Esoteric Hollywood Hr 1: Hitchcock’s Psycho Psyche & MK Ultra w/Jamie Hanshaw

Jamie Hanshaw joins me to do an in-depth analysis of some of Hitchcock’s greatest films and their deeper meaning. Jamie and I deconstruct Notorious, Marnie, Rear Window, North by Northwest, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Vertigo, Psycho, The Birds and Frenzy. We touch on everything from mind control to the occult to MI6 and…


Jay Dyer on Ground Zero w Clyde Lewis: ISIS, Thugs & Tavistock Mind Control

  Clyde Lewis invited me on Ground Zero to comment on his thoughts in his piece on government tyranny and ISIS.  We discuss mind control, social engineering, psy ops and the Tavistock Institute, as well as Hollywood predictive programming.  It also includes some of my ridiculous jokery. Subscribe to JaysAnalysis for more!


Hitchcock, Hollywood Spies & North by Northwest

By: Jay Dyer So far we have only analyzed one Hitchcock film, Vertigo (1958), where we highlighted the use of mind control, doubling and voyeurism on the part of a shadowy Bohemian Grove-esque elitist intent on manipulating the middle class Scottie (Jimmy Stewart) based on a profiling of his psychological weaknesses.  In North by Northwest…


Caravan to Midnight with John B Wells Hour 1: Jay Dyer Hollywood Illuminism

This is the first hour of a two hour talk that can be obtained from subscribing to John B. Wells’ Caravan to Midnight. In this talk we cover the metaphysics of film, secret societies, esoterica, numerology and Leibniz, demonology, cults and the dark side of philosophy. To hear my philosophy lectures, subscribe at JaysAnalysis below…

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David Bowie’s Occult Labyrinth – Esoteric Hollywood

    Recorded shortly before the news reports of Bowie’s death, I did a wild and wacky segment on Henson’s spandex classic with Bowie, The Labyrinth.  In this talk I cover my in-depth written analysis of the esoteric and occult elements of this children’s fantasy, replete with Jungian references, Egyptian hermeticism and the Golem.  


Top Conspiracies and Psy Ops of the Year – Jay on Sunday Wire

Patrick Henningsen invited me on the Sunday Wire to recap the year and note the most astounding oddities, insanity, conspiracies, Psy Ops and high strangeness we witnessed in 2015. Having covered many of the year’s highlights over the months, in this discussion we give the bird’s eye view of what was and is, really going…


Esoteric Hollywood: Skyfall and Quantum of Solace – The Alchemy of 007

It is telling that back in the 50s and 60s Fleming was already predicting the transition from the communist threat to the international terrorist threat – something that gave me the indication that Fleming novels are worth a deeper look… Upon first viewing, I was not initially impressed with Quantum of Solace. I took it…


Jay Dyer on Kev Baker: ESOTERIC HOLLYWOOD The CIA, Cults, & Kubrick

“Jay Dyer is on KBS and we get into the esoteric and dark side of Hollywood. We get into the intelligence connections to the film industry, and how the two are closely intertwined. That launches us into a fast paced conversation that takes a look at the pentagon connection to movies, the secret societies around…


(Half) JaysAnalysis Republic Bk. 8: The Pythagorean City

In this half talk for free, I detail the 8th book of Plato’s Republic where Socrates describes the degeneration of the ideal city into oligarchy, democracy and chaos. Included in book 8 is the esoteric doctrine of the Pythagorean number of man, based in the cosmology of the Timaeus.  Included is an explanation of the metallurgical…


Jay Dyer’s Esoteric Hollywood: Hollywood Mind Control in Magnolia (1999)

In this episode, I deconstruct P.T. Anderson’s Magnolia and show how the synchronicity in the film relates to both Jung and Hollywood Mind Control and instances of Satanic pedophilia. While difficult for some, Anderson’s Magnolia is a curious film unlike cookie-cutter Hollywood vomit, tackling dark topics with a cavalier attitude. In my analysis, I show…

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Jay on Afternoon Commute: Alchemical Dystopian Transhumanism

  “John and myself (Chris) join Afternoon Commute repeat guest, Jay Dyer, for an excellent discussion on H.G. Wells Time Machine and Scientism Propaganda, Space Brothers, Darwinism, Materialism, Future Utopian Ideals of the Ruling Elite, Trangenderism and Transhumanism, Freemasonry, Architecture, I (Chris) delve into a rant about Darwinism, Materialism and The Multiverse.”


Esoteric Hollywood: Andy Nowicki on Conspiracy and Defiance

“Announcing the release of Andy Nowicki’s new book, Conspiracy, Compliance, Control, and Defiance now available in paperback and Kindle. From the Amazon.com page: “In this passionately-worded treatise, Andy Nowicki considers the nature of power, both political and personal. “Nowicki observes the ruthless, cold-blooded, patently reptilian nature of the contemporary ruling class. Assessing this demonic claque’s…


Esoteric Hollywood: Chris Kendall on Weaponized Hollywood CGI Matrix

Chris Kendall of The Hoax Busters Call joined me on Esoteric Hollywood to discuss the blurred threshold between fiction and reality the Hollywood Machine exists to spin.  Like the Matrix, we live in a system of fakery and psychological operations designed to keep us fixated in a synthetic world of illusion fostered by the mythmakers.…


Jay Dyer’s Esoteric Hollywood: Occult Meaning of Twin Peaks

Based on multiple viewings of all things Twin Peaks, including Fire Walk with Me and critical secondary works, I piece together an occult tapestry woven together in the popular cult series, soon to return to Showtime from Lynch and Frost. Unlike any other analysis, mine takes you deep down the synchronicity rabbit hole to the…

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Jay Dyer’s Esoteric Hollywood: Hidden Meaning of Hunger Games

  In this episode, I deconstruct the hidden meaning behind the multi-billion dollar franchise, The Hunger Games.  From Agenda 21 and the United Nations, to gladiatorial human sacrifice, the dystopian pheonomenon of The Hunger Games and girlpower heroine Katniss signify more than is apparent on the surface,  If you like this analysis, subscribe for 4.95…


Esoteric Hollywood: Jamie Hanshaw on Trauma Based Hollywood Control

In this episode of Esoteric Hollywood Jamie Hanshaw joins me to discuss four bizarre films that all happened to tie together: Crimson Peak, Maps to the Stars, The Fall and Society. From elite Satanism to predatory cannibalism, this sicko episode is not for the faint of heart. Intro theme: “Dream Agent” by Ariel Electron, Holeg…

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Esoteric Hollywood: Truman Show & Groundhog Day Deciphered

In this episode, I decipher the philosophical and sometime esoteric underpinnings to two popular 90s films, Groundhog Day and The Truman Show. Surprising perhaps to some, both films exhibit a great deal of philosophical depth and forethought. Curious ethical and metaphysical questions are raised in both, and with The Truman Show in particular. Esoteric Hollywood…


H.G. Wells’ Time Machine and Scientism Propaganda: Esoteric Analysis

By: Jay Dyer Before there was Back to the Future, there was the early phase of science fiction embodied in Fabian H.G. Wells’ 1895 novella, The Time Machine.  Wells’ work is both entertaining and important for the course of modern literature, yet also calls for an analysis given the prevalence of propaganda functioning at many levels within…

Compartments of the maze like compartments of the psych, and Danny's carpet maze simulacra.

Jay Dyer’s Esoteric Hollywood: The Real Meaning of Kubrick’s Shining

Intro theme: “Dream Agent” by Ariel Electron, Holeg Spies and Thierry Gotti on the “Kore Kosmou” album. In this episode, I take on Kubrick’s horror classic, The Shining with a different take than Weidner or Ager. This audio also features my Jack and Tony impersonations. My thesis is also encapsulated in my extensive written analysis…


Jay w/Afternoon Commute: OJ’s Magical Mars Moon Juice

    John and Chris of The Afternoon Commute join Jay Dyer on an exploration into recent “events”; The San Bernardino Shooting and the recent Paris attacks. Weaponized Immigration as a control strategy, Media manipulation and coordination, Predictive Programming, O.J and Capricorn One, Reality TV, Scare Mongering, The Government’s monopoly on violence, Fear and Statist control.…


Jay Dyer’s Esoteric Hollywood: 2001 A Space Odyssey Decoded

In this episode of Esoteric Hollywood I break down Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and its esoteric meaning. Included are my rebuttals of the Neo-Darwinian philosophy that underpins the narrative, as well as the exotheology mythos that it seeks to evangelize with. 2001 is a technical achievement but also a tremendous propaganda piece that…


Esoteric Hollywood: Occult Meaning of Lost Highway & Mulholland Drive

Intro theme: “Dream Agent” by Ariel Electron, Holeg Spies and Thierry Gotti on the “Kore Kosmou” album. In this episode of Esoteric Hollywood, I decode the esoteric meaning of two important David Lynch films, Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive, the first two of the loosely-titled “Hollywood Trilogy,” with Inland Empire soon to come.  Lynch takes…

Secrets Revealed,

Perfect Control Without Further Fear: A Psychobiography of L. Ron Hubbard

©James L. Kelley 2015 Southern California, circa 1948. A depressed, impotent Navy veteran named L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986) angles his shoulders toward a customized high-speed typewriter. His dim, narrow eyes begin to glint as his fingers strike the keys. This, however, will be a new type of writing for Hubbard, who has long-since made his…


Jay wOhio Talk FM: Hegel’s Esoteric Owl & Dialectical PsyOps

Mike Spaulding at Soaring Eagle Radio invited me on to discuss theology, philosophy, apologetics, Marxism and geopolitics. “The intentional process of radical social change demands continual tension or crisis. In the book, Readings in Social Psychology by Theodore Newcomb and Eugene Hartley, published in 1947, we see the formulations of modern change theory and practice…


Esoteric Hollywood: Jay w Richard Grove – Occulted History & Logic

Filmmaker Richard Grove of Tragedy and Hope joined me for one of the early episodes of Esoteric Hollywood to discuss the suppression of logic, reason and history in the form of mass education and social engineering.  Richard and I delve deep into 9/11 monetary scams, the history of western intelligence operations and the tremendous influence of the…