image.  Olive learns to use the gossip system to social climb – the very thing that PR folk in Hollywood do with great expertise (see the Starsuckers documentary).  She wreaks havok by playing a kind of mass psy-op on the rest of the school, exposing them as a bunch of mindless automatons. It also exposes the goofy evangelicals in a humorous way.  However, while it is a clever film, it presents a kind of existentialist approach where life is all a game, where one becomes a deceptive confidence (wo)man (a la Melville) to fool and expose everyone: somewhat like V does in V for Vendetta. However, V is supposed to be Satan, and here in Easy A we have, unfortunately, the promotion of homosexuality. But it’s not just gayness on display, it’s also it appears a kind of subtle hinting at Satanism. And what is radical existentialism, but a form of Satanism?:

A young Olive transitions into puberty through her first kiss under the sign of the inverted pentagram

What the Mainstream Media Won’t Say About the “head stomping” at the Rand Debate

Rand Paul, Ky Senate Candidate

By: Jay

We knew there would be more dirty tricks played as the senate race in Kentucky winds down. Last night was the concluding debate in a campaign that has Jack Conway flailing and grasping for any possible dirt or smear he can find on Rand Paul. Conway, the mainstream liberal whose policies are a carbon copy of Obama and Nancy Pelosi, has resorted to all the tricks in the book-send fake racists into Rand’s camp (the famed Tyler Collins incident which we exposed), ally with mainstream left media to spin absurd stories from a frat party into wild secret society rituals and kidnapping (which were retracted, by the way, though the mainstream media won’t tell you that), to lying and saying Rand isn’t a real doctor, to saying he never supported cap and trade, and on and on and on.

Now, idiot leftists have once again resulted to dirty tricks, in trying to set Rand up in a phony photo op, holding a fake sign. The young woman who is an employee of the Obamanoid, is yet another Alinksy-style leftist, (and a member of foundation-funded pseudo-environmental organization, Greenpeace), who resorts to lame classical Marxist-style tricks and scams. After being detained for harassing Paul and trying to get a photo of him holding a fake sign (that actually smeared Paul), she was detained, and a man proceeds to place his foot on her head. Her head is not literally “stomped into the ground,” but that sounds better. The Kentucky Post explains of this provacateur (who has been arrested before for such acts):

“Valle was arrested in May for a Greenpeace protest in Louisiana following the B.P. oil spill, and in 2008 she was detained in China for a “Free Tibet” protest.”

What the mainstream media isn’t telling you is that in a worse incident that day, a Conway supporter stomped the foot of a Rand Paul supporter (a foot recently operated on, at that), yet we don’t see the media running this story ad nauseam. The media has chosen to ignore the stomping of the surgery-laden foot. The Kentucky Post continues: Continue reading