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Operation Scorpion

Originally posted on Espionage History Archive:
From the memoirs of legendary Soviet intelligence officer Maj. Gen. Yuri Ivanovich Drozdov comes the incredible story of a false-flag recruitment operation by the KGB’s Directorate S (Illegals) against West Germany’s own intelligence service, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) during the height of the Cold War. The following article from German Focus…

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The KGB in Africa

Originally posted on Espionage History Archive:
Africa has long been a geopolitical battleground among the great powers, with the Cold War representing an especially intense round of this struggle. From the archives of Russia’s SVR comes an overview of the KGB First Chief Directorate’s intelligence, covert action, and political influence operations in Africa during the…

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The Downfall of Agent Sphere

Originally posted on Espionage History Archive:
Lt. Col. Vladimir Nikolaevich Zaitsev, an officer of the KGB’s elite spetsnaz Group A (Alpha), commanded the operation to arrest CIA agent Adolph Tolkachev in 1985. Zaitsev recounts the affair and its strategic significance in the Cold War. Group A’s very first snatch operation against a “werewolf” was the…

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Classical Nihilism

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
It’s a common refrain among self-described conservatives and libertarians in America that both the modern bureaucratic managerial state and mass culture have veered wildly out of control, headed in an ever increasing totalitarian direction, and must some how be reined in. Their prescription is almost always a…

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Deception & “Active Measures”

Originally posted on Espionage History Archive:
KGB Lt. General Vitaly Gregorievich Pavlov (1914-2005), a senior officer of the First Chief Directorate (Foreign Intelligence), responds to charges made by Soviet defectors to the West regarding disinformation campaigns in the Cold War. Pavlov notes that disinformation is a normal tool for ensuring the secrecy of ongoing intelligence operations…


Jay w Sean Stone: Gov Control Of Revolutions – ISIS, Baltimore

How the ISIS revolution and Baltimore uprising against police were both possibly sanctioned by think tanks and the government is discussed with Jay Dyer. By manufacturing a counter culture and steering anti-authority opinions into ‘acceptable’ avenues of dissent, has the government completely removed the threat of a real revolution? We discuss the illusion of opposition…

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Gogol & Sacral Monarchy

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
“The Rule of many is not good. Let there be one ruler, One king.”  —Iliad, book II, 203-204 It is possible that there is a further level of national unity, an avenue to which is opened by Holy Orthodoxy. As Konstantin Malofeev, founder of Tsargrad TV and…


Light and the Feel of Numbers

Originally posted on Jay's Analysis:
Art by Michael Whelan By: Jay I once watched a show on a young girl named January who was a schizophrenic. Childhood schizophrenia is not a common mental disorder, but what fascinated me in this particular case was the fascination January had with numbers. In fact, she even “felt”…

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Synthetic Terror Spectacle

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
Following a wave of terrorist attacks in late June in France, Tunisia, and Kuwait, the narrative that ISIS is on the march has been dusted off by Western governments and media, though that particular fairy tale has never been allowed to collect dust for very long. While it’s entirely…

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Manifest Disney

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
As we mark another Independence Day in America, it’s worth reflecting on the meaning of our country’s much-trumpeted exceptional status. The United States, after all, wasn’t ever conceived as an organic nation, but as a revolutionary construct, the herald of a dawning Novus Ordo Seclorum. And so…

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Special Mission to Peru

Originally posted on Espionage History Archive:
Before he was the KGB’s top analyst, Lt. Gen. Nikolai Sergeevich Leonov was a field officer of the First Chief Directorate specializing in Latin America. With experience in Mexico and ties to Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, Leonov was a key player in the USSR’s strategy of prying Latin America…

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The GRU’s “Viking” Spy in NATO

Originally posted on Espionage History Archive:
Journalist and retired Soviet military intelligence (GRU) Colonel Nikolai Poroskov provides the inside story of Swedish Air Force Colonel Stig Wennerström, who ferreted out NATO secrets for the GRU for nearly 15 years from 1948 to 1962. Poroskov relies on the first-hand testimony of Wennerström’s case officer and friend, GRU General Vitaly Nikolsky.…

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The KGB & the Sino-Soviet Split

Originally posted on Espionage History Archive:
KGB Maj. Gen. Yuri Drozdov, the legendary chief of Directorate S (Illegals), reflects on his time as KGB resident under diplomatic cover in Beijing from 1964 to 1968. Drozdov navigates the directed chaos of Mao’s Cultural Revolution and warns Moscow that China is planning for military action against the…

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Rage Against The Machine-Man

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
The central role that technology plays in modern man’s life leaves him often all too indifferent or oblivious to those who would use that same technology to subvert society and control entire populations. Modern man needs his smart phone not only to conduct business transactions and communicate with distant…

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Targeted for Liquidation: Tito

Originally posted on Espionage History Archive:
Soviet intelligence expert Aleksandr Kolpakidi and Dmitry Prokhorov tell of the Soviet-Yugoslav split in 1948 and its fallout – Stalin’s plans to assassinate Yugoslavia’s Communist leader, Josip Broz Tito. The establishment of Soviet control over the countries of Eastern Europe in the postwar years took place in a very tense…

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National Nihilism

Originally posted on The Soul of the East:
Strategies for full-spectrum dominance encompass far more than just military means – their entire point is found in politics, the struggle for power. Movements proclaiming themselves the champions of national salvation thus deserve extra scrutiny, since they might serve precisely the opposite end. Ever since a US-backed…

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Romeo Espionage

Originally posted on Espionage History Archive:
The following account of romance espionage comes from the archives of the SVR, Russia’s successor service to the Soviet KGB First Chief Directorate (Foreign Intelligence). In 1957 the KGB needed an agent with inside knowledge of NATO defense planning, and it found its source in a pretty, unassuming secretary known…

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The Great CIA Molehunt

Originally posted on Espionage History Archive:
KGB Lt. Gen. Vitaly Grigorevich Pavlov (1914-2005), a senior veteran of the First Chief Directorate (Foreign Intelligence), gives his view on the “revelations” of Soviet defectors, particularly Anatoly Golitsyn, and the subsequent molehunt that paralyzed the CIA in the 1960s. The requirements of tradecraft are necessary to carry out not…