Jay’s Analysis Interviews

Media Interviews I’ve done and those done with me:

JaysAnalysis Featured on Red Ice Creations

JaysAnalysis Featured on Liberation Frequency Podcast

21stCenturyWire interviews me, covering my film analyses

JaysAnalysis with Patrick Henningsen

JaysAnalysis with Aaron Dykes

JaysAnalysis with Shawn Helton of 21Wire

JaysAnalysis with Brandon Turbeville

My return to The Sunday Wire to discuss predictive programming

The Rundown Live interviews me, covering philosophy and geopolitics

Kentucky Republican Senator,  Rand Paul

New York Times’ Best Seller and author of Crossfire, the basis for Oliver Stone’s JFK (and co-screenwriter), Jim Marrs

My appearance on the Alex Jones show discussing predictive programming in pop culture, and an earlier call-in

Former Mi5 spymaster and whistleblower, Annie Machon

Two-decade intelligence veteran and CIA-trained black ops expert, Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer

Award-winning Reuters’ Federal Reserve correspondent, Pedro da Costa

Comedian, writer, past opener for Louie CK and Bob Odenkirk, and Harmony Korine’s Trash Humpers’ actor, Chris Crofton

Groundbreaking researchers and authors, Phillip and Paul Collins of ConspiracyArchive.com

The Collins brothers return to discuss “Invoking the Beyond.”

Project Camelot interviews me with Richard C. Hoagland, Jordan Maxwell, Douglas Dietrich and Dean Garner

Romanian writer, philosopher, and member of the Von Mises Institute, Ninel Ganea interviews me:

Part 1 

Part 2

Part 3

New York Times’ #1 best selling graphic novel artist for Game of Thrones, Tommy Patterson

My interview with The Dooms Chapel Horror director, John Holt

My interview with Russia specialist and writer for TakisMag, AltRight and Soul of the East, Mark Hackard

Mark Hackard returns for interview number 2, concerning geopolitics and the West’s Faustian Bargain

Author of Anatomyzing Divinity and seasoned, genius researcher, James Kelley on his book, Anatomyzing Divinity

James Kelley returns to discuss History, Theology and the “Zombie Mass”

My interview with Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media

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