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Apocalypticism, Republiconmunism and Race-specific Bio-Weapons

All aboard!  Here's your passport to republican utopia!

All aboard! Here’s your passport to republican utopia!

By: Jay

For a long time I’ve held back on my actual thoughts on things, but nowadays I could care less. The actual operation of the entire society has become so absurd, backward, and irrational that it is now comical. For those aware, it is quite evident there is a long term plan to re-engineer and reorganize the western world in particular. The modern world is under the delusion that it has been freed from the prison of “superstition” and “dogma”: Altar and throne have been overthrown and now the “New Man” can arise from the ash heap of millennia of “dark ages” and oppression. Modernity has given us medicine and personal computers, right? Indeed, so onwards towards the great utopia! But is this so?  Why do the day-to-day lives of those of use in modernity seem like everything but the great utopia?  The previous millennia has seen a multitude of millenialist demagogues hellbent on establishing the “Great Society,” yet the he awakening public is becoming aware of the sense that modern utopia is really another form of enslavement, as even Zbigniew Brzezinski has noted on multiple occasions.

But what if the uprising of the masses is not really a good thing? Mass uprisings bring forth the reordering of society under a new hierarchy: not the elimination of hierarchy. Marshalling of the masses for political means has ever been the tool of petty tyrants, demagogues and gainsayers, as well as powerful larger interests. To understand the gigantic farce of the modern world’s beliefs about itself, it is to the ancient world that we must turn. This is a point you will almost never hear mentioned, so grab your pen and paper and get ready for notes. Following upon the French Revolution, most of the western world supposedly rejected monarchy and religion in favor of Enlightenment Republicanism. Obviously this doesn’t mean Sarah Palin and George Bush. By “republicanism” is meant the idea of a republic, and the idea of a republic cannot be divorced from Plato, and an analysis of the Republic should be given, but before that, the stream (or sewer) of millennial sects and movements must be explained.

Prior to the French Revolutionary Jacobins and so-called “illuminists,” came the medieval heretical sects of the Bogomils and Cathari that represented the most significant challenges to papal power. While never an organized front, the sectarians were able to wrest various sections of Europe from Roman primacy, while the compliment in the East could be seen as Islam, representing similarly a gnostic challenge to the Imperial Orthodoxy of Byzantium (such is the origin of Bogomilism, which birthed the western gnostic movements).

Also concurrent with these movements were the Catholic orders that had similar trends, like the Franciscans and pseduo-millennialists like Joachim of Fiore. The Joachimites and some Franciscans foresaw an era of mass pouring out of “the Spirit,” ushering in a “golden age” of humanity living righteously. In fact, Benedict XVI has even written concerning these connections in Joachim as follows:

“Ratzinger dug deep in his research. And he discovered that in Bonaventure, there is a strong connection with the vision of Joachim of Fiore, the Franciscan who had prophesied the imminent advent of a third age after those of the Father and the Son, an age of the Spirit, with a renewed and entirely “spiritual” Church, poor, reconciled with Greeks and Jews, in a world restored to peace.”

I think there is a clear conduit from this to modern revolutionary movements. The Thomas Muntzer rebellion should also be mentioned as important currents of modern socialism, inasmuch as Muntzer attempted to practice perfect and total communism. It is also important that these centers of rebellion were France, Germania and Hungary: future centers of radical communism and “illuminism.” Renaissance humanism and the Reformation gave birth to the revolutionary movements of Illuminism and socialism, yet there are two crucial factors seldom mentioned in treatments of this subject that undergird all these trends: Plato and millennialism. Continue reading

Bourne Legacy and Total Recall – Rise of the Transgenic Supersoldier

There was never just one because MKULTRA and the transgenic programs were merged into the supersoldier program, ultimately with the goal of immortality, the philosopher’s stone. Renner’s character’s psyche is fractured like Farrell’s below.

B y: Jay

I’m including both Bourne Legacy and Total Recall in the same analysis because both were released around the same time and both contain similar themes.  Of course both are from books, and both are packed with the esoteric, despite both receiving mediocre reviews.  I enjoyed both tremendously, and Bourne Legacy was especially packed with espionage and semiotic dissembling.  Both deal with agents being run by all-encompassing systems that control reality almost en toto.   In Bourne Legacy, we are introduced to the latest (public info) on nanotech and bio-engineering–particularly the attempt to create a supersoldier.   We have thus passed the realm of mere MKULTRA mind-controlled assassins.  We have now passed into the realm of geo-engineered nano-soldiers that have their minds wiped of the past, and are reprogrammed to do the bidding of the geo-political chess masters who handle them.

For Bourne, the plot revolves around the need to take a certain pill to stabilize the effects of altered DNA.  I have, in many instances, engaged in debates with people who deny the existence of any such nano-tech DNA manipulation and in particular, race-specific bio-weapons that have been written about for decades, including recent publications in medical journals, the Sunshine Project, the PNAC, as well as other citations given several times on this blog.  Here is a DARPA video from 1997 that includes an illustration of unconventional pathogen measures designed to destroy the viral DNA.   If the DNA of a virus can be attacked, then the DNA of humans can, as well, and in particular the DNA of certain races.  While this may not be “PC,” since most people deny that there even are races, the shadow establishment marches on already light-years ahead of the multi-kulti moron public engineering all manner of variations in underground labs and level 4 bio-weapons factories. I want to again stress that this video is from 1997.

The pill-taking soldier is a thing of the past with the rise of bio-engineering.  Transhumanism will come to replace the older temporary modifications, as men merge with machines.  Billions of dollars of the black budget are spent on this research from MIT and other secret sites.  The transhumanist goal of course being immortality, a version of the philosopher’s stone, while the more immediate goals are advanced unconventional warfare techniques.    I recall first viewing the later seasons of the X-Files that dealt with the supersoldiers and thinking they were absurd, yet clearly the revelation of the method there was also accurate–there are supersoldiers, functioning as a kind of hybrid between the MKULTRA programs and nanotechnology.  Just this week the New Scientist posted an article on synthetic cyborg tissue.   The article states:

“They beat like real heart cells, but the rat cardiomyocytes in a dish at Harvard University are different in one crucial way. Snaking through them are wires and transistors that spy on each cell’s electrical impulses. In future, the wires might control their behaviour too.”

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