Rove Says “Dem Apocalypse” Tuesday. Not Good Enough

Janus, the Roman god; otherwise known as the Neo-con/Democrat hybrid

By: Jay

Karl Rove writes in the Wall Street Journal that Tuesday will see an “apocalypse” of the Democratic Party. While that may be the case with regard to the standard party politics, it’s not good enough for the country. If we simply shove in a gaggle of neo-cons, all we will get is more of the same, minus slightly different rhetoric. If Gingrich runs for president in 2012, it will be more of the same, since Gingrich supports carbon taxes. And insert there as well Palin, Romney or Petraeus. Carbon tax is, of course, one of the key pillars of the present globalist-minded Washington establishment, and it has been totally discredited. And by establishment, I mean the mainline left and “right.” Gingrich is not a conservative, and Palin isn’t good enough. Many of the candidates presently running aren’t really conservative, either, but many are. Rand Paul represents the best among the candidates, as well as Sharron Angle, and it’s here that we can begin to see a step in the right direction.

Proof that they are legitimate is in the pudding – who does the mainline media go after relentlessly? Paul and Angle. While we are in the midst of depression, more proposed banker bailouts, more proposed government takeovers and nanny state control, do we really think a pile of neo-connery will save us? We shouldn’t. Most of the neo-con establishment backtracks and waffles as often as the Democrats they have stage play battles with. 

So what is the future trend? Like it or not, the future trend is the popularity of Ron Paul.  At CPAC this year, Paul annihilated Romney. Romney had, the prior year, edged out Paul, and a year later, Paul blows away Romney. If Republican Partiers want to survive, they should understand that it won’t work to shuffle in the same old hacks. In fact, if we get a new crop of neo-cons, it will signal a future apocalypse of the Republican Party. Perhaps this is a good thing. Like it or not, the trend is Ron Paul. 

The political zeitgeist is one of awakening, and the so-called conservatives are taking baby steps towards the right positions, but we must beware of falling into tribalism and drifting off to sleep, assuming our football team has beat the other team. That’s not good enough. A crop of neo-cons isn’t good enough. People are tired of the same old hacks–it’s like political Groundhog Day.  More quantitative easing, more inflation, more regulations, more big brother, and more bailouts only signal further destruction of the economy, and what is crucial to understand is that this destruction is by design, not by “inefficiency” and not by “stupidity.” This is the line the mainstream outlets continually sell, but it’s just not the case. Former chief economist of the World Bank, Joseph Stiglitz, who leaked the facts in 2000 that this monetary apocalypse plan was by design, and it’s the same globalist banker crew that was among that ilk. This is what the neo-cons won’t talk about, and even Gary North at LewRockwell seems to be unaware of the fact that it was known to be an implosion by design.  Until we identify the real problem, solutions cannot be given. Thus, the future is not more neo-cons, but real conservatives.  Another influx of neo-cons will only wake people up further.

Proven Dem Operative Busted Smearing Rand Paul at Fancy Farm

Humorous Commentary: The Kentucky Fancy Farm Picnic is Decadent and Depraved


By: Jay

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as well, apparently. Well, at least the Democratic operatives who parade with the most inane and over-the-top smear tactics are.  In one of the most important and closely watched races in the country, my friends and I attended the famous Fancy Farm debate and ousted this Democratic operative:

Turns out, this character is named Tyler Clay Collins, and is an active Kentucky Democrat. Here he is pictured at a Democratic event, as well as at his local Masonic Lodge:

Tyler Clay Collins at a Democratic event

Tyler at his local lodge

Too bad people cannot deal openly and honestly with real issues and argumentation. Actually, it’s a good thing: these kinds of antics actually show them for what they are: liars. Jack Conway and company will have to do better. Furthermore, this confirms what tea party goers have claimed elsewhere, as this Fox article reports.


Tyler has removed his facebook profile, but the captured screenshots are here: