Captain America 2: Winter Soldier is Real

Film poster.  The film was released on 4-4-14.

Film poster. The film was released on 4-4-14.


By: Jay

The new Captain America film is heavily laced with either revelation of the method programming, or genuine artistic rebellion against the corrupt, globalist establishment.  The plot is one of the most anti-new world order films I’ve seen, in terms of plot.  Granted, Marvel is now owned by Disney is 100% establishment, regurgitating decades of Disney mind control, but apparently that doesn’t prevent a positive message to seep out.

Or, from a darker perspective, was the completely revelatory plot of Captain America 2 purposefully released as another middle finger?  Does the intentional selection of  sentimental old Americana (represented by Captain America) perhaps signal the establishment’s statement they know the truth of the opposition’s side better than the opposition, associating anti-establishment impetus with childish comic book plots?  Let us analyze.  The plot begins with a French “terrorist” organization hijacking a high-tech SHIELD warship called “The Lemurian Star.”  Lemuria is associated with Atlantis in the writings of occultists like Blavatsky and Leadbetter, giving us a clue that the key to interpreting the meaning will be the attempt to restore Atlantis.  This false flag attack is designed to frame SHIELD commander, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), disabling the Avengers and Captain America.

The state-sponsored terror is actually led by Hydra, a kind of World War 2 analogue for the Bilderberg Group.  Hydra, like Bilderberg, was founded by former Nazis seeking to implement a worldwide technocratic government.   Like the actual Bilderberg Group, it has the same goals and motivations, but what was so surprising about Captain America 2 was the revelation of the AI control/kill grid that is Hydra’s real weapon.   The Avengers discover that the AI kill grid is put in place to utilize all the data that the government surveillance has captured over the last several decades using complex algorithms that predict who the likely threats will be in the future.

Thumbs up to Natasha Romanov

Thumbs up to Natasha Romanov

Predictive algorithmic AI computing is precisely the purpose of the Internet itself, as well as Google and all the other tech monstrosities.  The purpose of the Internet itself was always to gather reconnaissance on the masses.  The AI grid stores basically everything, and based on the vast information stored at the “data vaults” and warehouses around the globe, information is processed for future predictive accuracy.  There is a virtual version of everything happening, with a virtual version of you and me, where tests are run to see the outcome of various scenarios.  The reconnaissance is for the ultimate goal of the AI takeover.  Films like the Terminator series and Oblivion also have this same plot, but rather than art life imitating art, this is art based on actual Pentagon programs.  And just like Skynet is real, so is the Avengers’ version of Skynet, where advanced decapitation and space-based weapons (for removing heads of state) are in place since at least the Star Wars Defense initiative of the late 70s. Continue reading

What is the New World Order and Why Does it Matter?

Fabian socialist H.G. Wells set the stage for the sci fi deception of the new world order.

Fabian socialist H.G. Wells set the stage for the sci fi deception of the new world order.

[Many readers have requested some articles that are more readable and simple.  This is an old article I have redone to aid those that want a better introduction to what this site is all about.]

By: Jay

Unfortunately, we have been programmed and conditioned from the earliest years to not believe in the existence, or even the possibility, of large-scale conspiracies.  Students of history learn in introductory courses that there are three views of the philosophy of history.  First, the random contingency view in which historical events are merely “one damn thing after another” (as one of my professors so elegantly stated), with no apparent reason or causal significance. Second, the so-called “great man” view, in which key religious and political figures cause certain landmark events with history revolving around these figures, such as a Napoleon or a Caesar.  The third and least popular is the providential or conspiratorial view.  In this view, history is led along by unseen forces, be they malevolent or beneficent.  Humans play their role to be sure, but man is not the autonomous god of his own destiny.  He is the actor on a stage in which there is a grand narrative and ultimate reason for every event, even if humans are not always cognizant of those reasons.

Coming to see the truth of a worldwide conspiracy that has been especially centralized in the past few centuries in a western, Anglo-global establishment is also not something people prefer to hear.  Humans tend to have a normalcy bias and what is called cognitive dissonance.  Cognitive dissonance is the tendency to continue to believe something erroneous in the face of masses of contrary evidence, due to the devastating psychological impact discarding the previous erroneous belief would have.  Americans are raised with the narrative of being a nation of independent individualists: the frontier mentality still dominates and is an image is always latent in our culture. This individualistic mentality refuses to consider itself as the victim of any conspiracy: we are too great a nation to be ruled by an evil elite, bent on world depopulation.  After all, Obama is a  “liberal” president, isn’t he?  “How could there be a massive conspiracy?  If there were, they would all be caught!  It’s just not possible,” the opponent says.  That’s all “black helicopter, tin-foil-hat nonsense.” To those with low education or no critical thinking skills and common sense, it’s evident that none of these objections suffices to demonstrate that the conspiratorial view is false.  From the fact that one is a “proud American” or that George Bush claimed to be a Christian, it does not follow that the conspiratorial view is false.  This is called, in logic, a non sequitur.  The conclusion does not logically follow from the premises. Continue reading

Lost Highway (1997) – Esoteric Analysis

Film poster.

Film poster.

By: Jay

Lost Highway is a bizarre, psychical film that has mystified most. Reviews and analyses abound with endless questions and speculations that often fails to transcend the most basic levels of “Buddhism” and “dreamscape.” When connected with other David Lynch films, these elements are certainly present, but remaining on this level fail to plumb the depths of more esoteric motifs and symbols that even further integrate the Lynch canon. Indeed, the Lynch canon must be known in entirety before the individual works begin to reveal themselves.

Lost Highway is a convenient starting place for analyzing Lynch, as it initiates what a friend of mine aptly titles the “Hollywood trilogy,” comprising Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire. In contrast to Wild at Heart or Blue Velvet, the “Hollywood trilogy” focuses on the dark side and corruption of the film industry. Many critics have pointed out these themes in Lynch, but there is a deeper level to the rabbit hole. Lynch films are not merely dreamy zen meditations on Americana and film, but long, dark journeys into the dark side of the unconscious that envelop the viewer in something more ominous than satire or tales of pulp crime. The Lynch viewer is shown a profound, surrealistic revelation of the dark side of something much more ancient, functioning like a shamanic journey into cosmic, primeval mysteries.

The best description for Lost Highway is Neo-noir occult psycho-drama. The telling of the story is non-linear, yet influenced heavily by classic 1940s (date) Noir. Lost Highway is influenced by zen philosophy and Jungian dreamscapes, but as for the deeper occult elements, it’s necessary to understand why the stories are presented in a interlinking duality, as they are in Mulholland Drive. Zen philosophy is concerned with duality and its transcendence, as ultimate principles, as well as with the individual’s particularized psyche, and its relation to the whole of reality. Zen is therefore a quasi-religious philosophy concentrated on ultimate metaphysical principles, known in philosophy historically as the problem of the one and the many. For Lynch, these philosophical questions are not just abstract philosophy, but also relate directly to the psyche in its conscious and unconscious/sleep states.

The opening credit scene is a car racing down an ominous dark highway which will be our first clue to the ultimate meaning, as this is also the final scene. The highway will represent the mental stream of consciousness Fred Madison (Bill Pullman) is experiencing, as the truth of his life and actions begin to manifest in this cyclical dreamworld. Fred is on a journey into madness – into his subconscious, as he suppresses his guilt for murder. The murder of his wife Renee (Patricia Arquette) and two others due to his vengeful jealousy has led to a dissociation and split in his consciousness, as well as his darker side becoming possessed.

Continue reading

Audio Debate: Is Darwinism Philosophical & Scientific?

In this installment, fellow student of philosophy Josh Dale joins me to hash out the question of Darwinism. Is Darwinism scientific and philosophically defensible? I argue in the negative, he argues the pro. Enjoy!

Introduction to Hidden Metaphysics, Part 1 – Jays Analysis

In Part 1 of this discussion, I introduce metaphysics (the branch of philosophy, not witch books), and explain why it has been suppressed in the West. I argue that a special metaphysics is the basis for highly advanced technologies, while the masses are spoon-fed garbage relativism.

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Darwinism Annihilated – Jays Analysis

Part two of “Deconstructing Darwinism”

In part 2, I pick up where I left off, devling deeper into the Darwinian and evolutionary paradigms. I focus more on the philosophical problems, particularly its chief flaw – the lack of a unifying principle. This constitutes the most significant philosophical contradiction in this outdated theory/narrative.

Part 1 is Here.

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Operation Hollywood: How the Pentagon Shapes Movies

When Vergil wrote the Aeneid, he was writing Imperial mythology to vindicate Rome as the new civilization chosen by the state-approved gods. When Spenser wrote The Faerie Queen, he was admittedly writing the same mythos for Albion (Britannia). Our modern myth makers are no different: The system controls and crafts the arts for the purpose of propaganda.

The Technocracy’s 1984 Predictive Programming

The technocratic Eye of Big Brother watches you.

The technocratic, panopticon Eye of Big Brother watches you.

By: Jay

All the smart dummies, upper class and yuppies go along with and/or join the Outer Party thinking they’ll win, when the Inner Party hates them more than the proles.

As I have documented many times, the coming technocracy is not something to come in the dark, distant future, but a present reality.  Snowden’s supposed “revelations” were nothing more than rehashed information from years ago that James Bamford included in all his books.  Technology is actually 30 years ahead of what is released to the public, and this means the coming AI dominated central system is presently in its reconnaissance stage, gathering intel on the best human opponents through the large online gaming communities.  Through all the tracing and tracking, the supercomputers are storing the data for future-predictive algorithmic war gaming.

The key issue to understand is that the very computer system outlined in Asimov’s Foundation is now a reality.  In Foundation, Hari Seldon figures out how to track mass movements over long periods of time for future predictive programming.   While I do not believe that a computer can become sentient, the transhumanist technocracy being erected is more interested in the implementation of a techno slave grid that will massively depopulate and reorganize society.   This is why the computer games are so crucial: from Halo to World of Warcraft to Black Ops, the information is all being stored and analyzed for the purpose of creating a system in which human error is unable to bring the system down.

The logic of this system is, in a limited sense, highly logical: past elites were unable to maintain control due to human degeneration and mistakes.  The thinking behind a technocracy is that AI programmed bots will not err, and the ruling structure will thus never fail.  The large tech companies have all discussed this openly at large conferences and in white papers, but the ignorant public marches on, building the very system to enslave with their own money.  Money is a symbol of energy, and the erection of the mass surveillance grid is not for the purpose of security or preventing “terrorism.”  The purpose is that which is laid out by science fiction writers, scientists and technocrats, and that plan is massive depopulation and a reboot of society.   However, in a deeper sense, it is not logical: what is the reason, the logos, of building a world system that is self-destructive?  The only answer that is rational is evil.  Those that have bought into this lie, believe the transhumanist falsehood that immortality will be given through technological progress. The assumption of those who go along with this scheme is that they will be given all the life extension and Elysium style gifts of the gods to bring about a spacely Valhalla.

Agent Smith appears in a creepy GE ad for hospitals. This is a dark, inside joke. They didn’t choose Neo – they chose Agent Smith for the ad!

But there are several flaws with this logic.  First, there is no reason to believe that a system that is fundamentally anti-human and anti-life will pay off the dividends it promises.  Those at the top of our system are master con men villains.  Everyone knows from archetypal stories from time immemorial the villain lies.  Villains are known precisely for betraying those they recruit underneath them.  It should therefore be incumbent upon those in the system not to trust their overlords, yet that is inevitably what men do. Continue reading

Fake News and Ritual Murders

Terrorist mastermind Bin Laden at his hilarious "compound," flipping through his high tech antenna channels.

Terrorist mastermind Bin Laden at his hilarious “compound,” flipping through his high tech UHF antenna channels in the mainstream promoted media image.

By: Jay

Two of the most difficult topics that cause such a ruckus among haters and critics of the subject matter presented on sites like mine are fake news and ritual murders.  For most, the concept of a ritual murder is unheard of, while fake news is equally as implausible and ridiculous.  These two nefarious topics are not just unbelievable to the public, but suggest a deeper significance in regard to the mass psyche.  In this article I’m going to highlight that connection.  One of the most common questions asked by those who see such claims and immediately react to evidence presented is “Why?” Why would anyone go to this trouble?  Why would powerful players use media and ritual murder to manipulate?  I intend to answer those questions, but first, a few considerations.

The main reason for these techniques is fear.  Control of large populations is done by management of human hopes, dreams and fears.  If your hopes and fears are known, you are that much easier to control.  The massive internet grid being erected is for this purpose: to track and trace mass movements for the purpose of algorithmic predictive ability.  This is explained in Asimov’s Foundation series, but now it is mainstream news that this is the goal of innernetz.  The establishment itself has even stated on many occasions the internet exists for this purpose.  So-called “leaker” Julian Assange, for example, stated:

“The internet is the “greatest spying machine the world has ever seen” and is not a technology that necessarily favours the freedom of speech, the WikiLeaks co-founder, Julian Assange, has claimed in a rare public appearance.”

Indeed, the history of the Internet is one of Pentagon futurist planning that fits well with the Marshall Plan for a total technological slave grid.  The Marshall Plan is technocracy, which recalls the technocracy of Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Between Two Ages, where socialistic techno-bureaucrats will quantify all things into cost-benefit analysis, as the summum bonum of transhumanist utopia is envisioned as the path to theosis.

Hugo Drax is real! He's Assange!

Hugo Drax is real! He’s Assange!

But let’s not trust too much in Assange and the establishment anti-establishment joke that is WikiLeaks.  If you recall, when Wikileaks was a big news story a few years ago, it was the buzz of the whole media.  Assange was pictured as a rebel that wanted to end the American Empire by releasing sensitive cables and videos that pictured the military as cruel and barbaric.   Around that same time, images were being promoted in the mainstream media that compared WikiLeaks’ “secret base” as something akin to a real-life Blofeld or Hugo Drax.  Here is CBS promoting the ridiculous story.  The Bond references are not just humor, either, as the references to Fleming are a tongue in cheek nod to psychological warfare.  The psy op here is WikiLeaks itself, and we are expected to believe that WikiLeaks houses its sensitive US data at the Swedish Pionen Defense bunker.  The Pionen “bunker” now houses a bar.  Too bad the State Department, CIA and the military can’t get into a Stockholm greenhouse bar in a country that offers rendition services to the CIA.

The Banhof bar in Pionen.

The Banhof bar in Pionen.

The mainstream narrative would have us believe Assange has damaged the United States credibility and must be dealt with by any measure to ensure the “security” of our great “republic.”  Nevermind that all these American companies are in Sweden – no, no, Sweden is entirely outside the purview of American technological and legal prowess and capabilities.  Only the foolish public would believe such utterly comical bullshit.  But what does this have to do with ritual killing?  Before we explore that, I’d like to highlight more fake news. Continue reading

The Apocalyptic Death of Reason

Rick brings the logic to a xombie

Rick brings the logic to a xombie

By: Jay

What is “reason”?  Dr. Bahnsen made a great point several years ago about the mass equivocation on the subject of “reason.”  It’s a common word, used by everyone, yet at the same time it’s one of the most ambiguous words to define.  What Hume thought reason was, was vastly different from what Plato thought “logos” meant.  So what is reason?  If “faith” contrary to, or in league with reason, or is faith the only rational position to hold?  Who is right?  There are different dialectics and possibilities in regard to this question, and thus different pitfalls to be avoided.  As a student of philosophy, science and theology, I intend to offer insights on this question.

Two easy pitfalls to avoid are fideism and rationalism.  These are two sides of the same coin, with both schools proffering an all-encompassing answer that falls on one or the other side.  For fideists, the divine is wholly irrational and beyond comprehension.  Since the divine is essentially something experienced by the individual and his own piety (supposedly), fideism has tended towards pietism, superstition and irrationalism.  Fideism is thus very anti-world, and anti-intellectual, viewing creation, reason and intellect as dangerous potential enemies to the idea of God.   Fideism is an immature, childish position, which is a common feature among cults and sects of all stripes, allowing for the void of objective truth or reasoning to be filled with the imposition of the de facto, unquestioned claims of the “prophet” or sectarian hierophant.

Likewise, the rationalist sees reason and logic as the sole and final authority.  For the rationalist, “reason” is a self-evident, objective standard anyone and everyone may potentially tap into to judge all matters.  In short, whatever cannot be measured, counted, analyzed and dissected, cannot be rationally accepted.  It is, as Guenon says, the reign of quantity.  Yet early rationalism had a peculiar feature that later western rationalism did not.  Early rationalism in thinkers like Plato up to Descartes and Leibniz preferred the Ideal as the real.  Since reason was truth, and truth is unchanging, the Ideal must be the truth, and the realm of flux deceptive.  Yet reason itself is not something that can, so to speak, “get outside itself.”  When empiricism and Darwinism gained the ascendancy, any notion of an Ideal was tossed out, since it could not be accessed through sense experience, and since Darwinism “proved” that all is flux and change. Continue reading